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627 The Lord Was Still Very Calm

Messenger Shangshan perspired, "When I demolished the house, Miss Gu was not inside. I only started to demolish it when she left. After I finished demolishing it, I found that she was sitting at the riverside and sewing the bed drapes. She had just finished sewing when I saw her and she asked me to pass it to you."

The Lord did not speak anymore. He folded the bed drapes and put it into his storage bag.

Messenger Shangshan secretly felt relieved. The Lord was a perfectionist and he did not like to keep anything that was spoilt regardless of how precious it was and how perfect the repair was. Messenger Shangshan never expected that The Lord would keep the torn bed drapes.

The Lord was still very calm so Messenger Shangshan had no idea what was in The Lord's mind.

Apparently, he cared about Gu Xijiu and they had been getting along very harmoniously. Messenger Shangshan did not understand why The Lord had suddenly changed his attitude.

Messenger Shangshan suddenly thought of something, "Oh, My Lord, when Miss Gu passed me the bed drapes, she had asked me to pass you a message too."

The Lord finally looked at him, "... And that would be?"

"Miss Gu said that she felt sorry that she used your name to do something as it had brought trouble to you. She will not do that anymore and asked you to rest assured."

The Lord remained silent and continued to cut the bamboo flute.

However, Messenger Shangshan had sharp eyes and he noticed that there was an additional hole on the bamboo flute in The Lord's hand…

"My Lord, I really don't understand. In fact, Miss Gu did not do anything using your name. She was just trying to irritate other people. She won the battle in Tianju Hall with her own ability. She was exempted from the tests to enter Liuyun class because of her hard work and capabilities. If you blame and give up on her just because she used your name to irritate people, I think it is unjustified…" Messenger Shangshan boldly laid out his perspective.

Obviously, he heard the conversation between Gu Xijiu and Yun Qingluo...

In his view, it was just a fight between young children and Gu Xijiu was just naughtier and tried to irritate Yun Qingluo.

"Why did you say I gave up on her?" The Lord finally said something but with calm voice, "My whole intention is to let her enter Tianju Hall successfully. Now my purpose has been achieved, so there is nothing wrong that I leave now. It has nothing to do with giving up on her or not."

"My Lord is busy and it is normal to leave the place. However, I can see that Miss Gu likes the house very much. She even planted flowers in her backyard. Oh yeah, when I was demolishing the house, I found a sketch of her painting. It looks like she was designing her backyard and the design was quite interesting. I feel that it was such a waste to demolish the house… Actually, it should be alright to let her continue to stay in the house. Since everyone had accepted the fact that she stayed at the place, so I believe no one would gossip about it."

"Mu Feng, why are you so talkative today?" The Lord flicked his fingertips and the knife in his hand flew away and stabbed a bamboo tree.

Mu Feng did not dare to talk anymore.

The Lord played with the bamboo flute in his hand and asked, "Do you have any news from Long Siye?"

Mu Feng reported, "He is still with Rong Che and does not have any findings so far. Rong Che had been injured quite badly. He even fainted once on the way back to Feixing Kingdom and Long Siye has been taking care of him. They reached Feixing Kingdom three days ago and had been resting these days. I heard Rong Che could only get up from bed two days ago. Yun Qingluo is better than he was, as she could already come out to jog three days ago. My Lord, do you still want to implement the punishment on her?"