Chapter 114: Throw These People Ou


A glimmer of anger passes though Steward Sun’s face, but he endures and presses it down.

He slightly raises his chin, saying with arrogance, “Today, on behalf of our Jin Wangye, I have come to escort the girl to marry. The sedan chair, the betrothal gifts, and the matchmaker are all waiting outside. As soon as the girl goes into the marriage sedan, you will be a Side Consort of Jin Wangfu afterwards. You will also be a citizen of Huang Yao Country. Girl, please go on!”

Finishing his speech, he moves sideways and waits for Muyan to excitedly rush to sit on the sedan chair.

Before coming here, he had looked into this Jun Muyan’s identity.

She’s simply nothing more than a lone woman without any backing. She’s new to Xia’an and had just bought a very small pharmacy.

As for her cultivation, Wangye had said that this woman hides it and doesn’t show off. However, Steward Sun is a peak Earth Stage practitioner and he can’t see any Internal Force fluctuations in this woman.

It only means that this woman has no cultivation at all, without even any movements of Internal Force.

To obtain the favor of their Wangye is truly a cause to burn incense in celebration for this kind of lone woman without status nor influence.

However, Steward Sun has stood sideways for quite a while, but the store is extremely quiet and there isn’t the slightest bit of movement.

He raises his baffled head, only to see that not far from him is a young woman and a handsome little boy looking at him like he’s an idiot.

Without a doubt, that look, they’re definitely looking at him like he’s an idiot.

Steward Sun’s heart finally swells in anger, “Miss Jun, you mustn’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, you must know that our Jin Wangye…”

Before Steward Sun could finish his speech, he is interrupted by a shrill rambling voice, “Hey, I say this girl, don’t tell me that you don’t even know how outstanding and famous Jin Wangye is in Huang Yao Country?”

From outside the door, an obese figure comes in like a gust of wind, suddenly rushing in front of Muyan.

She begins to noisily chatter, spittle flying, “I’m telling you, I, Matchmaker Huang, had done this so many times. Without even seeing the condition of the bridegroom’s side, Jin Wangye is very good! He’s not just as elegant and noble as a portrait of a jade tree, confident and dashing, but can anyone match his cultivation in this small Country of Chi Yan? Not to mention, Jin Wangye is the dear younger brother of Huang Yao Country’s current emperor, such a position of power, isn’t this a good husband, truly the lantern that you can’t easily find ah? So what if you’re a Side Consort? As long as the Wangye dotes on you, and you give birth to a son or daughter, you girl will have a good fortune for the latter half of your life, isn’t this a favor that keeps giving?”

Muyan expressionlessly steps back with Xiao Bao, avoiding the spittle flying all over.

She coldly says: “Yan Haotian, throw these people out.”

Just as her voice falls, a tall figure appears out of nowhere and picks up Matchmaker Huang by the collar.

“Y-you-you, what are you doing? I am Matchmaker Huang who is famous along ten cities, even the city lord’s marriage is also facilitated by me, if you dare move me… ah!!”

Yan Haotian swings his arms and directly throws her out.

Matchmaker Huang flies straight out for tens of meters, falling like a dog biting the mud, and no longer getting up.

Seeing a robust man like an iron tower wordlessly guarding by Muyan’s side, Steward Sun’s face becomes somewhat heavy.

He could see at a glance, that although this scarred man is young, he is already at the early Earth Stage in his cultivation.

Only two realms below him.

Steward Sun looks at Yan Haotian in doubt, then looks at Muyan again. He could see that Yan Haotian has the appearance of a servant guarding his master, and he’s secretly astonished in his heart.

Could it be that this Jun Muyan’s identity is not simple, that she can order an Earth Stage Practitioner?