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911 How Did You Do That?

They did their inscriptions together at some of the places. Certainly, both of them left their names together.

Di Fuyi was able to infer more examples from one reference. He fancied the idea of the arrow piercing through the heart, so he used it on many occasions where both of their names were required.

Di Fuyi wrote some of the words, others by Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu had never inscribed so much on the door boards or decorated archway before. She was really into it.

The building had a total of six entrances and six exits. It covered a vast amount of area. At the end of the building was a great garden, filled with flowers, trees, mountains, and fountains. The more astounding fact was that she could clearly see the moon from the garden at the bottom of the deep abyss.

Moreover, the moon seemed to be way bigger and rounded than the one she saw on land. She could somehow see the shape of the mountains on the moon.

Normally, the stars would be sparse in the presence of a bright moon, if one were to view the skies with one's naked eye. The moon would shine its brightest light on the 15th of August, so one would not easily spot the stars, given the circumstance.

However, the view here was different. The moon did not only become brighter, all the other stars the skies could be clearly seen, too.

Although Gu Xijiu was not completely aware of astrology, she could tell a few horoscopes based on her observation, for instances, the Dipper, the milky way and the stars of Altair and Vega.

It felt almost like she was stargazing with an advanced telescope, as she could clearly see all the stars.

What she saw was indeed astonishing. Gu Xijiu was in awe of what she could see here in the skies.

"That – how did you do that?" Gu Xijiu was utterly surprised.

Di Fuyi held her hand and took her to a see-through kiosk.

The chair was no ordinary one. It was a chair made of jade with multiple features that allowed it to be flat, seated or foldable. The jade was warm; it would be a great pleasure to lie down on the chair. The sky was completely visible right above it.

Gu Xijiu was lying on it comfortably. All the powerful people could always turn the foul into the ethereal. She would never have expected him to build such a magnificent place in the deep sea.

She took a tour around the place and could already tell that the place was not built within days. It must have taken him years.

"I see that you like crystal palace, too," Di Fuyi had already prepared some seasonal fruits on the table. She proceeded to take some grapes.

Di Fuyi was sitting right next to her. He looked up into the sky and smiled, "Exactly, it is such a coincidence. I have always wanted to bring you here ever since I found out that you like the crystal palace as well."

Both of them laid down next to each other. Gu Xijiu took a look at the stars in the sky and said, "I really have no idea how you built this." How could she be able to see the starry night when they were now a few hundred meters below sea level? It was as if she was looking at the sky through an advanced telescope.

Di Fuyi answered her every question patiently. He had also explained to her how things worked around here.

It involved a lot of spells, so Gu Xijiu could not quite comprehend the details, but she understood that this place used to be empty according to the legends. As for the starry night sky, it was created with different kinds of spells. The canopy of the black skies had the same theory and mechanism as the advanced telescope, so the observer could see the movement of the stars clearly.

Gu Xijiu was not really knowledgeable in astronomy, but she was attracted to the stars in the skies and continued to watch them with utmost concentration.

After a few moments of stargazing, the brightest star in the middle took her attention away. The star was seen to be shimmering in seven-color rays.