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422 Under Control

"Xijiu, is this the Air Partition skill? Excellent Kung Fu!" praised Si Chen, as he walked closer.

Gu Xijiu watched as he walked closer. She raised her hand and pointed the tip of her sword at him, "Are you a human, a ghost, or an illusion? Aren’t you dead? I’ll kill you if you take another step!"

Si Chen did not know what to say.

He walked towards the tip of her sword and moved it away. He held her hand and placed it on his face, "Come here, feel this, does a dead person feel this warm?"

An hour later, Gu Xijiu finally figured out the whole story. The mussel turned out to have been cultivating its vital energy in the mountains for thousands of years. The place was its underground nest.

The mussel was best at creating illusions for those who had mistakenly entered the place and making them fall into a dream.

When Gu Xijiu and Si Chen fell into the nest, they fell into the first illusion that the mussel had created for them. However, the illusion was not life-threatening. At most, it could only cause people to get lost.

The moment Gu Xijiu teleported was the time she truly fell into the illusion. It was a life-threatening state, this time. If she were unable to crack and solve it, she would be trapped for eternity until her flesh was completely dissolved by the mussel, even her soul would not make it out.

The mussel could sense the emotions and thoughts of the entrapped victims. It would know the people who were truly important to them in the abyss of their minds, thus transforming into their shapes to lure the victims with its illusions.

Once the entrapped victims believed it, they would willingly put their hands in its grasps and become its meal.

Si Chen was trapped in the first level and Gu Xijiu in the second, which was why she could not find Si Chen even though she felt like she was still at the same place.

Obviously, Si Chen did not provide this information to her. Gu Xijiu had to interrogate the mussel to find out more.

The mussel did not wish to speak at first, as it was quite stubborn. However, Gu Xijiu utilized some modern techniques and extorted a confession from it by torture and psychological attacks.

After that, the mussel held nothing back and revealed all it knew without reserve.

Gu Xijiu finally got the information that she needed. She then looked at the mussel.

Perhaps it had sensed the murderous look in Gu Xijiu’s eyes. It trembled a little and said, "Hey, you said that you were going to spare my life if I told you the truth! You cannot go against your own words!"

Gu Xijiu looked askew at it, "I only said that I’d consider letting you go if you told the truth. Now that I have considered it, that you’ve killed…"

"Master!" The mussel called out abruptly, "If you spare my life, I’ll acknowledge you as my master!"

Gu Xijiu went quiet. She knew that the mussel was wise enough to suit her actions to the time of need. However, others would typically only collect majestic beings that were outstanding, like the Pegasus or the Winged Lion. But even Rong Yan had once collected a leopard as his ride. As for her, the majestic being that she had a hard time collecting turned out to be a mussel.

Gu Xijiu looked at its shell and smiled a little. If it were to be her ride, it would be comparable to the speed of a snail. More importantly, where was she going to sit on it? She could not possibly sit on its shell.

"I’m not a ride!" The mussel immediately clarified itself, "I know how to perform the Dream Killing skill. I can help you eliminate your enemy. If they get close enough to me within a mile, I can kill them imperceptibly."

"I think that you can always kill your master with that skill, too," said Gu Xijiu with a faint smile, while she pointed the tip of the sword at it.