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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father
Author :相思梓
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Chapter 373: Prodded by a pig

“Brother, I know I did wrong!” Muyan grabs Shen Jinglin’s hand and tugs it, there’s a rare naive and innocent look on her face – like that of a spoiled young lady, “Rest assured, how can I allow myself and Xiao Bao to get in danger?”
Since they were young, Shen Jinglin hasn’t changed the way he treats his most treasured baby sister.
So even if he was very scared and on-edge for seven days, he only indulgently pats her on the forehead, with a helpless expression on his face.
But this time, without waiting for Shen Jinglin to move-
Muyan is suddenly pulled back by the scruff.
She bumps straight into a solid embrace.
Then the initially noisy entrance of the medical center immediately falls into a deathly stillness, one would be able to hear if a pin falls.
Everyone’s line of sight turn to look at the man behind Muyan.
In this world, how can a man grow up to be so good-looking?
Demeanor of jade; exceptionally handsome; tall, stately, and noble – the use of such definitions on him seem to sully his temperament instead.
The man is like a beautiful, aloof and remote god, placed on the highest of thrones.
Shen Jinglin blankly stares at the man who has taken his little sister away, placing her into his embrace – every movement declaring possessiveness.
He could only feel his breathing stop, his mouth slightly gaping, as he couldn’t say a word for quite a long time.
“Yanyan, this… this is?”
Muyan sends Di Ming Jue a glance: would this man dare to change the way he grabs her? Every time, he lifts her and Xiao Bao by the collar – are they supposed to be sacks?
Di Ming Jue responds by tightening his hold on her waist, clearly and unmistakably asserting his sovereignty.
“This one is Di Ming Jue, Muyan’s fiancé.”
The man’s voice is deep, clear, and cold – but it’s as if the sound of muffled thunder rumbles through everyone at the scene.
“Fiancé?!” Shen Jinglin suddenly raises his voice, “when did you get a fiancé?”
“Brother, don’t listen to his nonsense, I don’t have… mph–!”
Before Muyan could finish her words, the man hooks her chin and tilts her head up, sealing her little mouth.
Di Ming Jue lets her go after a moment, offhandedly saying: “Yanyan, you and I have already had intimate relations, and bathed together like a pair of mandarin ducks. Don’t tell me you still don’t want to take responsibility?”
Blue veins suddenly pop up on Muyan’s forehead.
Having intimate relations with you, mandarin ducks bathing together, he’s talking as if they’ve already… done something like that.
It was clearly just making a half-naked painting of him, taking his clothes off, and submerging together in the hot springs… that’s all.
Muyan feels like she can’t continue with these thoughts.
If these words are spoken out loud, she’s afraid that not only would she be unable to clarify, big brother would pressure them to get married right away.

Shen Jinglin sees this scene happen before his eyes, and his body sways unsteadily.
“You… you two… already…” Shen Jinglin stammers for a while, then he abruptly glares at Di Ming Jue.
“You have the impertinence to lay your hands on my little sister, without the parents’ blessing, nor the words of the matchmaker, you even dare to frivolously kiss my little sister in such a public and crowded place – i’ll kill you, you lecher!!”
At this time, Shen Jinglin is really hysterical.
As anyone would be when they see their “cute and adorable baby sister” prodded by a pig.
And for that to happen in such a crowded place, who would be able to endure that!
He clenches his fists, and condenses all of his Mysterious Energy in his palm, ruthlessly sending an attack towards Di Ming Jue.
But that punch that can crack mountains and crush rocks, as it arrives before Di Ming Jue-
It is lightly and easily caught by the latter.
The man in front of him clearly hasn’t used used any force, there isn’t even any Mysterious Energy fluctuations on his body.
But Shen Jinglin feels as if his hand has struck nothing but empty air.


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