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231 Drink With Us

When she was still thinking how to escape, Di Fuyi grabbed on tightly to her other wrist and pulled her to his side to sit down. "You don’t have to rush. You can accompany both of us to drink."

This time, Gu Xijiu was sitting on the other side of Di Fuyi while he was sitting next to Long Siye. Long Siye’s facial expression changed, but one could tell that he was trying to remain calm. He wanted to stand up but was stopped by Di Fuyi, "Don’t worry, I am not going to hurt her. I will only do what I have to do."

"Let's continue our conversation about letting Gu Xijiu go." Long Siye immediately asked the question that most concerned him.

"It is straightforward. You have to choose between two options. I have to execute my task as it is my responsibility so Gu Xijiu will have to go through the verification process. However, if she is tested not to possess a heavenly gift, I will not destroy her kung fu and will only drop her into the Dark Forest. That is option one. Option two is that I will not report your mistake to The Lord so you will not get punished. Which one would you choose?"

Long Siye sneered, "We both know that she possesses feeble spiritual powers so she will not be able to come out from the Dark Forest alive. Therefore that is not even an option. As for reporting to The Lord, you don’t have to worry about that. I will go and get my punishment, so you don’t have to discuss it here!"

Gu Xijiu did not want any help from Long Siye despite his valiant efforts. Also, the more he defended her, the more jealous Celestial Master Zuo would be, and the chances of her death would be even more prominent.

Gu Xijiu laughed and said, "I don’t need anyone’s help. Moreover, Celestial Master Zuo has promised me the same condition before. It is not good that you use it again as another condition, right?"

Di Fuyi shook his head and looked at her, "Did I promise you anything?"

Gu Xijiu answered earnestly, "Yesterday…"

Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Long Siye, "It was just a dream. Alright, Master Di, your condition is too harsh. I want to add another condition."

"Please, say it."

"If she does not possess a heavenly gift, I want to go along with her to the Dark Forest provided you also don’t destroy her kung fu."

Di Fuyi laughed and said, "Although the Dark Forest is secretive and unpredictable, it is not hard for you and me to escape from it. If you go along with her, is it still a punishment? If we allow this to happen, how can the souls of those who failed the test and died in the Dark Forest rest in peace?"

He poured the liquor into his glass and took a sip. His voice was even colder this time, "It is supposed to be a great offense if someone lies that they possess a heavenly gift. The reason we put them into the Dark Forest is to give them a chance. The chance of survival is only one in a million so it is fair to let them be alive if they do survive. If a master accompanies the person who gets punished in kung fu, then what is the meaning of getting this punishment?"

Long Siye remained silent. Gu Xijiu secretly gripped her fist. Although his point was valid, she knew that his ultimate goal was to kill her! He was a persistent person!

Long Siye face grew paler as they spoke and he asked, "Can’t you accommodate slightly?"

Di Fuyi looked at both of them and sighed, "Well, since we are friends, I will not put her into the deepest side of the Dark Forest. What do you think?"