Chapter 489 - Impersonate

Although she’s beautiful, she’s just an 18 or 19 years old girl.

She’s definitely not a famous physician or apothecary.

How dare she come to Ghostwind Valley to cure the Ghost Lord? And to fight for the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing?

Are you kidding me?

“Dr. Wang, please come in.” After checking the old man’s invitation card, the guard immediately returned it to him respectfully and made a gesture of invitation.

Dr. Wang kept his invitation card but he did not go in immediately, instead, he looked at Mu Yan sarcastically.

He did not believe that these people were qualified to cure the Ghost Lord.

After all, he was the youngest among the famous physicians in Yanwu Continent.

By the time he became famous, he had already reached 40.

However, in the next second, Dr. Wang widened his eyes in shock.

The young girl he thought who was the least likely to be the physician came up with an invitation card exactly the same as his.

This...How could this be?

How can an 18-year-old girl turned out to be a famous physician invited by the Ghost City?

Just as he was shocked, he heard the guard made a ‘huh’ sound.

“Sorry, Miss Jun, your invitation card has no problem, but you seem to be not in our physician invitation list.”

After listening to his words, Mu Yan raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“ dare these rustics pass themselves off as senior physicians? Do they think Ghostwind Valley is a place that anyone else can enter? A bunch of idiots!”

The apprentice who stood beside Dr. Wang found his master did not like them. He satirized loudly after the guard rejected them.

Listening to the apprentice’s words, Dr. Wang put his hand behind and said proudly, “I wonder how could the people of Ghost City be so silly to invite such a young girl to cure the Ghost Lord. It turned out that she is a fake and shameless physician.”

“Huh, how could they be invited? After all, those who were invited by the Ghost City are senior physicians in Xuan Medical Pavillion.”

The apprentice sized Mu Yan up and down while he spoke. Looking at her perfect appearance, he sneered, “Master, perhaps she’s a woman of a senior physician. That’s why she has the invitation card but her name was not registered…”

He was dazed before he could finish his words. Then, he heard two slap sounds.

Someone slapped his face two times. He screamed awfully and spat some blood and broken teeth out.

Ying Mei was standing in front of him.

She unsheathed his blade and rubbed it slowly against the apprentice’s neck, “Please speak carefully. Believe it or not, I can cut your tongue off.”

“Guard! Guard! What are you doing?” Dr. Wang shouted hysterically, “This bunch of people forged the invitation card and pretended to be physicians. They even did this to us in the Ghostwind Valley, shouldn’t you take some actions?”

The guards looked solemn and only reacted now. How dare she raised a hand in front of us?

And they did not even see Ying Mei’s action clearly.

“Let’s go and catch them!”

“And bring them to the King of Hell!”

After the order was issued, dozens of guards of the Ghostwind Valley rushed out as if they appeared out of nowhere.

Each of them had reached the peak of Earth Stage in Ghost City.

At the entrance of Ghostwind Valley, their show of intimidation was so great making everyone tremble.