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860 Was He Biased?

No matter what, she did not want to risk her studies.

In fact, the lesson relating to Flying Wind magic conducted by Di Fuyi suited her very much as she practiced wind spiritual power and she always won due to her high speed. This class could be beneficial to enhance her speed.

The lesson she had skipped before consisted of essential content. Although she had borrowed notes from Lan Waihu, it was still not as good as listening to the lecture in person.

After all, Little Fox was not an expert in copying notes as Gu Xijiu often found it difficult to understand most of the records she received.
Therefore, she planned to interact with her classmates more when she came to the class to get the information which Lan Waihu overlooked or missed out.

Her plan was great. However, her plan was interrupted by a change as they were supposed to have a practice today instead of more theory! Unfortunately, all the knowledge she needed for the practical lesson were those she missed the previous lesson!


It was a cliff with a height of approximately 160 meters. The cliff was surrounded by a flat piece of land. There was a long table on the flat land with 28 red fruits place on top of it.

Apparently, those fruits were prepared for the students from the top Ziyun class as that was the total number of the students. Di Fuyi was sitting behind the table and glanced at the students. He then slowly spoke, "This is the Zhuxian fruit. I'm sure I don't have to tell you about its benefits. I need to examine how much you've mastered the Flying Wind magic today. You have to jump off the cliff and then come up using your Flying Wind magic. All the fruits are of different sizes and different level of benefits. You can pick whichever you want if you come up first, of course, the last one will get the smallest one. You'll not be given any fruit if you can't get up here by using the Flying Wind magic and it will be given to the first one who comes up. Do you get me?"

"Yes, sir!" Everyone’s eyes were sparkling as they answered loudly in unison.

The Zhuxian fruit was a scarce fruit, and it was beneficial to upgrade one's spiritual power. It was costs a few hundreds of spiritual stones, and the top-graded fruit would cost at least 500 spiritual stones.

It was already considered as a precious reward to the students!
Indeed, Celestial Master Zuo was the richest man in the continent based on his generosity.

Almost all of the students’ eyes were sparkling, and they tended to squeeze each other away to fly up to the cliff first.

However, Gu Xijiu was the only one who was depressed!

The Flying Wind magic required excellent spiritual power and the minimum requirement was level six and a half. However, she only achieved six and ⅕ of spiritual power.

Initially, she had already found it difficult to learn, and she thought she should pick up the theories first and then try it when she achieves six and a half of spiritual power. However, it was not meant to be.

Every student in Ziyun's first class were elites and geniuses. Hence, all of them were extremely powerful except Gu Xijiu. Most of them were above six and a half, and some had even upgraded to level eight!

Therefore, the Flying Wind magic was relatively easy for those students. However, it was extremely difficult for Gu Xijiu! Coupled with the fact that she did not manage to catch up with the lecture in the previous lesson, she had completely no confidence to make it.
Was he biased?

He probably did not want to see her anymore. So, he made her suffer so that she would eventually quit. Gu Xijiu took a deep breath; in fact, she was not keen on the fruit at all.