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568 Gold Would Always Shimmer 2

Qian Lingyu’s face brightened up! It had been a long while since he last received any compliments.

Gu Xijiu then altered her words, "Honestly, I had looked down on you, slightly…" Seeing the change in his expression, she continued calmly, "But it is not because you’re useless or stupid. It is because of your cowardice! Qian Lingyu, you’re running away from your problems!"

Qian Lingyu trembled. Gu Xijiu did not bother to entertain him with all kinds of motivational stories. All she wanted to tell him was that he had to be responsible for his own life. No matter what kind of difficulties he had encountered, he should face it directly and make the best out of whatever that he had left. Lastly, she asked, "Now that you've completely given up, do you still expect others to look up at you?"

Gu Xijiu’s words were powerful enough to make Qian Lingyu’s face turn all red. Although her words were very harsh, she was only telling him the truth. Regardless of the situation, if he had given up, who else would fight for him?

Qian Lingyu was not convinced, "You did not put yourself in my shoes…"

Gu Xijiu interrupted him immediately, "I was once completely useless. To date, my spiritual power is still not as competent as yours, but I know I am never going to give up." Her words had completely shut him down. He could somehow feel something in his heart.

Without a doubt, the lady in front of him had dealt with situations that were far worse than his, but she had lived her life to the fullest. The experiences that a boy like him would have encountered was not even comparable to a lady like her.

Seeing him being moved by her words, she stopped saying anything further.

"Give me your hand." Gu Xijiu offered him her hand.

"What are you doing?" Qian Lingyu raised his brows. His heart skipped a beat the moment he saw her little, tender hand. His face reddened, and he said immediately, "It is improper for men and women to touch each other's hands…"

Gu Xijiu wanted to knock his head. This little boy not only had a lot of problems, but he was also very old-fashioned.

"I am feeling great today, so I am going to read and analyze your pulse for you."

Qian Lingyu hesitated in disbelief, "Do you know how to read people's pulse? Do you have any medical knowledge?"

Gu Xijiu raised her brows, "I am sure you have heard some rumors about me, so haven’t you heard that I have cured people before and that I have even defeated Gu Xixi? "

Qian Lingyu mumbled, "I thought it was because you were lucky…"

Gu Xijiu did not know what to say. With a groan, she stood up, "Fine! Since you don't believe in me, don’t blame yourself if you miss this opportunity!" She wanted to leave after packing up her things.

She could feel someone pulling the corner of her clothes the moment she turned her body around. She looked back and saw Qian Lingyu looking at her timidly as though he was a lost little boy who had just got himself into trouble and did not know what to do. He held out his hand to her, "Please help me read my pulse."

Qian Lingyu looked at Gu Xijiu who was reading his pulse. She closed her eyes lightly and sat in an upright position. He did not trust her though. How could a young lady like her be good enough in her medical knowledge?

Since he had already become the way he was, he was not really hopeful about his condition. No matter what Gu Xijiu was going to tell him, he would not feel bad anymore.

A few moments later, Gu Xijiu opened her big, bright eyes and caught his eyes for a while. She then leaned forward and looked into his eyelids.

Her sweet scent had struck him. Qian Lingyu’s heart was beating fast all of a sudden. He would talk gibberish whenever he was nervous. "You seem pretty good."