The Fun Had Just Started

Han Ye was dumbfounded, he looked at Ying Mei, he was smiling yet he was in a trance.

Then, he thought of something.

He suddenly cried out, “Ahhhh, another three months??? I’ll need to stay in the Purgatory for a year then? My Lord, nooo! Please forgive me!”

… …

After joking around, Han Ye then turned serious, “My Lord, with the situation now, the Ghost City might already be in control, even Gu Yue is not in a good condition.”

He stopped talking and looked at Di Ming Jue, “My Lord, should we do something?”

Di Ming Jue was emotionless and did not say anything.

Han Ye then shook his head, “Understood.”

They could not do anything.

They, who came from the Xiu Xian Continent, could affect the Yan Wu Continent greatly. Especially when Lord came down himself, they needed to be more careful with their actions.

Although Ghost City was created by Polar Domain, as time went by, Yan Wu Continent’s Ghost City was now unrelated to Polar Domain.

Lord came down to the Yan Wu Continent just for Mu Yan.

They would not care about the things they should not be caring about.

The fate of Gu Yue and Ghost CIty was already determined from the start.

They should not involve themselves in it.

Han Ye said: “My Lord, don’t worry, we will not get ourselves involved in the events of the Ghost City.”

“We have finished collecting the medicine, let’s just leave Wang Jiang as soon as possible.”

They just killed the King of Hell, if the Ghost City knew about it, it would not let them go so easily.

However, as Han Ye finished talking, Mu Yan’s sloppy yet quiet voice was heard.

“Leave? The fun had just started, how can we leave now?”

Han Ye looked at Mu Yan in surprise.

Mu Yan then squinted her eyes, the edges of her lips were slightly curved, but her expression was cold enough.

In her past life, she saw a guy who looked effeminate and odd standing beside Gong Qian Xue.

Beside the guy stood a woman who wrapped herself tightly.

She heard Gong Qian Xue calling that guy as “Brother Xuan Ji” and the woman as “Sister Liu Se”.

Mu Yan knew it was not sincere.

She did not know who Xuan Ji and Liu Se were.

However, during that time, Gong Qian Xue excused them away when she saw Mu Yan.

She was in a bit of panic and even tried to ask Mu Yan if she knew who the two were.

Mu Yan was innocent at that time, she did not even feel suspicious about Gong Qian Xue.

But now when she heard of the name “Xuan Ji”, She remembered it all.

That Brother Xuan Ji was the King of Hell of Wang Jiang’s Ghost City.

And that Wang Jiang’s Ghost City was now in the hands of Gong Qian Xue.

“If you guys want to leave, then you can do so.” Mu Yan’s vision swept over Di Ming Jue and the others unintentionally, “You guys don’t care about Ghost City, but I do.”

Anything involving Gong Qian Xue, how could she not care about it?

She would not care much about fate and the cause and effect of her actions. She just knew that she had to burst Gong Qian Xue’s bubbles in this life.

She would definitely make her repay everything she did, an eye for an eye!

“If mother is not leaving, Xiao Bao is not leaving too!” Xiao Bao hugged his mother, looking at her seriously, “Xiao Bao wants to accompany mother!”

After he said this, he looked at Di Ming Jue and the other two in despise and waved his hand, “You guys can go.”

Di Ming Jue looked at Mu Yan, his eyes were dark and deep.