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453 Everything Was Transient 8

They were not human but poisonous corpses!

In the modern era, Gu Xijiu had come across with the bewitched technique from South Xinjiang and even studied the technique of controlling corpses.

These two poisonous corpses looked a bit like the zombies under control by the Southern technique, but she knew that they were definitely not.

Those kinds of zombies required the controller to manipulate at near distances and used spells to control their walking. In the addition, those zombies would walk by jumping and their bodies would be very stiff.

But the two in front of her could walk freely and did not seem to be controlled by someone else. Their bodies were flexible as if they did not have bones. When they fought they could bend freely and their heads could even turn 360 degrees around…

Besides, both of the corpses could coordinate well with each other. When both of them cooperated, the power was much stronger than before.

After Gu Xijiu fought with them for several rounds, she realized that she could not fight against them!

Little Lu Wu had awoken too. It was also involved in the fight. Although it had a small body, it was very capable. It kept spinning around like a lightning ball around the two corpses and used its claws to punch them.

Its little paws had the strength to crack the hard stone. When it punched the body of the two dead corpses they could hear their bones being snapped apart.

But the two corpses did not feel anything even when their bones cracked and broken; they kept attacking as usual.

Even the skull of Rong Yan that had been punched by the little Lu Wu cracked and rendered him looking completely out of shape. He did not feel a thing and the injured area was able to restore back to the original really quickly.

"Master, they are not human! Their regenerative ability is frightening! It is not a good idea to keep fighting with them. We should run!" The Firmament Stone wailed in Gu Xijiu’s mind.

"What are they?" Gu Xijiu asked.

"I do not know! This is the first time I see it. They are neither zombies nor the living."

Gu Xijiu used its flexible body and surrounded the two corpses. She practiced the technique to control zombies and even the spell to handle a zombie before, so she used everything that she knew to try on the two corpses, but alas, it did not have any effect on them.

Who actually transformed them into this form to attack her?

Under such an intense fight, Gu Xijiu could not conduct a proper analysis.

Of course, it was not a good idea to keep fighting. Some more she did not have anyone to help her, so the only way was to escape!

Gu Xijiu made a decision. She whistled to call little Lu Wu back and carried the big mussel with her. She immediately teleported across the river and landed directly in the forest in the opposite direction.

However, after crossing the river, she realised something was amiss. She missed out the Wind Caller and it did not tag along!

The Firmament Stone quickly said, "Master, their target is you. They will not hurt the Wind Caller. Hurry up! Let’s run quickly!"

Gu Xijiu did not care for it. She looked at the other side and saw that the corpse kept turning in circles after their target was missing. Perhaps the Wind Caller had the smell of Gu Xijiu so the two corpses immediately changed their target to the Wind Caller directly headed towards it!

The Wind Caller was scared that all his goosebumps appeared!

These two corpses were too furious and it was really scared of them. It was supposed to be its animal instinct to run away from the enemy. However, this time it stayed on because it was worried about its baby, so it never left. When Gu Xijiu was fighting with the two corpses, it was watching at the sides.

When Gu Xijiu teleported and ran, it all happened in just a blink of an eye. It still could not react to it, but the two corpses had already surrounded it!

When it wanted to run away, it was already too late.