Chapter 106: Refusing to Make a Profi


After eight hours, the white wolf was still radiating health and vigor, and even its Internal Force had become richer.

Tian Yongjin was practically wild with joy, and immediately set forth to the Junji Drugstore.

It’s just that he didn’t notice, that when the mantis is stalking the cicada, the oriole follows unnoticed.

After Wang Jia Qin had lost, he was extremely unreconciled and stealthily tailed behind the former, closely following where the other is going.

Now he still wants to fight with him for this single Mysterious Energy Philter?

Wang Jia Qin snubs Tian Yongjin, immediately facing Chen Qingfeng. “Wrap up all of your shop’s special Mysterious Energy Philters for me. However much this guy is offering to pay, I will double it!”

Tian Yongjin says through gritted teeth: “Get lost! I, your father* saw this Mysterious Energy Philter first, no one can fight me over it! Isn’t it just about gold? When have I, your father ever lacked it?”
arrogant way to address oneself, usually when angry.

Tian Yongjin bursts into cursing due to anger, speedily fishing out a bag of gold coins and throwing it on top of the counter.

“This is 80,000 gold coins. This young master will be taking the Philter!”

He turns to leave, only to be stopped by Chen Qingfeng.

“Tian-dashao, Wang-dashao, the boss had given instructions. The special Mysterious Energy Philter is sold at a fixed price, and is not open for bidding. Moreover, only one bottle will be on stock everyday; on a first-come, first-served basis. Asking these to guests to please forgive me.”

Chen Qingfeng respectfully conveys Muyan’s instructions.

But he himself is actually close to a breakdown.

God, from ten thousand gold coins, even to forty thousand, and then eighty thousand gold coins- but they’re actually still falling over each other in competing to buy it?

This is just a Mysterious Energy Philter!

Is it that, the Philter refined by Miss Jun is really that miraculous?

Wang Jia Qin’s face immediately turns a bit disagreeable, “You’re refusing to make a profit, is there a problem with your boss’ brain?”

Chen Qingfeng creases his brows, but he remains professional: “I’m sorry, this shop completely abides by the owner’s commands.”

Tian Yongjin laughs. At this moment, he finally gets over his anger that he was followed by Wang Jia Qin.

He waves the Philter on his hand in front of Wang Jia Qin. Laughing proudly, “What a shame! First come, first served. This young master will be taking today’s Mysterious Energy Philter!”

After that, Tian Yongjin shakes his sleeve and leaves with a swagger.

Wang Jia Qin gnashes his teeth, but he still violently reins in his anger as he looks towards Chen Qingfeng, “I want to place an order for tomorrow.”

“This… won’t do either.” Chen Qingfeng braces himself and says, “The boss only provides one bottle to sell each day, we don’t receive bargains, we don’t receive advanced orders. We only have a ‘first come, first served’ policy!”

“Good! Good! I have never encountered such a preposterous policy. Tomorrow, this young master must buy your so-called special Mysterious Energy Philter. Why don’t I have to look at your master’s skill in refining drugs, whether or not it matches the smelly temper!”

After that, Wang Jia Qin leaves with an unsightly complexion.

Chen Qingfeng foolishly stays in place for quite a while. He looks down at the 40,000 gold coins on the counter, and looks again at the empty shelf.

With a ‘bang’, he stands up, quickly closes the door, and rushes to the backyard.

Why would the shop stay open!

They sold a Mysterious Energy Philter for 40,000 gold coins! 40,000 gold coins ah!

This is more than their shop’s whole revenue for half a year!


“Oh, someone bought today’s Mysterious Energy Philter?” Muyan says with a serene expression, “If they buy it then it’s bought, why are you this surprised again?”

“*cough, cough, cough*… but that Mysterious Energy Philter sold for 40,000 gold ah! Miss Jun, that, the Philters you made, just what magic do they have? Why are we selling them such outrageous prices, and why are they still frantically trying to buy them?”

Muyan chuckles and suddenly flips over her wrist. A brown porcelain bottle appears on her palm, “Drink this draught first”