Chapter 96: Paying a Debt for Niangqin

For Muyan, that lecher who was lusting after her, as well as his rude guard, was nothing more than a boring interlude. She very quickly throws it to the back of her mind.

After strolling around with Xiao Bao for a while, Muyan abruptly stops in front of shop called “Chen Ji Drugstore”.

Xiao Bao looks up to see his mother’s complicated expression, as she looks at a busy youth inside the pharmacy. There’s a flash of absent-mindedness, as well as tenderness, in her eyes.

“Niangqin?” Xiao Bao couldn’t help but firmly grasp Muyan’s hand. “Do you want to buy medicine?”

Muyan shakes her head and says: “Xiao Bao, that brother inside had given niangqin a very large favor before. We’ll go in and thank him, okay?”

When Xiao Bao hears that, he promptly gives a solemn nod, “Xiao Bao will pay the debt of gratitude for niangqin.”

A laugh spills out of Muyan and she takes Xiao Bao into the pharmacy.

It’s a very simple pharmacy. Only medicinal ingredients are placed in the shop, there’s not even a single bottle of draught for sale.

The shop’s owner is also that young man that Muyan was just looking at.

He appears to have a dispirited expression and his eyelids are swollen. He has that broken and absent-minded appearance, he doesn’t even notice when Muyan walks in.

Muyan goes in front of the counter and softly knocks.

The shop owner immediately comes to himself, and adjusts his mind to a sales pitch: “This customer, may I ask what medicine would you like to buy?”

Muyan doesn’t answer his question, but she asks her own instead: “Do you want to sell this shop?”

A notice of sale is posted outside the pharmacy.

However, this notice has already been posted for almost half a month, but still no one had bought it. Occasionally, there would be some people that would inquire. Once they hear of his conditions however, they would also scoff and turn up their noses, telling him that he’s dreaming.

The shop owner gives a bitter smile, as he also doesn’t think that Muyan would be able to buy this shop.

“I won’t hide it from this girl, I really do want to sell this shop but I won’t accept gold or silver in exchange.”

“Oh? If you won’t accept gold or silver, then what do you want?”

“I… I need a draught that can treat insanity and tuberculosis*.” when he says this statement, the shop owner himself flushes to his ears, feeling too ashamed to raise his face.

Increased mental disorders could be observed along with tuberculosis – according to the first page of Google. I didn’t read a single medical journal.
Although his shop has been handed down for generations, it’s in a remote location. There is no supply chain, you can even say that it doesn’t turn up a profit.

And he probably won’t be able to buy the draught that he’s asking for, even for hundreds of thousands of gold coins.

Therefore, after hearing about this condition, everyone who comes to inquire after seeing the announcement would scoff and curse at his shamelessness.

The shop owner has already been mentally prepared to receive Muyan’s cursing.

Who would have expected that the young woman’s crisp and moving voice would reach his ears, saying, “Alright, I accept the deal.”

“This miss, it doesn’t if you don’t accept, wait… wait wait! You, what did you just say?!” The shop owner snaps his eyes wide open, asking incredulously.

Muyan smiles in a carefree manner, “I think what I said was already clear enough. I’ll give you a draught to treat madness and tuberculosis, and you will transfer this shop to me!”

The young man in front of her hangs his mouth open for a long time, unable to say even a single word.

Muyan flips over her wrist and a jade-white porcelain bottle appears in her hands. She unhurriedly says: “You don’t believe that I can come up with the draught that you want? No matter, you can give it a try first. I’ll come back to find you tomorrow.”

With that, she turns around and leaves without waiting for the youth to respond.

The youth is left alone in the shop, holding the porcelain bottle that was left to him. There is shock and struggle on his face. After a long while, he finally clenches his teeth and closes doors to his shop. He rushes to the backyard like he’s flying.

As she’s leaving, the youth’s simple and honest appearance keeps on flashing in Muyan’s mind.

In her past life, she and the shop owner, they met in the Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku.