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682 Who Had Never Done Crazy Thing When They Were Young?

Gu Xijiu had met the twins before. They had the same physical appearance, and even their actions were often the same. Once they started to attack, their coordination was perfect.

More dangerously, they were very bold and cruel with their attacks.
Hence, three of them were not the easy opponents. Gu Xijiu had always adjusted her team's tactics according to their opponents’ abilities, and it was no different this time. They just had to be flexible according to the situation during the competition.

Gu Xijiu was not confident of victory, but she predicted that they had at least half a chance to win the competition. However, to motivate her teammates, she had to say she had full confidence!

Morale was the most important thing on the battlefield. If one did not even have the confidence to win, then he or she could only wait for failure.

Sure enough, when she said she had full confidence, her teammates became excited. However, they patiently waited for Gu Xijiu to continue her sentence.

"Let me ask you, do you want to win?"


"That’s right! Then you just have to listen to me…." She kept speaking inspiring words.

In the past, she was also always the one who inspired her teammates. During that time, she could still motivate all the guys to bleed and sacrifice their lives for her. Thus, it was something easy to be done by her.

After she finished her motivational talk, her two teammates were very excited, and the faces were red.

Gu Xijiu wanted to leave a lasting impact, so she reached out her hand. Lan Waihu quickly put her hand onto Gu Xijiu’s palm. Qian Lingyu also did the same, and three of them cheered with energy, "We have to fight to win!"

Three of them often did this action together because Gu Xijiu always felt that this was a very inspiring gesture. Therefore, every time before they started a match, they would do this together to increase the team spirit.

Who had never done any crazy thing when they were young? Who did not want to have a memorable teenage life? By doing so, even a wildcat could be inspired to be a wild tiger!


The arena in Tianju Hall was open aired, and its shape was like the Beijing National Stadium. Whenever Gu Xijiu saw the stadium, she felt very pleased, and she even suspected that the designer of the Beijing National Stadium had come to this generation too!

Of course, that was not the case. The one who designed the battle stage was a master in Tianju Hall. Gu Xijiu tried to get information from him, and finally, she knew that he used to be the classmate of Long Siye. Before the competition started, the stadium had been fully occupied and packed with spectators.

Everyone in Tianju Hall was here, and even the chefs in the cafeteria put down their cookware and came to watch the match.
When Gu Xijiu and her team walked into the stadium, the noisy stadium suddenly became quiet. There were numerous pairs of eyes staring at them. Some people came to watch their performance, but some people were there just to judge them. Most of them were jealous of their success.

Lan Waihu was still motivated by Gu Xijiu’s talk so when she walked into the stadium, she was no longer shy like before but raised up her head and had her chest out as she walked in.

As for Qian Lingyu, he had always been a man with pride, so he walked as though nobody was looking at him.

Gu Xijiu was calm, relaxed and steady. No one knew what was in her mind by looking at her expression. Although she was smiling, she gave people a feeling that she was ready to win!

In a place like Tianju Hall, the strong got respected. So the more powerful a person was, the more respect he or she would get.