Chapter 81: Not reconciled

“She’d been so overbearing that even if she were to buy that beast-slave, she would probably not treat him well. I’m really not reconciled, Yan brother!”

Yan Lie had always adored Gong Qianxue in his heart, so how can he bear seeing her current broken-hearted and mournful appearance?

Especially as he recalls how, back then, he was betrayed and gravely injured by his own subordinates and Gong Qianxue saved him.

This grace, he must pay it back!

At he thinks of this, Yan Lie immediately replies: “Qianxue, don’t worry. Yan brother will definitely take and return what belongs to you.”

Having said that, he doesn’t wait for Gong Qianxue’s response, as he is already leaping through the railings of the second and first floors, using them as foot-boards. After a few vertical jumps, he arrives at the center of the arena.

Once he reaches the arena, Yan Lie immediately says to Ru Yan: “This one does not accept the result of the bidding. Following the rules of Ghost City, I, Yan Lie invoke a trial of life and death against the guest of Private Room One. I wonder, martial practitioner in Room One, do you or do you not dare to accept my challenge?”

This turn of events makes the entire Beast Fighting Colosseum go absolutely silent for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, just like water droplets falling into a pot of boiling oil, the audience flares up.

“Oh my God! That’s Yan Lie, the Commander of the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group. I heard that his strength has already reached the peak of Heaven Stage. Also, the Raging Inferno has entered the top five of mercenary group rankings in Yanwu Continent. ”

“Yan Lie actually demands a trial of life-and-death against the woman in Room One. That girl’s voice had sounded even younger than the Princess Jing Cheng Country, how can she compete against Yan Lie?”

“Yes, yes! If I were that woman, I would definitely not accept the life and death trial!”

“But if that happens, then according to the rules of Ghost City, that beast-slave will automatically be owned by Yan Lie. Ghost City will also be unable to obtain that heaven-defying draught. Two parties would be unhappy this way. ”

“What can be done about it? Ghost City’s rules have always been the same, the strong preys on the weak. Isn’t being unable to buy this beast-slave generally better than losing one’s life?”

People’s voices of discussion in the stands could be heard by Yan Haotian, they could also be heard in Private Room One.

Yan Haotian takes a look Yan Lie then looks at the second floor again. There’s none of that flustered expression from a while ago, but instead, he has an indescribable confidence

Inside the private room, Muyan slightly quirks her lips up after hearing Yan Lie’s challenge.

It’s really interesting. Yan Lie ah, another old friend.

In her previous life, as Gong Qianxue’s subordinate, Yan Lie was even more loyal than Yan Haotian.

For Gong Qianxue, he is capable of doing anything without conscience. For one, killing Yan Haotian’s whole family, cutting off his tongue, and selling him to the Ghost City.

For another example, only because he suspected that Muyan had betrayed Gong Qianxue, she and another person were immediately sold to the Wan Ren Grotto (Everyman’s Cave), and she was almost defiled by some bastard. Then Gong Qianxue once again descended from the sky like a savior, making her even more grateful to Gong Qianxue, and even more willing to die for her.

Haha, this good pawn of Gong Qianxue; this good, loyal, and devoted dog!

Through the thin hanging screen, Muyan’s far-reaching gaze falls on Gong Qianxue. Her smile is enchanting and cold, like a malevolent spirit from the Crimson Hell*.

Gong Qianxue, don’t be so anxious!

I will not easily kill you in this life!

Because simply having you die would be letting you off too easily.

Little by little, I will remove all of your pawns, your claws and teeth. One by one, I will pluck out all your nails buried in Yanwu Continent.

I want to see with my own eyes, how you perish in pain and madness when you have nothing left.

Only in this way can you dispel the hatred of my previous life, when you made my living child become an Elixir!

Red Lotus Hell, but the name itself is just figurative of the features in the seventh level (2nd hell if you count from top to bottom) of the eight Hells in Buddhism. The majority of religious references in EMHS seem to be Buddhist but I would like to put a disclaimer that I am not an expert.