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218 The Living One

"The Lord!" The Firmament Stone answered without any hesitation.

Gu Xijiu was shocked!

She heard about The Lord - the sovereign god of this land! The god above everything else who was worshipped by all beings and had become a character of legends.

His existence on this land was like Jesus in the heart of every Christian or the Jade Emperor of the Taoists.

It was said that The Lord might not appear even once in a hundred years. Occasionally showing off some miracles was enough for all beings to worship him for a long period of time.

It was also known that The Lord did not like to be offered sacrifices. Therefore, nobody dared to offer him any. Otherwise, Gu Xijiu would be able to see his drawings at the mansion of the general.

Gu Xijiu observed these drawings and cannot help herself but inquire about the omniscient Firmament Stone, "What say you, would this be Celestial Master Zuo, The Lord?"

"Definitely not!" The Firmament Stone vehemently denied, "The Lord is the holiest person in the world and will not be influenced by worldly things. He always shows himself during disasters to save the people. Besides, even if he had appeared in front of anyone, it was definitely unexpected. Also, he usually doesn’t talk to anybody."

The legend about The Lord which Gu Xijiu heard was the same as what the Firmament Stone had spoke of. So, was that the truth?

She pointed at the drawing with a face, "Does The Lord seriously looks like this?"

"Perhaps, but I haven’t seen it before. I only saw The Lord wearing masks."

"But he looks like Celestial Master Zuo! It seems like they’re of the same person." Gu Xijiu muttered, "Could they be twin brothers?"

"It should not be. It was known that The Lord is of the same age as this world. And from what I know, Celestial Master Zuo is presently about 100 years old only." The Firmament Stone revealed everything it knew.

"Then, why do they look so similar? Don’t tell me that Celestial Master Zuo is the reincarnation of The Lord?" Gu Xijiu came out with another guess.

"No, they don’t look the same! Their characteristics are totally different and thus, they don’t appear to be the same person. As for why their faces look alike, master, would it be that Celestial Master Zuo admires The Lord or he aims to be like The Lord. Therefore, he imagined that he was The Lord and drew himself similar to The Lord." The Firmament Stone thought process was so good that it figured out another possibility.

Gu Xijiu, "…" It was indeed possible! After all, it was said that Wu Zetian had let someone carve a Guanyin Statue with her face as reference…

"Little Cang, have you ever seen the real Lord then? The living one."

Firmament Stone replied, "No…" Actually, it did not come to this world long enough to know.

Gu Xijiu was pondering hard, while tapping on the bracelet.

Celestial Master Zuo did not only secretly possess a series of drawings of The Lord, he also carved a jade statue and put in the corner of a cave. That jade statue did not only appear to be life-like, its symbol of man was also carved perfectly too…

She suddenly recalled of what she heard accidentally this afternoon. It seemed that the Celestial Master Zuo was gay and that fact had worried his attendants…

A rather bold speculation came to her mind: would Celestial Master Zuo admire The Lord?!

He drew him, carved him and even imitated him…

Oops, she seemed to have unearthed the biggest secret of Celestial Master Zuo!

Knowing more secrets of great men would cause one to meet their doom faster and Gu Xijiu knew clearly about this universal truth.

Therefore, she quickly went back downstairs and saw Mo Yuyan still waiting for her.

Gu Xijiu asked inadvertently, "Why didn’t you go up with me?"