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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father
Author :相思梓
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Chapter 270: Denouncement through tears of blood

However, Zhao Chunming doesn’t have the slightest bit of fear, laughing heartily instead, “Shen Jinglin, sure enough, you came. You really have such a deep relationship with your old lover! Even if you’re already a waste now, you’d still drag your crippled leg and rush over to save her, hahaha!”

Hearing Zhao Chunming say this,

The surrounding people immediately notice that this man is indeed walking with a limp, his strides don’t seem too nimble.

Soon after, there’s someone who takes a quick look and recognizes him.

“Ah, isn’t this the Shen family’s young master, the one that became a waste a year ago?”

“Right, right! It’s really the Shen family’s young master, he originally had a peak Profound Stage cultivation. But in the end, his cultivation was scrapped and even his leg got crippled, Shen Jinglin!”

“What’s he doing here?”

Zhao Chunming could hear everyone’s discussion down there, and the smile on his face becomes increasingly sinister and arrogant: “Everyone, there’s something that you don’t know!”

“Although this Fang Jingya is my female slave, I originally wanted to treat her well, and give her the status of a small concubine. Who would have imagined that this slut is actually a fickle woman with no sense of shame, that she openly consorted with her old lover, Shen Jinglin.”

“Why would I continue keeping this kind of shameless bitch? Since she wanted a man this much, this young master will properly help her get what she wants! But I didn’t expect that today, this bitch’s old sweetheart would actually come running. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shen-dashao, you really are affectionate and true!”

When he said these words,

To say nothing of those nauseatingly vulgar men, even just those who enjoy watching the bustling scene, even the people who were sympathetic to Fang Jingya before – all of them show a despising expression.

A woman that doesn’t abide by the proper conduct of women.

A man who fools around with a married woman, simply has no sense of shame!

Fang Jingya still wasn’t so worked up when her clothes were getting torn off.

It’s at this moment that she can’t help but yell out, almost to a shriek, “Zhao Chunming, you animal, you mustn’t talk rubbish and slander Shen big brother! At that time, you clearly said that you’ll marry me as your wife, but after I passed through the door, every day, you would beat me or curse me. You even used me… used me as a gift to that old eunuch, letting him abuse and humiliate me…”

“Zhao Chunming, you’re simply not human, you’re a devil! An animal! I, Fang Jinya, my ultimate regret in this life is getting myself deceived to marry you… Shen big brother and I, we simply ran into each other a few days ago, where could we be improper… you mustn’t spit blood*!”

mud-slinging; slander

Hearing Fang Jingya’s denouncement, almost weeping blood,

Shen Jinglin, who had just stepped on the platform, gets stunned in place.

He looks at the woman who is tied at the wooden stake, and his eyes burst with raging flames of fury.

That day, at their chance encounter on the street, he knew that Fang Jingya wasn’t living well.

But he simply didn’t expect that she actually spent her days as worse than dogs or pigs.

There’s also an uproar from the crowd below.

That’s because Fang Jingya’s appearance is indeed too miserable, and each word of her denouncement is through tears and blood. People can’t help but want to believe her.

Zhao Chunming wrinkles his brows, and he immediately turns to his guard, Wang Dashi. He commands: “I order you, as long as you beat Shen Jinglin within an inch of his life, not kill him but let him fall into my hands, then this woman is yours.”

Wang Dashi licks his lips as he sends Fang Jingya a leering glance. With large strides, he immediately walks up before Shen Jinglin.

“Shen-dashao went up on stage, you want to take the challenge so you can win this female slave?”

Wang Dashi’s voice rumbles, brimming with disdain, “It’s just, I’m afraid a waste like Shen-dashao won’t be able to handle even a finger from me. Tch… it’s making me too embarrassed to start!”


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