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205 Celestial Master Zuo!

They had received an order to pay attention to a tiny man.

This person was an expert in disguise and makeup, usually sporting tanned skin and should most probably be a girl. Anyone who spotted her did not have to be excited but report to the relevant parties instead.

The reporter would be rewarded with 10,000 gold ingots if they managed to get her...

Such a grand remuneration had made all the drivers pay 100 percent attention and even caused them to judge their customers.

They would report immediately once they notice something amiss.

Although the cart driver wishes to get his hands on the grand reward, he did not suspect the fat rich man in his own carriage at all.

Normally, people who were wanted by the hunter would maintain a low profile and avoid being exposed.

However, this fat rich man was very arrogant. He donned exceptional quality of clothes and fancy accessories, much to the crowd's annoyance.

However, he was really rich and never tried to negotiate a lower price upon payment.

Usually, the passenger would pay half the amount of the fees as a deposit and then they would pay the remaining balance when they arrive the destination.

However, this rich man paid the full amount and even gave the driver 100 dollars as tips.

The rich man told the driver to drive carefully and also promised to pay him another 200 dollars as a reward if his performance was satisfactory.

Apparently, everyone liked this kind of generous rich man. Therefore, the driver focused on driving even though he looked down on the rich man.

He could not stop shaking his head when he heard the snore inside the cabin.

He did not think the rich man was the person favoured by his boss.

There were quite many carriages traveling on the road and it was very normal to see those luxurious carriages owned by rich families.

Suddenly, there were several carts arranged horizontally in a line to block the runway.

The cart driver was lost for words.

He looked at the carts in front of him shockingly, and was terrified when he could see the sign on those carriages clearly!

Those carts were in blue color and there was a jade dragon on the roof of every carriage.

They were not using any horses to move the carriage but rather, a snowy white lion!

Those cart drivers were young and handsome, of similar height and costumes!

Only one person would have a such a great team! Celestial Master Zuo!

The cart driver who was chauffeuring the fat rich man almost peed in the pants!

He quickly got down from the carriage and knelt on the ground, "Ce...Celestial Master Zuo!"

No one bothered about him; those young men were still sitting on the carriages and only looked at his carriage.


Gu Xijiu was exhausted. She had been teleporting continuously and had to switch from carriage to carriage. She only had some time to take a nap now.

Of course, she was very alert even when she was asleep. That was her nature as an assassin; even her snores were intended to distract the cart driver.

She immediately opened her eyes when the carriage stopped. She got up and saw the whole team of carriages...

Although she could not recognize that those carriages were owned by Celestial Master Zuo, she knew the owner must be someone powerful and it was not a good sign for them to block the way!