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152 Someone Is Following You

Was it possible that the mysterious person was living in the moat?
Gu Xijiu considered the possibility that the mysterious person was a spirit in the water!
"Master, what should we do now?" The Firmament Stone asked her.
"What else? Go home and sleep!" Gu Xijiu answered and then walked towards the direction of her home.
"What? That’s it? You’re not going to investigate anymore?" The Firmament Stone kept pushing Gu Xijiu to reconsider.
Gu Xijiu did not answer, but she seemed to have a plan.
She had limited information about the mysterious person, but at least she had got some new information.
For example, the mysterious person was the one who peeped at her from the tree. Also, his martial arts were as good as Long Siye or even better. Besides that, the individual carried the same fragrance which the royal family possessed and it smelt special! She had only previously detected it from Rong Jialuo and the princess.
It was now much easier for her to find this mysterious person. She need only talk to Rong Jialuo or Rong Che, and the truth should unfold itself. Once she had figured out the identity of this person, she could design and strategize a plan to put an end to him.
On the way back to the town, the Firmament Stone reminded her, "Master, someone is following you!"
"I know." Gu Xijiu replied and continued, "I am doing this on purpose."
"Huh? Why?"
"They should be the experts from the Department of Central Intelligence. I guess Rong Yan must have accused me and these people are here to find out whether I know any martial arts."
"I see!" The Firmament Stone understood and was impressed. Its master had outstanding IQ! Since it found a good owner, its life would be easier in the future.
Gu Xijiu was right, the two men who were following her were indeed the investigators from the Department of Central Intelligence. They were patiently following her until she returned to the General’s residence.
They looked at each other and then one of them began to write down rapidly, "Gu Xijiu, Qing Gong level three, zero spirit power."
Another person asked, "Chief, do we need to go in and check?"
The one who was recording shook his head and said, "Not necessary, these are sufficient."
Based on her current martial arts ability, they believed that she could not even travel in and out of the General’s residence secretly, what more of killing Count Le Hua. Therefore, there was no point to waste time on her.
The Sun blazed brightly right above Gu Xijiu's head. She was sitting in her sedan chair, and it was scorching hot. She had received a message from the emperor when she returned home. She was asked to drop by the palace for a brief critical discussion.
The officer who brought the decree urged her to get ready quickly, so she did not even have time to take a sip of water before she was sent to the palace. Although she had interacted with a few princes before, that was her first time visiting the palace.

The red walls, the high-ceiling basilica, the long corridor, and hundreds of doors....
The layout was quite similar to the Forbidden City. The main difference was that the roof of the Forbidden City was made from glass tiles while the roof of the current palace was covered by the blue tiles made from hawksbill.
"Watch out, Master! I can sense dang...!" The Firmament Stone on her wrist reminded her.
Before it finished talking, a strong wind blew, and a few beams of light shone directly on the sedan chair!