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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father
Author :相思梓
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Chapter 147: A Guilty Conscience

Xiao Bao is in no way willing to leave his mother at this time, so he immediately struggles very hard, like a crazy little beast.

The Internal Force of a Heaven Stage expert is recklessly released.

Di Ming Jue didn’t expect that this little guy’s cultivation is actually quite high.

While he’s caught off guard, a blade made out of Internal Force cuts through his clothes.

Di Ming Jue eyes darken and he coldly says: “Be quiet for me, your mother is tired. She’s just sleeping right now, do you want to wake her up?”

Xiao Bao stares blankly because of the man’s words, the strength from his kicks can’t help but lessen.

Niangqin is okay?

Just too tired? Just sleeping?

When he understands that his mother is okay and she won’t leave him, Xiao Bao’s constricting heart immediately relaxes.

In an instant, the rationality and calmness that doesn’t belong to his age also returns.

“Let me go!” Xiao Bao lifts his head, and without showing weakness, he glares up at Di Ming Jue, “I’m going to see niangqin, I… definitely won’t wake her up.”

Except for Muyan, in this world, within the Three Realms… who dares to shout and quarrel against Di Ming Jue? Even looking at him with furrowed brows and blazing eyes?

Those who really dared to be rude towards Di Ming Jue, have their dead bones long gone already- scattered to fertilize the grass for hundreds of years!

Could it be that this little guy in front him had eaten a bear’s heart and leopard’s guts? Even dares to order him around!

Di Ming Jue wants to get angry.

However, he sees Xiao Bao’s exquisite features that are similar to Muyan by seven or eight points, as well as that pair of ice-blue irises that are exactly like his own.

At this time, there’s traces of red lines within those stubborn eyes, showing just how scared and panicked the little guy had been just a while ago.

He doesn’t know why, but the heart that had always been as hard as iron, somewhat softens a little.

Di Ming Jue snorts coldly, but nevertheless loosens his hold.

Xiao Bao lands on both feet, then his small body springs away like an arrow released from it’s bow. He instantly rushes to Muyan’s side.

Only this time, his actions are very gentle and he looks at Muyan with eyes filled with attachment.

However, he tightly clenches his small fists.

Even though that annoying man said that his mother is only very tired so she’s sleeping,

Xiao Bao knows that she was bullied by some villains and got hurt.

When those bad guys bullied niangqin, he wasn’t able to be by her side and defend her.

He said that he was going to protect his mother, but he didn’t.

Huge eyes glisten with unshed tears, like they’re covered by a layer of fog, but he stubbornly refuses to let the tears fall.

At the side, Di Ming Jue watches the little guy trying to stop his tears. For some reason, he feels anxious within his heart which had always been unfeeling.

Just as he’s about to speak, he sees the small kid rub his eyes, and very carefully leans in closer to Muyan. Then he softly lays a kiss on her cheeks.

Xiao Bao speculates in his mind: every time niangqin kisses Xiao Bao, Xiao Bao feels very happy. So if Xiao Bao kisses niangqin, niangqin will wake up sooner, won’t she?

Seeing this scene however, Di Ming Jue becomes completely peeved.

This little scoundrel, he himself was unable to kiss Muyan!

Di Ming Jue grabs Xiao Bao by the collar and picks him up. Unable to restrain his anger, but he still doesn’t forget to lower his voice, he says: “What are you up to?”

Xiao Bao glares in return, not in the least bit hesitant to fight back. His big eyes are still red and watery, but his imposing manner is not lessened at all, “Earlier, when you were taking advantage of niangqin sleeping, what were you up to?”

Hmph, this shameless lecher. Don’t think that he doesn’t know anything!

Just when he successfully advanced to the middle of Heaven Stage, he went and out and saw this lecher wanting to make advances towards niangqin.

Di Ming Jue chokes on Xiao Bao’s question, and Jun Shang-daren has a rare, guilty sputter. His ears turn red.
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