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"Alright! Let's call it 'The Dawn's Call.'" Si Chen smiled and looked at Gu Xijiu, "Ah Sheng, your call!"

Gu Xijiu’s heart was beating, she moved her gaze away and avoided the subject. "Is The Lord the one who set the wizardry barrier? No one can enter the sixth peak and above, right?"

"You’re so smart." Si Chen smiled and looked at the barrier and then continued speaking, "However, there are a few people with level nine spiritual power who can come here to take the challenge."

Gu Xijiu immediately mentioned a few names, "Then Hua Wuyan, Qian Yueran, and Celestial Master You can come here?"

Si Chen smiled and said, "Should be. The official requirement for the heavenly gifted disciples is to escape from the sixth and seventh peak."

"Wow! You know so much!" Gu Xijiu looked at him with surprise again.

Si Chen placed one of his arms around her waist, "Will you fall for me then?"

A shining blade suddenly appeared at his back which almost removed his arm. Gu Xijiu smiled evilly, "Behave; I can’t guarantee what my blade would do if you continue being touchy."

Si Chen quickly pulled back his arm and placed it on his knee, "Ah Sheng, you’re such a cold-blooded person. I’ve told you that I’ll be responsible to you."

"No, thanks!" Gu Xijiu said as she stood up.

"You like someone else? Long Siye? Celestial Master Zuo?" Si Chen kept asking.

Gu Xijiu suddenly turned around and looked at him, "What!?"

Si Chen smiled, "There are five heavenly gifted disciples, Celestial Master Zuo and You, Hua Wuyan, Qian Yueran, and Long Siye. It’s almost impossible for you to forget since both of them are very well known people. However, if you purposely didn’t mention them, you probably have a special feeling towards them. Am I right?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

Was it true? It was not surprising if she had special feelings for Long Siye. After all, it was too memorable and not something she could easily forget. However, it was impossible for her to have the same feeling towards Di Fuyi.

She could not help but recalled Di Fuyi’s appearance. She was shocked as she could feel that her heart was beating faster than usual.

No way! She would not have that feeling towards Di Fuyi. Perhaps, she has been annoyed by him for too long that she developed a phobia!

"Who is more important in your heart now?" Si Chen grabbed one of her hands and asked gently.

Gu Xijiu could see both Long Siye and Di Fuyi’s images overlapping in her mind as though she had been hypnotized.

Every single time she thought of Long Siye, she could not describe her feelings. It was as though a fireball was burning in her body, but she felt so cold in her heart. However, when she thought of Di Fuyi, she felt warm.

"Come, tell me. Who is more impressive to you?" Si Chen’s voice became more gentle.

The first person that appeared in Gu Xijiu’s mind was Long Siye. Humans tended to remember people who hurt them the most.

"Long Siye…" Gu Xijiu subconsciously said. Si Chen grabbed her even tighter when he heard that.

Gu Xijiu felt the pain from his grip and subconsciously pulled her hand away, "It's painful! Let me go!"

Si Chen let her hand go. Gu Xijiu looked at her wrist and was surprised that he had left five fingerprints on her wrist!