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269 Who Would He be Afraid of? Who Was He Escaping From?

As there was no exit in the cave, it was entirely pitch-black.

Though Gu Xijiu had very good eyesight, she can only make out a rough outline of Di Fuyi, and he was hugging her!

"Why…" As Gu Xijiu opened her mouth, his finger was already pressing against her mouth, obviously wanting her to keep quiet.

A series of questions flashed through her mind, as this Celestial Master Zuo was very strong - who would he afraid of? Who was he escaping from?

He breathing was light but as his nose was too close to her ear, Gu Xijiu could still feel the warmth of his breath.

Gu Xijiu felt uncomfortable as he kept hugging her. She struggled and her hint was obvious – let go of me!

"Xijiu, you wanted to repay my kindness just now?" Di Fuyi almost looked like he was talking while biting at her ear.

Gu Xijiu's body was slightly tensed as she nodded her head.

In such a dark world, if a male and a female were hugging in such a tight embrace, as his magnetic voice chimed into her ears, she felt that her sensitive ear had burned up, as if it was smeared with hot sauce.

What request would he ask for now?

"From now on, please protect me for an hour while I meditate. If anyone is found here at this hour, it's your responsibility to get me out of here by teleportation." Di Fuyi stated clearly.

Gu Xijiu heaved a sigh of relief and nodded her head again!

She definitely could fulfil this request of his.

Di Fuyi pressed a finger on her lip, "My dear, don’t dump me again, as you’ve promised me this time!"

Gu Xijiu shuddered and looked at him coldly with her eyes clearly declaring ‘why are you still holding me, do you want me to stab you to let me go?’

Di Fuyi smiled and finally released her. Then, he took out a jade-colored futon to sit on and started meditating.

The jade-colored futon was glimmering and illuminated Di Fuyi's figure.

Gu Xijiu also felt for a rock to sit down on and she had a brainwave while seeing him meditating!

The meditating method of Di Fuyi was similar to that statue she saw at the cave!

It was the hand gestures which were slightly different and the angle of his cross-legged had differed too.

But the manner of him closing his eyes to meditate almost made her thought that the jade statue had resurrected…

Gu Xijiu had been listening carefully to the movement of the surroundings.

Though this karst cave was dark, there were no monsters appearing nor any strange things occurring. Therefore, she was rather relieved.

Again, she slightly felt the spirit power, which was moving slowly in her body to nourish her veins.

"Little Cang, what’s the level of my spirit power now?" Gu Xijiu knew nothing much about the levels of spirit power on this land. Furthermore, as she did not possess the spirit power previously, she could not determine the level of her spirit power now.

"Level two." The Firmament Stone cut to the chase.

It was not high. That bastard Count Le Hua, Rong Yi, who she stabbed to death, actually had a level three spirit power!

"So low?" Gu Xijiu was disappointed. She thought her potential had been fully achieved.

"It will get higher if you practice diligently…" The Firmament Stone comforted her.

"I thought my useless body would have an extremely high spirit power the moment I can practice it," said Gu Xijiu subconsciously, turning the Firmament Stone.

The Firmament Stone, "…"

"Master…" The Firmament Stone faltered.

"Say it out, don’t stammer!"

"Master, your body was actually very special, and a bit strange…" After all, it had been on her body all the time, it could somehow feel all the changes.

"Which part is considered strange to you?"