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623 Does Celestial Master Zuo Like You?

She suddenly thought of something. Was it the reason why Gu Canmo was asked to see The Lord this morning?

"Is this the only reason why you came to see me?" Gu Xijiu casually asked.

Yun Qingluo was stifled. She bit her lips and said, "I'm also here to thank you."


"If you did not help that time, I would have been exhausted to death. Therefore, I want to thank you."

"Alright, I accept it."Gu Xijiu was also direct, "However, I did not purposely save you."

Yun Qingluo took a deep breath, "I understand, but you saved my life so I must thank you."

"Well, I have received it. You don’t have to follow me anymore." Gu Xijiu ran faster as she did not think that she could befriend Yun Qingluo.

"Other than thank you, I have something else to say." Yun Qingluo caught up.

Gu Xijiu finally stopped her footsteps, "Alright, you can say it now."

Yun Qingluo looked at the girl in front of her. She inhaled and exhaled again, "What I want to say is that I very much appreciate the fact that you have saved my life. However, I will not give up going after Celestial Master Zuo. I have liked him for many years…."

Her voice was quivering, "You can’t imagine how much I like him… Gu Xijiu, I know that you are very skillful. There are a lot of men falling for you, even The Lord cares about you… You are indeed great now, so please don’t compete with me in my pursuit to win Celestial Master Zuo, is that okay?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

Yun Qingluo’s eyes were teary, "I don’t request for anything from other men. I only like Celestial Master Zuo. I fancy him like crazy. I practiced so hard for him. I became the heaven’s gift disciple for him. I even… Everything I do is for him. You have no idea how hard I have tried just to be by his side…"

Her body was trembling slightly. She looked at Gu Xijiu, "Can you not compete with me anymore? As long as you can let go of him, I will do anything for you…"

Gu Xijiu pursed her lips. She was touched by the love and obsession Yun Qingluo had, but she did not agree to it.

Since this girl was so honest, Gu Xijiu decided to talk properly with her.

"Yun Qingluo, let me ask you. Does Celestial Master Zuo like you too?"

Yun Qingluo’s face was slightly pale, "He will like me…"

"In other words, he still doesn’t like you."

"No!" Yun Qingluo slightly raised her tone, "He should like me a little. Before I became the heaven’s gift disciple, I was kidnapped. He was the one who came to save me and he talked a lot to me…"

Yun Qinglup was recalling her memory, "I believe he should have liked me a little at that time. He personally came to bring me home with his ride. He personally brought me to Feixing Kingdom and told the Emperor about my identity so that the Emperor could arrange the best accommodation for me. He told me heaven's gift disciples should be treated greatly.

He treated me as a heaven's gift disciple since that time. Before the test, he had already taught me martial art. I had some defects in my vein and I was not able to practice one of the skills, but he personally refined the medicine for me… He asked me not to care about other things but to focus on my practice. You have no idea how happy I was that time…"

Gu Xijiu did not speak. She recalled her own experience. It seemed like the Celestial Master Zuo knew that she was not the real heaven’s gift disciple so he kept calling her the fake one and wanted to prank her.

It also seemed like Celestial Master Zuo had the ability to tell if someone was a heaven’s gift disciple without the need to test them on the Open Heaven Stage.