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368 Are You All Surprised?

"Who is it then?" Emperor Xuan asked, with eyes wide open.

Gu Xijiu had a bad feeling in her heart. The next second Di Fuyi spoke a word which shocked everyone, "Me...




Numerous glasses and chopsticks fell to the ground. Everyone was mind-blow with the word uttered by Di Fuyi.

The glass in Emperor Xuan’s hands dropped to the ground too, "What…?"

Rong Jialuo’s face was pale too. The bracelet that he had just accepted almost fell to the ground.

Rong Che who had been calm in the hall all this while had kept drinking tea until the announcement by Di Fuyi. He almost spat out the tea in his mouth and coughed incessantly.

Yun Qingluo was holding a pair of ivory chopsticks, and it broke into half.

Gu Xietian who was a sturdy general had a different reaction from the others. When he heard what Du Fuyi said, the red wooden chair he sat on suddenly broke and he awkwardly fell down and sat on floor.

Rong Chu's jaw hung open, that a whole duck egg could probably fit into his mouth.

Di Fuyi seemed happy with the result of the shocking news he mentioned. He slowly glanced through the crowd and said, "Are you all surprised?"

They were not only surprised but shocked too!

Emperor Xuan struggled to say, "You must be kidding… how could this be possible?"

"Do I look like I am kidding?" Di Fuyi asked and his voice was cold.

Emperor Xuan looked at Gu Xietian and then looked at Gu Xijiu. Gu Xietian had just stood up from the fall with a shocked face. Apparently, he was not aware of it too.

Gu Xijiu should be not aware too or she would not have said that she wanted to marry to Rong Jialuo just now…

"Celestial Master Zuo, it is a serious matter. Do you mind if I ask when do you have a marriage arrangement with Xijiu? Do you have any evidence or proof?"

Everyone focused their attention towards Di Fuyi, waited for him to give an answer.

Di Fuyi raised his hand, took a sip of wine, and casually said, "In fact, I do not need to prove to anyone. However since you have asked, I will tell you…"

He then retold the story about the marriage arrangement, which was exactly what he had told Gu Xijiu before.

Everyone was stunned listening to the story. Gu Xietian’s face was even pale and muttered, "It is the marriage arrangement made by Ah Xing… But she never told me about it…"

Di Fuyi meanly said, "Did you give her a chance to tell you?"

Gu Xietian did not speak but perspired more on his forehead.

After Luo Xinglan delivered the baby girl, she had not spoken to him anymore and treated him like a stranger. She never said anything to him even until she jumped down from the cliff.

Di Fuyi switched his wrist and took out a black bracelet, "General Gu, can you recognize this?"

Gu Xietian looked startled, "This is the inked heart bracelet!"

He suddenly stepped forward and wanted to take a closer look, however, he dared not do so.

Di Fuyi chuckled, "I can let you verify it."

He then threw the bracelet to Gu Xietian.

When Gu Xietian gripped it in his hand, he knew that it was the authentic bracelet. It was the inked heart bracelet!

He looked pale and was out of his mind for a while.

"General Gu, is this the real one?" Di Fuyi asked.