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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father
Author :相思梓
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Chapter 59: Single-minded Desire

Muyan looks towards their frenetic and fearful appearance, her eyes sweeping through the young women crying and moaning on the ground. The corners of her mouth curve up into a chilling smirk.

Be it the past or the present life, the behavior of these animals truly hasn’t changed one bit!

Don’t they enjoy abusing others and letting them experience the loss of all hope, until they are tormented to death?

She will certainly accomplish their intent today.

The slender, crystalline fingers languidly move along the strings, accompanied by the terrified howling of grief. Tian Mo Qin’s honeyed zither melody is a sound that could move one’s heart. Just like its master, it doesn’t care for anything else but to enjoy this feast of massacre.


Muyan is so immersed in killing at that moment – she didn’t notice that from the void, there’s a pair of red-hot eyes fixating on her. There’s an unprecedented, single-minded desire manifesting within those eyes.

Throughout his life, he had always been disgusted with women and rebuffed them.

But at the first sight of this woman, his heart throbbed uncontrollably, his blood turned scalding hot.

As if this woman was born for him.

His originally hollow and desolate life suddenly became full because of the appearance of this woman.

Jun Muyan –

It could be said that at first sight, he merely felt his heart move, yearning to obtain.

Now, looking at the rain of pink petals, the enchanting smile of the young woman who slaughters by playing the zither… his heart is baptized by the fire of desire, essentially igniting uncontrollably and irrepressibly.

Even the indifferent and unresponsive body has a certain part that is rampaging. He wants to possess this woman, wants to firmly hold her in his arms and impulsively plunder.

“Jun Muyan, you are destined to be mine!” a dark and husky voice streams out of thin lips, those pair of dark eyes sink deeper into the abyss.


Within the most luxurious residence in the inner parts of Jin Hong Men.

Ge Changming leans back on the office chair. He’s holding the information that he just received, frowning slightly.

“Is something the matter, Deputy Master?” waiting at the side, Hall Owner Ren couldn’t help but ask after seeing the change in Ge Changming’s expression.

With slightly knitted brows, Ge Changming says: “We’ve lost contact with all the units that were sent to look for that Heaven Stage kid.”

“How could that be?” the Hall Owner exclaims, “Even if he’s Heaven stage, he’s nothing but a four or five year old child. There is a peak Heaven stage expert among the people we’ve sent, not to mention the several peak Earth stage practitioners!”

Ge Changming irritably rumples the information and asks in a low voice: “How is the master’s injury?”

Ge Changmin is the master of Jin Hong Men only in name. The real master is in fact Gong Qianxue.

Gong Qianxue controls everyone in Jin Hong Men, including Ge Changmin, by the use of mysterious drugs.

Therefore, Ge Changming and the others are afraid of Gong Qianxue’s severe punishments if they handle their work incompetently.

Hall Owner Ren shakes his head, a glimmer of fear flashing through his eyes. “Because the Master has already signed a contract with the sacred beast, she will suffer a backlash once the vitality of the sacred beast egg disappears. This is also the reason why the Master urgently searched for the little rabbit… however, just as the orders were sent, the backlash had already begun. The injuries that the Master sustained were not light. She is currently in the Heavenly Road Sect to recuperate.”

They think of the anger and punishment that they will be suffer if Gong Qianxue returns and they still haven’t found the child.

The faces of Ge Changming and Hall Owner Ren become unsightly.

The Hall Owner optimistically says, “Perhaps the Master won’t be too angry? After all, we tried our best!”

“Hehe, won’t be angry?” Ge Changming reveals a sardonic smile.

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