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334 What Triggered You?

Of course, Le Jiajun and her sister were jealous. However, their capabilities were relatively low, hence, they could only keep quiet.

Especially after understanding how powerful Gu Xijiu can be, they definitely did not dare to challenge her. They were memorized by the way Gu Xijiu produced the medicine and were excited to try it when they returned. They might have a bright future ahead if they succeed.

Most of them returned with an abundance of blessings, and everyone was happy. Long Moyan tried to invite Gu Xijiu to leave together with them, but she rejected. She decided to go alone. This made Long Moyan feel slightly depressed as he saw Gu Xijiu disappear into the snow storm.

He found this girl very mysterious and felt that she had not revealed her true identity to her. Otherwise, she should be very famous. He was wondering whether they would have a chance to meet again...


It was snowy and breezy.

Gu Xijiu was walking around the ice land. "Master, do you know who is Prince Long?" The Firmament Stone was trying to tease her.

"Yes, he is one of the four prestige men. The son of Duke Dingbei who is ranked at the same level as Rong Che and Rong Jialuo."

"I see, you know him… He is the dream man of every girl in the capital city, but his popularity is just below Rong Jialuo's and Rong Che's. Many girls are constantly chasing after him…" Firmament Stone began to gossip.

"Uh." Gu Xijiu was lost for words.

"Master, he has a crush on you even though you have not put on nice makeup. I think he really likes you!" The Firmament Stone went straight to the point.

"That’s great! That means he has a pair of sharp eyes and noticed my internal beauty instead my ordinary appearance." Gu Xijiu joked.

The Firmament Stone remained silent and then said, "Master, I think you should learn to be humble since it’s a good moral value."

"Being excessively humble is fake! I’m just telling the truth." Gu Xijiu challenged.

The Firmament Stone was speechless. It paused for a moment and then started to talk again, "Master, he already likes you even when you put on an ugly makeup, I'm sure he would definitely fall for you if you reveal your true beauty…"

Gu Xijiu looked at it and asked, "What has triggered you?" It was so talkative and disgusting.

She then educated it, "Little Cang, you’re a magical object, you should behave properly and treasure words very much."

The Firmament Stone was in silent.

She was such an ungrateful person. The Firmament Stone was worried for her and that was the reason it tried so hard to please her... It seemed to have noticed something, ‘Master, this ain’t the way home!" Since Gu Xijiu already got the medicine, they were supposed to go home.

"Who told you we need to go home? I need to get one more thing."

"What else?"

"The heart of a Blood Anaconda."

"What!!? Anaconda!? We can’t handle it though!"

"Shut up!"

The Firmament Stone did not dare to say anything.


Gu Xijiu stayed on the ice land for another six days and she finally got what she wanted. She killed the snake after fighting with it for a whole day and returned to the capital city after obtaining what she wanted.

As usual, it was very happening in the capital city and it looked more crowded than ever. Everyone was talking about the test for the heavenly gifted disciple at the Open Heaven Stage. According to the crowd, the test was to be conducted publicly, and that was the request from Yun Qingluo. This would mean that the test would have been conducted twice in one year! Everyone was so happy about it and that encouraged discussions among the common folk.

The test sounded like it would be as grand as the previous one. It was very crowded, and the deputy testers were Qian Yueran and Hua Wuyan.