The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
482 She Got Better In Enraging Others
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Author :Mu Danfeng
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482 She Got Better In Enraging Others

It was talking endlessly with her, but it actually fast asleep and was drooling the next minute. It was sleeping so soundly that she could not wake it up even though she kicked it. This made her wonder how it survived among the beasts at the fifth peak without being eaten by its predators while it was sleeping.

About an hour after the mussel slept, it suddenly woke up. It opened its shell to look around and inquired with a muddled expression, "Where am I?"

Gu Xijiu kicked it to wake it up, "Are you suffering from a sleep disorder?"

The mussel was finally awake, "Master… I had a dream just now."

Was it not normal to dream? Why would it make so much fuss?

Gu Xijiu took a glance at it, "What did you dream of?"

"I dreamt of… I dreamt that I went back into the Dark Forest…" The mussel was still in a state of shock, "And dreamt of being attacked by the two poisonous corpses!" It actually re-experienced the entire scene where the poisonous corpses attacked them!

Gu Xijiu pacified it by patting its shell. No wonder it was shivering when it was sleeping and even rolled once. All because it was having a nightmare.

It seemed that the attack of the two poisonous corpses had psychologically affected the mussel.

"Only that? Anything else?" Gu Xijiu inquired.

"And… And I dreamt of…" The mussel was recalling while opening its shell.

It remembered that it dreamt of something else, but it could no longer recall it regardless!

But it had another impressive dream, "Master, and I dreamt I ate a scarlet fruit that was really sweet!"

It was chewing as if it still recalled the delectable taste of the fruit.

Gu Xijiu, "…" She could not help to laugh and scolded, "What a diva!" She kicked it into the corner.

Nonetheless, both of them were wide awake after the incident.

The mussel could not help but teach her the knowledge it had about the best time to pluck a scarlet fruit. When it was talking, the voice of messenger Jiang was heard from outside, "Miss Gu, we’re arriving at Tianju Hall."

So fast?

Gu Xijiu lifted up the curtain and looked downwards.

The sky outside had turned light green, and through the first ray of the rising sun, she could vaguely see a dark and dense mass of houses surrounded by the mountain range below.

The area the houses occupied was very large. So large that one could not see the entire area from the ground level. Above the houses, there was a faint light surrounding them, and a rainbow was seen cutting across the sky. Looking at the sky, it looked like the Jade Pool of Asgard.

Gu Xijiu knew that it was the most mysterious Tianju Hall!

A place which gathered geniuses and prodigies from all over the world. A place where the five heavenly gift disciples used to study at and the recent sixth disciple, Yun Qingluo, had just entered a few days ago…


Meanwhile, at the Fucang Palace, Celestial Master Zuo, or Di Fuyi, was also wide awake throughout the night. On his table, there was some information which his followers had just sent.

Both Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing were indeed being decapitated, but as expected, their bodies were not found in the coffins.

Their bodies were stolen on the same night they were beheaded. They were stolen without anyone’s noticing that even the guards and their families knew nothing too.

The people of Fucang Palace managed to find out that the two bodies were moved to an abandoned house before they completely disappeared.

Even Mu Yun who was good at tracking and had thoroughly searched the house could only identify the faint smell of the Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing bodies, which were definitely in the house. Nothing else.

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