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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father
Author :相思梓
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Chapter 268: Abuse

Zhao Chunming has treacherous expression: “Slut, if only you’re obedient, do as you’re told and help me plot against Shen Jinglin, then you also wouldn’t end up this way. All of this is what you’ve brought upon yourself!”

Saying that, he turns to look down the stage.

He sees that everyone below is staring fixatedly at Fang Jingya’s wonderful body.

There are some with big ears and thick waists that have even started to drool already.

Fang Jingya’s appearance may not be too beautiful,

But the snow white skin on her whole body, as well as tight and slender waist, could make men’s blood boil.

Zhao Chunming pulls on Fang Jingya’s hair and forces her to bend back.

Through the thin fabric, the undulations of her chest are in full display in front of the audience.

“How about it? Everyone, do you still think that such a rare commodity isn’t worth getting up on the platform for?”

There are quite a few gulping sounds below the stage.

They can’t wait to rush up immediately, pull down that thin layer of cloth, and wantonly play with her.

Zhao Chunming’s smile becomes even more malicious, “There’s one more thing that you all probably don’t know.”

“This isn’t just any ordinary female slave, but she was once the precious Miss of Fang family’s Medical Center, Fang Jingya.”

“Think about it, pressing down a noble Miss that used to be set up on high, wantonly play with her like an animal, how wonderful would that feeling be ah?”

As soon as Zhao Chunming says this, someone under the stage suddenly cries out in alarm!

“Fang Jingya, that’s right, that’s really the Big Miss of the ex-largest Medical Center in Tianyuan City!”

“Ah, I didn’t expect that a dignified precious Miss would actually fall to such a point!”

“Who made the Fang family be so unlucky that they offended the Xuan Medical Pavilion, making the hundred years’ foundation get annexed… now this precious Miss is even reduced to a female slave, tsk tsk… really too pitiful!”

Most people in Tianyuan City aren’t aware of the fact that Fang Jingya and Zhao Chunming are married.

Since Zhao Chunming only took Fang Jingya as a wife because he envied Shen Jinglin, and wanted to take everything that belongs to him.

After he’d taken possession of this woman, Zhao Chunming immediately got tired of her.

Everyday, if he doesn’t beat her, he scolds her.

Afterwards, he even directly used her as a gift, sending her to Deng Hongfeng so the latter could vent and amuse himself – all in exchange for Zhao Chunming’s own prospects.

Therefore, how could Zhao Chunming let others discover that such an ‘unclean’ woman is his wife?

In the entire Tianyuan City, the one who regards Fang Jingya as Zhao Chunming’s wife,

Perhaps it’s only Shen Jingling alone.

There are some people pitying Fang Jingya for her miserable fate.

But there are still more who are eager to try, their eyes are filled with greed and beastly desire.

They initially thought that it’s too risky to go against a Profound Stage expert just for a woman,

But once they heard that it’s a former eldest Miss of the Fang family, the ones that have perverted hobbies start to feel eager to have a go at it.

Soon, a man with fat cheeks and a big belly waves towards his own subordinate.

That Profound Stage subordinate promptly jumps up on the platform.

Zhao Chunming turns back and pats the guard’s shoulder, pointing as he says: “Fight well. If you successfully defend for four hours, then this female slave is yours!”

The guard glances at Fang Jingya at his side. He licks his lips, eyes filled with lust and brutality.

When he thinks that a mere laborer like him could just abuse a precious Miss like Fang Jinya,

He becomes so excited that the blood in his entire body is boiling.

The fight on the stage begins.

Zhao Chunming sits cross-legged beside Fang Jingya, lowly saying: “I’ve already sent word to your old sweetheart. Try to guess, will your old lover come and save you?”


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