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536 The Lord’s Grace 6

The Lord took a look and casually said, "She has lost all her memories… However, I have a solution to recall all the souls. Only then can we conduct the interrogation." He then threw the gourd to messenger Shangshan, "Keep this first."

Messenger Shangshan quickly kept it properly. The Lord then looked at Rong Che, "You’re the Eighth Prince of the Feixing Kingdom, Rong Che?"

Rong Che bowed and answered, "Yes."

"You delivered the Wind Caller?"


"The Wind Caller is a level five beast, and it’s wild and ferocious. It wouldn’t listen to anyone other than its master. How did you bring it here?"

Rong Che smiled awkwardly and replied, "Indeed, My Lord. It definitely refused to listen to me, and I’ve suffered a lot to execute this task. Luckily, it can understand human language, so I tried my best to persuade it. It also doubted my words, but in the end, it agreed to come with me but didn’t allow me to ride on it. Thus, I had to find my own ride, and it followed behind us."

The Lord looked at the Wind Caller, and it immediately stepped back. It then nodded to agree with what Rong Che said.

Gu Xijiu was delighted as she dreamed that Rong Che came with Wind Caller. It seemed like it was not just a dream.

"Where were you on the night of the incident?"

"My Lord, I arrived too late that night and could not manage to return immediately. Therefore, I sought approval from Headmaster Gu and stayed overnight at Yan Chen’s place. He can be my witness."

The Lord looked at the cool teenager who proceeded to bow and answer, "Indeed, the prince is my friend, and he is good at making tea. We have been talking about tea the entire night."

Gu Canmo asked, "My Lord, I thought we'd found the culprit?" Why do we still need to interrogate the Eighth Prince?

The Lord did not bother with him and asked, "Have you found the lethal weapon?" Gu Canmo was stunned and shook his head, "No. We haven't found anything even though we have turned Teacher Zi's place upside down. I suspect the weapon has been destroyed."

The Lord slightly nodded and looked at Rong Che again. Suddenly, a colorful ray came out from his fingertip and shone on Rong Che’s forehead!

Everyone was shocked, including Rong Che. Subconsciously, he tried to escape. However, The Lord was too fast, and Rong Che did not manage to move.

The colorful ray penetrated his forehead. Rong Che’s body was stiff as though he was frozen. Gu Xijiu was shocked as well. Rong Che was her friend; she definitely did not want him to be hurt. As she saw The Lord attacked him, her first response was to interrupt him. However, she stopped when she saw Rong Che’s expression.

Rong Che looked normal, but he seemed to have entered a dream state. He began to talk to himself, and he sounded like talking to someone about tea.

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

A moment later, the colorful ray had gone. Rong Che woke up from his dream and looked at everyone with his eyes widely opened.

"Brother Rong, are you alright?" Yan Chen quickly checked on him.

"I'm fine. I think I had a dream just now; we were talking about tea…" Rong Che smiled and then apologized to The Lord, "I'm sorry, My Lord. I can't believe I fell asleep while you were asking a simple question. I'm so embarrassed. Please punish me."

The Lord casually said, "I was reading your memories, you weren’t sleeping. So, you don’t have to feel sorry."

He read Rong Che's memories, which was the same as what he reported to The Lord. He was indeed having a discussion with Yan Chen about tea.