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757 To Skip The Pa

She saw "Gu Xijiu" appear at the entrance with a moonlight mermaid silk dress. Her hair was long and black, and there was a purple plum flower pinned on her head. She had a pair of glittering eyes with a red dot in the middle of her forehead. Her thin lips were pale red and curved, which made her look happy.

This incident marked the first time that Gu Xijiu saw herself from a third party perspective. Gu Xijiu knew that she was pretty, but she never knew that she was this stunning! It was a completely different feeling from looking at herself in the mirror. This was probably because the mirror distorted her shape and appearance. However, her current view was indeed her appearance.

Gorgeous! "She" was beautiful! Yun Qingluo's beauty was like that of an angel - soft and gentle, whereas Gu Xijiu's beauty was calm and dark. It could not be described in words, but it was very stunning and unforgettable. Especially her glittery eyes.

Di Fuyi was a fantastic actor. He was now accustomed to using Gu Xijiu’s body and could replicate her every single move. No one could realize that it was an imposter occupying her body.

When he came in, he looked at Gu Xijiu first and smiled. He then greeted everyone as though he were Gu Xijiu. The real Gu Xijiu could not see any flaws in the manner in which he carried her body.

He came over and greeted Gu Xijiu and Long Siye respectively, "Hi Celestial Master Zuo. Hi Overlord Long. Thank you for coming."
He was the star for today, so everyone came over to greet and congratulate him. Celestial Master Zuo thanked everyone one by one.

Gu Xijiu looked at him and was amazed by his ability to socialize. She genuinely felt that Celestial Master Zuo was talented! When he was in his own body, he was always highly respected so Gu Xijiu thought that he would never socialize with the lay people. However, she was proven wrong and was deeply impressed.

From being a highly respected and admired man to a little girl who had just proven herself, he could carry both personas flawlessly. Gu Xijiu would give him an Oscar for 'Best Actor' if she could.

In recent times, Gu Xijiu spent most of her days in battle. She usually dressed very casually, and most of the time she was dressed in her class uniform. The people around her got used to her tardy dressing, and naturally ignored her beauty because they saw her on a daily basis. But tonight, her beauty attracted a lot of attention.

Qian Lingyu had always liked her. He always thought that he was Gu Xijiu’s secret admirer, but the truth was that everyone in the school knew about it. It was because Qian Lingyu would never allow anyone to gossip about Gu Xijiu. If he ever heard anything negative about her, he would fight with that person.

Qian Lingyu was frozen when he saw Gu Xijiu enter. He was paralyzed and could not take his focus away from her. When he saw that Gu Xijiu attracted everyone, he was ecstatic. He stepped forward as usual and reached out his palm to pat her on her shoulder, "Xijiu, today you look…"

Di Fuyi turned around and glared at him. He was a fussy perfectionist and did not like to have physical contact with other people. He quickly moved a step forward to dodge Qian Lingyu's palm. Then he looked at Qian Lingyu with a smile. Other people might not be aware of it, but Qian Lingyu was shivering by the stare. He subconsciously withdrew his hand.