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838 The Stupid Son Of The Rich Landlord

Because she was already a student of Ziyun class, she was assigned to a detached courtyard.

This courtyard was not as luxurious as Di Fuyi's. However, it was still a detached courtyard thus she could design it by herself.

In order to provide full facilities to the students, basically the courtyard that was assigned to the students was fully equipped and it looked like a studio in the modern day. However, anyone who had their own idea would redesign their interior.

According to the rule of Tianju Hall, as long as the exterior remained the same, the student could design the interior however they wished.

After all, if there was nothing unexpected that occurred, the students had to live at least eight to nine years in the same place. Therefore the students would put effort to redesign the interior as comfortable as possible.

Basically, all the interiors were designed based on their own preferences.

For example, the courtyard of Yan Chen was simple and comfortable.

Qian Lingyu came from a wealthy family and he liked to be surrounded by luxury, thus his courtyard was renovated into a luxurious one.

Under his earnest invitation, Gu Xijiu came to his courtyard and had walked around the place. Qian Lingyu was hoping for a comment from her.

Gu Xijiu did not comment about his courtyard but his personality, "Lingyu, why do you look like the stupid son of the rich landlord?"

Qian Lingyu was speechless.

Gu Xijiu patted him on his shoulder, "Boy, you have not grown up yet but you design your house so luxuriously and sparkling. It will affect your quality of sleep and affect your body development."

Qian Lingyu seemed confused with her words. He looked at her for a while and still felt touched, "Xijiu, finally you are back to normal! Did you know that it hurt me so much during the days when you were so cool…? I thought you did not want to be friends with me anymore!"

Lan Waihu liked the warm color but she did not know how to design the courtyard, so Yan Chen had been helping her to design it. Finally, he designed a warm and youthful room for Lan Waihu. She was very content with it.

Of course, the renovation cost was very expensive and the payment had to be done by a spiritual stone. Lan Waihu was poor and Yan Chen had been broke after treating the big mussel an expensive meal. However, he did not want to let Lan Waihu live in a shabby place, so he went to borrow money from Gu Xijiu.

He thought that Gu Xijiu would take advantage of him again and asked him to sign a contract with unfair conditions. However, he did not expect that Gu Xijiu to be very generous this time. She did not ask for anything and simply gave him 2000 spiritual stones. She did not even ask for interest and still asked him to pay her back slowly because she was not in a hurry to get back the money.

She was seldom so generous. Yan Chen was still wondering why, especially when he saw her unrenovated place, which still looked shabby. He thought that Gu Xijiu did not know how to design so he kindly offered, "Do you need my help to design your place for you? Before I entered Tianju Hall I have learned about interior design from an expert. I can help to design anything you like."

It was rare to see Yan Chen being so kind and helpful. Therefore, Gu Xijiu told him about her request, "I like the style of Yaochi Palace. I would love to have corals as trees, jade as walls, tortoiseshell as a bed, and glowing pearls as lights. Have you heard about the East China Sea Dragon Palace? Can you design something like that for me? I can give you 2000 spiritual stones to spend on it…"

Yan Chen's handsome face was stunned for a moment. The design she asked for did not cost only 2000 spiritual stones, even 20,000 spiritual stones would not be able to pay for it!

He sincerely told her, "I think it is better for you to stay in this kennel!" Then he turned and zoomed off like the wind.