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Chapter 311: Isn’t Ben Jun the most attractive

When she comes back to her senses, she finds that Di Ming Jue has brought her in front of a table.
And a brush has been stuffed into her hands.
Muyan stares blankly. What is she supposed to do with this?
An evil smile emerges in Di Ming Jue’s eyes: “Didn’t you want to paint Ben Jun?”
Muyan looks at his face, so beautiful under the candlelight that it doesn’t seem to belong to a mortal, and she then looks at the painting brush in her hand. She can’t help but gulp.
Paint the man before her eyes half-naked, when he’s more handsome than an evildoer?
Only imagining it, she could feel her nose somewhat heating up.
“What? Muyan can paint other men, but dare not paint Ben Jun? Say, does Muyan harbor ulterior motives?”
“That… why wouldn’t I dare.” Muyan grits her teeth, weak-kneed as she makes a show of strength by saying, “Then I’ll paint!”
“As long as you won’t regret it later!”
If she can draw such an enchantingly beautiful man into a painting, what would she be sorry for!
Paint, of course she’ll paint!
Who wouldn’t paint in this situation is a fool!
A smile quickly flashes through Di Ming Jue’s eyes, “As long as it’s for Muyan to see, how can Ben Jun regret it?”
Saying that, he opens his arms once again.
He has the appearance that says ‘do as you please’, waiting for Muyan to come and undress him.
Muyan bites her lower lip, her eyes like glimmering water under the candlelight.
There seems to be a fire burning in her body, the heat scalding the hollows of her palms.
For some reason, she who fears neither the Heaven nor the Earth… actually wants to shrink back.
But the man has a smile that isn’t a smile, like he’s taunting her with his gaze.
Muyan holds her heart tight, and directly reaches out to grab the front part of his clothes.
Being encroached upon, the man pays it no mind, while she is well embarrassed.
The outer garment comes undone.
The man’s clean chest and abdominal muscles have become completely exposed.
Under the light of the candle, they seem to be coated with a tempting layer of honey.
Muyan’s eyes brighten all of a sudden, even somewhat captivated by the man’s body in front of her.
Yesterday, Di Ming Jue also half removed his clothes, trying to making her paint.
But at that time, she was completely preoccupied with blushing from shame, completely not knowing where to put her eyes.
So she only had a vague look of the man’s perfect muscles and those flowing, sensual lines.
Now that she could have a clear look, a fire seems to burn in her soul.
This man before her eyes is an evildoer!
Stunning to the extreme, it could make everyone under the heaven go crazy.
Muyan believes that if this man is used as a model for a painting, it would inevitably bring about the most outstanding work of art in the world.

The girl is almost within Di Ming Jue’s reach, so he could naturally see the fascination in her eyes.
He can’t help but be happy, but also be indignant.
He’s happy that he really is attractive enough.
Those women in the Xiuxian Continent that have been crying and screaming that they want to marry him – they weren’t shouting falsehoods.
This little woman in front him, the mouth may always disregard him, but the body is still honest.
Yet he’s indignant.
This woman looks at his body, and only has pure fascination and admiration in her eyes.
There’s not the smallest bit of that bashfulness and longing as a woman.
She’s really treating him as a scenery for a painting!
She’s only stunned and fascinated, so what about it?
There will come a day where he will turn the fascination in this little woman’s eyes, into an obsession that only holds him.
Di Ming Jue reaches his out his hand, gently lifting Muyan’s delicate, snow white chin.
His eyes falls on those captivating red lips, “How about it? Is Ben Jun’s body to your satisfaction?”
Muyan nods again and again, her eyes loitering on his body and twinkling brightly.
Di Ming Jue leans a little close again, his voice lowering, “Say, isn’t Ben Jun the best-looking?”
Muyan nods again.
“Better than Ying Mei?”
Nod, nod!
“Better than your guards?”