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56 Unless You Want To Be A Mistress

"Then, what’s the reason?"

"Perhaps she has reached her tolerance limit and is starting to retaliate. Some people can hide their temper very well and only expose their true nature when they reach their limit.

"Hmmph... I think she needs to get more lessons. I really wanted to slap her just now to humiliate her. Third sister, why did you stop me just now?" In fact, Gu Tianyi really planned to slap her before being pulled away by Gu Tianqing.

Gu Tianqing shook her head and said calmly, "Tianyi, after all, Xijiu is our sister and the first daughter of the Gu family. We should not always bully her or else it would be spoiling our reputation."

"Sister? I don’t have such a slutty sister. First daughter? No way! Her mother was just another slut who ran away with another guy. Her daughter was not even qualified to be called as our sister." Gu Tianyi gripped her fist tightly and her voice was full of disdain.

"Tianyi, please don’t say so. Although her mother acted inappropriately, she is still the daughter of our father…"

"Hmmph! Who knows whether she is truly our father’s daughter? Look at her ugly face! There’s no resemblance to father’s genes…" Gu Tianyi ranted for a while, then suddenly she recalled something. "Third sister, is there anything wrong with her? Because you rushed to her place right the auction house… I don’t think that you really wanted to visit her."

Gu Tianqing smiled, "I really wanted to visit her. As I said, she is our sister. Even though she does not have a good background, she is still our sister. I worried that she was not used to living at this place thus I purposely came to visit her."

Although she spoke to Gu Tianyi in this way, deep inside her heart she knew that when she looked Gu Xijiu in the auction house, she felt something strange about her. It seemed that the person in the auction house was totally different from Gu Xijiu in terms of height, body shape, and appearance. This made her a little skeptical.

Therefore, before the end of the auction, she quickly rushed back to her home to check her out. However, she never expected to get humiliated by Gu Xijiu. It seemed like Gu Xijiu never left the house.

The more Gu Tianqing spoke, the angrier Gu Tianyi became. "Third sister, you are too kind hearted. Although you treat her like a sister, she might not respect you as an older sister. She is already getting more kindness than she deserves now that our father suddenly treats her better coupled with the fact that she might get to marry Brother Rong Yan. How can it be? She is not qualified at all. Third sister is the ideal match for Brother Rong Yan…"

"Brother Rong Yan had been treating third sister very well. During the auction, he even spent 20,000 dollars to bid for a necklace for you. What’s more important is I saw that he carved the word "Qing" on the crystal, which proved that he really likes you a lot. Third sister, you must find a way to stop the marriage arrangement between Brother Rong Yan and Gu Xijiu… Unless, you want to be a mistress.

"Stop speaking, Tianyi. There is nothing between me and Prince Rong Yan… It is getting late and you need to go back now." Apparently, Gu Tianqing did not want to talk too much about this topic. After she patted Gu Tianyi's hand, she turned away and went back to her house.