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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father
Author :相思梓
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Chapter 269: Finally here

“You bastard! Beast! You won’t have a good end!” Fang Jingya finally couldn’t help but let out some hysterical wails, “Big brother Shen won’t come, just give up on this idea!”

A cold light flashes through Zhao Chunming’s eyes. He gets up, raises a hand, and ruthlessly slaps her, “Slut, you’re as fickle as water. Clearly married to me, but there’s only Shen-brother in your mind, shameless thing!”

Fang Jingya feels faint and her vision goes blurry because of this slap. Blood seeps out from the corners of her mouth, and she couldn’t say another word.

Zhao Chunming suddenly gives a sinister laugh as he looks towards the audience, raising his voice as he says: “Everyone, why don’t I give you a little bit more incentive?”

“If this friend on the stage can persist for a quarter of an hour, I will tear all the clothes off this female slave.”

“I wonder if everyone wants to take a look?”

The people under the stage immediately let out depraved nasty laughter, yelling loudly together to cheer the challenging man.

Those who are more good-natured couldn’t bear how things are going too far, opting to quietly leave.

Time passes by very quickly until it’s been a quarter of an hour.

Zhao Chunming’s treacherous gaze searches through the crowd, but he doesn’t see the figure of Shen Jinglin.

He knits his brows tightly, murderous intent and impatience filling his eyes.

Did that waste Shen Jinglin got scared? He doesn’t dare to come?

Shouldn’t that be impossible?

After all, Shen Jinglin is famous for his stupid loyalty, anything for brothers and friends, that knives would pierce both sides*.

to attach a great importance to friendship, up to the point of being able to sacrifice oneself for it

For a friend’s life, he can throw all caution to the wind.

Heh, that is, it’s because of such a stupid behavior that he turned into a useless person a year ago!

As long he becomes aware of this slut Fang Jinya’s present situation, Shen Jinglin will certainly come over.

With a bang, that challenger is kicked down the stage by Zhao Chunming’s guard, Wang Dashi.

The vicious light in Zhao Chunming’s eyes flickers and disappears.

He laughs as he walks before Fang Jinya, “Although that brother had just failed the challenge, he had lasted for more than a quarter of an hour. Now, it’s time for me to give everyone a little taste of sweetness!”

Saying that, Zhao Chunming’s hand goes to grab Fang Jingya’s undergarment.

Fang Jingya closes her eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Her last regret in this life is the mistake of acknowledging this animal, Zhao Chunming, and getting married to him.

Fang Jinya, now that she can’t be happier to die, her only wish is that… is that Shen big brother can live well from here on out.

Her heart has already conceived a longing for death, and just she’s just about to bite her tongue,

she suddenly feels pain in her lower jaw.

Zhao Chunming sneers: “You want to die? It won’t be so easy! Even if you want to die, you have to wait for me to squeeze you for all your worth!”

Fang Jingya’s eyes are covered in despair.

Her tears have run dry, heart has turned to ashes, but she can only look on helplessly as this animal pulls off the clothes that are barely covering her body.

Just at this moment, there’s a sudden explosive sound.

A strong wind rushes forth, and Zhao Chunming stumbles backwards.

Immediately after, there’s a robe flying down from the sky and it wraps around Fang Jingya with precision.

In an instant, it completely covers up her bare body.

Fang Jingya snaps her eyes open, and her still-bleeding lips tremble because of extremely stirred-up emotions and disbelief.

Zhao Chunming is both alarmed and furious at first.

Then, as if reacting to something, he gets up from the ground with a grunt.

His pair of sinister eyes unblinkingly stares at the crowd below, his gaze seething with warped malevolence and excitement.

Shen Jinglin, that waste is finally here!

The crowd seems to have sensed something, and it spontaneously opens up a path.

There’s a man slowly coming towards the platform, his eyes firmly fixed on Zhao Chunming.

It’s as if the murderous intent in his eyes is almost tangible, bone-chillingly freezing.


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