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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father
Author :相思梓
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Chapter 375: Stupid Apprentice is missing

Ru Yan and the others sees so many draughts, and they all reveal expressions of pleasant surprise.

Whether it’s the Ink Camp or the Tianji Unit, at this time, they have more or less used up all their draughts.

And nothing compares to the draughts that Muyan refines.

You simply can’t put them with the ones on the pharmacy outside.

Ru Yan and Yan Haotian were just worrying about what they should do after training Tianji Unit and Ink Camp personnel.

Now that Muyan is giving them so many of these special draughts, how can it not make them happy?

“Oh, that’s right – where’s Lou Beiyu? Why haven’t I seen him?”

Muyan suddenly asks.

“Reporting to Miss,” Ru Yan bows and says, “The Third Prince went out yesterday and hasn’t come back since.”

Muyan lifts her eyes, flabbergasted.

“Because of the fact that Miss have been missing, it might be needed to use a lot of precious and uncommon herbs to cure His Highness’ older brother. So during this time, the Third Prince has been wandering about at every big pharmacy.”

If you ask: who among the people in the Junji Medical Center has the most faith in Muyan and Xiao Bao – it would definitely be Lou Beiyu.

Other people were still more or less worried that Muyan might suffer, or Xiao Bao might get kidnapped on the road.

Nevertheless, Lou Beiyu has been firm in his belief: “Who do you take my Master and Little Senior for! Under the sun, whoever wants to do them harm would surely get beaten so hard, they won’t be able to move half their body – miserable beyond compare. I just have to obediently wait here, collect herbs, then wait for Master to return to save my older brother.”

Ru Yan recalls Lou Beiyu’s calmness and confidence, and she can’t help but sigh in her mind.

This Third Prince of Chi Yan, he obviously doesn’t have the strength to even truss a chicken, but he can become the young lady’s apprentice, and gain the Little Master’s approval – surely, there’s some sense to it.

“Anyway, Miss shouldn’t worry.” Ru Yan quickly adds, “When His Highness left, he had guards by his side, and was followed by two people from Ink Camp. There shouldn’t be any danger in Tianyuan City.”

Muyan frowns a bit, then she nods.

Her stupid apprentice can’t be so unlucky to fall into someone’s hands, right?


Although the layout of Di Yuan is luxurious and comfortable, it still couldn’t compare to her own home.

That evening, Muyan and Xiao Bao had a beautiful night’s sleep.

Xiao Bao’s cheeks are rosy, and although there’s no expression on his little face, his eyes are particularly bright and glittering.

But today, Xiao Bao sticks to Muyan more than usual.

When Muyan goes on with her ablutions, he would hold her thighs, look up and stare fixedly at her.

Like he’s afraid that his mother would disappear once again.

When they’re eating, he would show a rare softness in Muyan’s arms, and let her feed him.

Muyan hasn’t seen Xiao Bao for seven days, and had absolutely missed him.

So not only does she not reject Xiao Bao clinginess, she’s extremely happy with it instead.

The two are like this: you feed me a bite, I spoon feed you. At this time, Muyan would even bow down to kiss Xiao Bao’s little cheeks.

Then Xiao Bao’s little face would go red and he would also kiss Muyan’s cheek.

It’s exceedingly sticky sweet.

As Di Ming Jue comes in to see this scene, the vinegar in his heart immediately becomes an ocean that could turn the sky and earth upside down.

He steps forward in large strides, and grabs Xiao Bao by his scruff, directly lifting him up.

“Let me go!” Xia Bao angrily yells, and uses his limbs to try and struggle free – but his hands and feet are short, there’s no way he could get out of Di Ming Jue’s hold.

Muyan quickly reaches her hand out, wanting to snatch him back, “Di Ming Jue, let go of my son!”

Di Ming Jue turns a deaf ear, and coldly stares at Xiao Bao, “Have you finished eating your breakfast?”

Xiao Bao angrily glares at him, not speaking.


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