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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father
Author :相思梓
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Chapter 376: A too-caring mother will spoil the son

“If you’re done eating, go to the backyard to cultivate.” Di Ming Jue drawls in a taunting tone, “Didn’t you say that in the future, you’ll become stronger to protect your mother? Yet you’re so protected right now?”

Xiao Bao’s features are stiff. The anger on his face slowly disappears, but his mouth is still set on a stubborn line, “You don’t need to nag, I will train, and one day, I will be stronger than you!”

“Oh, quite the ambition.”

He loosens his hand, and Xiao Bao lands on the floor.

But he doesn’t wrap around Muyan again, like he did just moments before. He turns to look at her instead, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao is going to cultivate.”

After saying that, he goes off to the backyard.

Muyan watches his very small and lonely figure, and she’s somewhat distressed.

Her Xiao Bao is only four years old, and other four-year-old children are still acting spoiled in their parent’s embrace, but he has to bear so much.

In the end however, she doesn’t say anything.

Instead, she watches his tiny form go to the backyard, and begin to scrupulously exercise the martial skills that Di Ming Jue gave him.

Muyan isn’t a person who’s unable to tell good from bad.

She could tell that the martial skills Di Ming Jue handed over to Xiao Bao may look ordinary, but in cultivation, the Mysterious Energy within Xiao Bao gets a little more purified and refined.

His cultivation doesn’t improve rapidly, but his foundation has become more and more stable.

Nowadays, although Xiao Bao’s cultivation is still mid Heaven Stage, his real strength has already surpassed that of Shi Lanling, even though she’s on the same stage as him.

And all of these is something that Di MIng Jue had secretly and silently done for them.

“Muyan…” the man’s low voice could be heard from behind, and Muyan turns around to see that Di Ming Jue has already taken a seat by the table — where she and Xiao Bao originally were.

She watches as Di Ming Jue unhurriedly hands some chopsticks over to her, and Muyan reveals a confused expression.

The next moment, she hears the man’s magnetic and seductive voice slowly saying: “It’s a family of three, Muyan, you can’t favor one and neglect the other.”

Favor one and neglect the other? Favor one and neglect the other!

Muyan stares blankly at first, the she reacts to what the man is saying.

Favor one and ignore the other, is he saying that since she fed and kissed Xiao Bao, she also has to feed and kiss him?!

Kuh! Can this man get even more shameless!


One unspeakable breakfast has come to an end, and Xiao Bao has also finished practicing. He returns to Muyan’s side.

His little face is flushed, and there’s crystalline beads of sweat on his forehead. He’s somewhat gasping as he breathes, but those big eyes are filled with excitement.

That’s because Xiao Bao feels that he’s really getting stronger after each round of cultivating those martial skills.

One day, he would be able to protect his mother properly.

Muyan wipes the sweat from his face, her eyes are gentle beyond words, “Xiao Bao is so great, niangqin will take you to bathe, all right?”

Xiao Bao heavily nods his head.

But before Muyan could take Xiao Bao’s hand, Xiao Bao’s little form is already rising up, and gets into Di Ming Jue’s arms.

This time, Jun Shang’s posture of carrying a child has already become very standard.

But unfortunately, Xiao Bao doesn’t appreciate it. He struggles indignantly, “Let go, I want niangqin…”

“Such a big man, and you still want your mother to give you a bath?” Di Ming Jue drawls these words.

This immediately silences Xiao Bao’s screams of grievance.

But thinking of his mother gently rubbing his back and washing his hair, Xiao Bao is somewhat reluctant and unwilling.

His tiny hand can’t help but stretch towards Muyan’s direction.

Muyan promptly holds out her hand, wanting to carry him, “Xiao Bao is still so small, what’s wrong with me giving him a bath? Di Ming Jue, let go, let me carry him.”

Di Ming Jue casts her a glance, and leisurely words drift over once again, “A too-caring mother would spoil a child… a son, it would be better give him to Ben Jun to teach him. When we have a daughter in the future, Muyan, you can have your turn to guide her.”


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