The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
481 Did She Dream Of What She Had Thought Of During The Day? 4
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Author :Mu Danfeng
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481 Did She Dream Of What She Had Thought Of During The Day? 4

As he was currently unable to control himself, he decided not to enter her dream to prevent himself from making mistakes.

Therefore, it seemed that he could only get to the mussel.


The mussel was chatting with Gu Xijiu about the future planning at Tianju Hall. It had already got what it wanted. It heard that the food at Tianju Hall tasted good, so it requested Gu Xijiu to bring it food.

It was its most exciting topic, but it fell asleep. Then, it found itself surrounded by cloud and mist. Surprisingly, it looked around and saw a person standing in front of it!

That person was wearing a purple robe and had loose black hair with a glimmering fox eye on his forehead.

It was Celestial Master Zuo who used to disguise himself as Si Chen and easily solved its Mirage Illusion. Though he exposed his true identity in front of it for just a while, it was deeply impressed!

It dared not provoke him because of his extreme proficiency in kungfu. Fortunately, he was with its master and thus, Di Fuyi would be rather good to it.

"You…you…" The mussel opened up its shells and wanted to show its affection by clamping the corner of his robe.

Di Fuyi reached out a finger and pressed on it, "What did you all experience after I went away? Come, let’s recall it." A mysterious seven-colored light emerged from his fingertip and spread on the mussel's shell wave after wave.

Therefore, with dizziness, the mussel fell into its memory, and it frighteningly found out that time rewound. Again, it met the two poisonous corpses together with its master and also met Long Siye. It was as if it was experiencing every incident again.

It was not a good memory and not something the mussel wanted to relive. Therefore, its shell was sweating profusely when it finally managed to wake out from its nightmare-like memory.

It was in shock and could not even remember the current date!

With a wriggle, it broke loose from the finger of Celestial Master Zuo and looked at him anxiously, "What…what have you just done to me?!"

The mussel was frightened! More strangely, it felt that it lost some of its vitality after it sobered up as it was gasping for breath. Meanwhile, Celestial Master Zuo seemed to be in deep thought as he did not pay attention to it.

The mussel felt insecure when it saw the cloudy, misty and blurry surroundings. Therefore, it did not want to stay and wanted to escape by digging the ground, but for an unknown reason, it almost hurt its shell.

"Why are you escaping? Are you afraid that I’ll stew and cook you?" Celestial Master Zuo was standing in front of it again and reached out his hand towards it.

The mussel shivered and retreated backward, "I… I’m not tasty. My meat is too hard and not tender at all…"

Di Fuyi took a step forward and asked with a gentle voice, "Are you afraid of me?"

The mussel retreated again, "No… I’m not afraid…"

Save me, master! It felt that Celestial Master Zuo wanted to stew it!

Di Fuyi flicked his wrist, and a scarlet fruit appeared on his palm, "Well done, this fruit is a reward for you."

The mussel immediately stopped retreating, and its eyes brightened!

The scarlet fruit! A type of spiritual fruit which could replenish spiritual power and more importantly, it tasted good!

The mussel instantly reached out its little hand to retrieve the scarlet fruit and put it into its mouth.


But it also commented, "Celestial Master Zuo, this fruit is only 90% ripened, and thus, we should have let it continue to ripen for another 10 days. Even if the medicinal effect is a bit weaker, its taste is the best and sweetest…"

Before it could finish commenting, the Celestial Master Zuo brushed over it with his sleeve.


Gu Xijiu thought that the mussel at her feet must have taken some sleeping medicine.

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