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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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In her past life, Jun MuYan had a hard life and died miserably. Her unborn child was ripped from her to be refined as an elixir, and even her own flesh was used as someone else’s stepping stone.

In this arduous life, she has an outwardly cold, adorable Bao (treasure/baby) beside her.

“Xiao Bao, that woman who wants to form a contract with the sacred beast is...
《The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father》 Text
Chapter 1: You Ate My Baby!
Chapter 2: Rebirth
Chapter 3: Cutting out the Child
Chapter 4: An Asura descends Asura- malevolent spiri
Chapter 5: Like A Devil
Chapter 6: Regret? Too late
Chapter 7 Search! Give me a thorough search!
Chapter 8:?A Little Bean Sprout Appears
Chapter 9: the Cold-faced Xiao Bao and the Enchanting Mother
Chapter 10: I, Jun MuYan, Shall Return
Chapter 11: A Painting of a Beauty in See-through, Flimsy Clothes?
Chapter 12: Xiao Bao is the Bes
Chapter 13: “Beauty” A Masterwork
Chapter 14: Encountering a Mental Case
Chapter 15: She Had Been Such a Fool Back Then!
Chapter 16: The Fog Fores
Chapter 17: Stir-fried Rabbit Mea
Chapter 18: Call Out as I Listen
Chapter 19: Good appetite
Chapter 20: Help Arrives
Chapter 21: The Position of a Side Consor
Chapter 22: Bet for Me
Chapter 23: Against Xiao Bao
Chapter 24: A Mushy Embroidered Pillow of a Straw Bag idio
Chapter 25: Easily let off? How can that be
Chapter 26: Stir-fried Rabbit Meat for Niangqin to Ea
Chapter 27: Face Changing
Chapter 28: Murdering to Rob a Treasure
Chapter 29: Swallowed!!
Chapter 30: My Rabbi
Chapter 31: Crazed Cruelty
Chapter 32: Jumping off a Cliff “Suicide”
Chapter 33: Godly Musicians’ Heritage
Chapter 34: Xiao Bao Giving Kisses for Niangqin
Chapter 35: Promotion from Stir-fried Rabbit to Pe
Chapter 36: Because It’s the Stronges
Chapter 37: Failure Means Death
Chapter 38: Xiao Bao Sobs
Chapter 39: Demonic Resonance
Chapter 40: The Downfall of the God Musicians
Chapter 41: Unable to Live Past Ten Years Old
Chapter 42: Getting the Treasure
Chapter 43: Jun Shang~
Chapter 44: The Sound Blade
Chapter 45: You Are Mine
Chapter 46: Niangqin is Mine
Chapter 47: What is Transmigration?
Chapter 48: Said It’s Better to Kill
Chapter 49: Saving Your Stupid Junior Brother
Chapter 50: Hard Bones
Chapter 51: Weren’t You Looking for Me?
Chapter 52: Killing the Employer?
Chapter 53: To Help Jun Shang
Chapter 54: Propose Marriage?!
Chapter 55: This Pair of Mother and Child
Chapter 56: Tested on Chicken Legs
Chapter 57: To Cut the Weeds and Eliminate the Roots
Chapter 58: An Immortal from the Ninth Heaven
Chapter 59: Single-minded Desire
Chapter 60: Extinguishing the Entire Jin Hong Men
Chapter 61: Irreconcilable Hatred
Chapter 62: It’s you
Chapter 63: Your Future Husband
Chapter 64: Stubborn Xiao Bao
Chapter 65: Jun Shang Gnashing His Teeth
Chapter 66: A Long Road Chasing His Wife
Chapter 67: Rabbit, Play Dead
Chapter 68: Good news?
Chapter 69: Big Courage
Chapter 70: The Colosseum
Chapter 71: It’s up to you, Number 3
Chapter 72: Him
Chapter 73: Why is it No. 3 Again
Chapter 74: Bidding
Chapter 75: Capricious
Chapter 76: Large Handwriting
Chapter 77: Laughter
Chapter 78: Qian Qing, another old acquaintance
Chapter 79: I Am Willing to Try
Chapter 80: First Slap
Chapter 81: Not reconciled
Chapter 82: Battle Invitation
Chapter 83: Second Slap
Chapter 84: The Sound Blade’s Returning Trajectory
Chapter 85: Third Slap
Chapter 86: An Abandoned Wretch
Chapter 87: Yan Lie’s Madness
Chapter 88: Beauty and Ugly
Chapter 89: Don’t Dislike
Chapter 90: Rite of Lord and Servan
Chapter 91 Muyan’s Order
Chapter 92: Xiao Bao is Incredible
Chapter 93: Niangqin is Really Dense
Chapter 94: Don’t Be Rude to the Beauty
Chapter 95: Good Dogs Don’t Get in the Way
Chapter 96: Paying a Debt for Niangqin
Chapter 97: The Space’s Chea
Chapter 98: The Chen Mother and Child
Chapter 99: Chen Family’s Teachings
Chapter 100: Sell a bottle
Chapter 101: Xiao Bao Sets the Price
Chapter 102: Junji Drugstore
Chapter 103: Happily Decided
Chapter 104: One day, Different Price
Chapter 105: Not Expensive At All
Chapter 106: Refusing to Make a Profi
Chapter 107: Jun Shang Arrives
Chapter 108: Gifts to Curry Favor ~
Chapter 109: Snatching What’s Mine, Shameless
Chapter 110: Neither Giving Way to the Other
Chapter 111: Who Is It That Doesn’t Have Eyes
Chapter 112: Receive as a Side Consor
Chapter 113: Whose Fire Pi
Chapter 114: Throw These People Ou
Chapter 115: You Dare -!!
Chapter 116: A Mental Illness?
Chapter 117: These Aren’t Betrothal Gifts
Chapter 118: Married Woman
Chapter 119: Henceforth, Farewell
Chapter 120: Misunderstanding?
Chapter 121: Ben Jun Doesn’t Care
Chapter 122: A Hundred Times Stronger
Chapter 123: Crazy Old Man
Chapter 124: The Heavens Have Not Forsaken Me
Chapter 125: How Scary
Chapter 126: Buy, Buy, Buy!!
Chapter 127: Smashing the Wall
Chapter 128: Obedient Han Ye
Chapter 129: Muyan, My Wife
Chapter 130: There Are Rules to Abide By
Chapter 131: It’s… Hungry?
Chapter 132: He Who Comes is Ill-intentioned
Chapter 133: The Well-meaning Won’t Come
Chapter 134: Touch Him and Die!
Chapter 135: Rabbit Eats?
Chapter 136: This… Dead Rabbit!
Chapter 137: Ruining Ghost City
Chapter 138: Treasuring a Jade Ring Becomes a Crime
Chapter 139: I Want Your Life
Chapter 140: Dead But the Eyes Won’t Close
Chapter 141: Lose His Mind
Chapter 142: Take Me… Back Home
Chapter 143: The Devil
Chapter 144: Please Have Mercy
Chapter 145: The Skies of the Ghost City Will Change
Chapter 146: What do you want to do with Niangqin?
Chapter 147: A Guilty Conscience
Chapter 148: The Illusion of Two Jun-Shangs
Chapter 149: Shameless, No Sense of Face
Chapter 150: Please Enlighten
Chapter 151: You! Lose!
Chapter 152: Treat it as Draw?
Chapter 153: A Truce
Chapter 154: Say, What Happened?
Chapter 155: Invite Him for a Meal
Chapter 156: Unidentified Substance
Chapter 157: Pleased with You
Chapter 158: You Are Playing With Fire!
Chapter 159: You are the Antidote
Chapter 160: Play and Run
Chapter 161: There’s! No! Need!
Chapter 162: A Perfectly-Matched Family
Chapter 163: There Are Visitors
Chapter 164: To Offer an Apology
Chapter 165: Don’t Discard Me
Chapter 166: Neither
Chapter 167: A Four-Year-Old Child
Chapter 168: Ink Camp
Chapter 169: A Life of Tormen
Chapter 170: To Dedicate a Life
Chapter 171: Rabbit Lantern
Chapter 172: Guess the Riddle
Chapter 173: You Know Each Other
Chapter 174: Former Fiancée
Chapter 175: Feng Haitang’s Past Life
Chapter 176: Stump of Elm Wood
Chapter 177: Jealousy
Chapter 178: Whetstone
Chapter 179: Demoralized
Chapter 180: Fled Next Door
Chapter 181: Strangers Coming Together By Chance, Completely Unrelated
Chapter 182: Trying Alchemy
Chapter 183: A Mushroom Cloud
Chapter 184: Filthy Beggar
Chapter 185: Congratulations, You Guessed Righ
Chapter 186: Beggar?
Chapter 187: Flicked Bone
Chapter 188: Fawning
Chapter 189: Fatally Stupid
Chapter 190: Come Rushing In Here
Chapter 191: Crawl Out! Crawl Out!
Chapter 192: Xiao Bao’s Doub
Chapter 193: Xiao Bao has a Father?
Chapter 194: Body Odor
Chapter 195: Ghost City Wants to Cooperate
Chapter 196: Return to the Shen Family
Chapter 197: What a Beauty!
Chapter 198: Ill
Chapter 199: Background
Chapter 200: Let Me Eat Until I’m Full
Chapter 201: Another Idio
Chapter 202: I’m Sorry, She is Dead
Chapter 203: What are you planning to do?
Chapter 204: Must Personally Avenge
Chapter 205: Departure
Chapter 206: I also miss her very much
Chapter 207: Strip Naked and Sleep
Chapter 208: Fairy Sister
Chapter 209: “Little Old Man”
Chapter 210: The Cripple
Chapter 211: Brother, I’m Sorry
Chapter 212: Resurgence
Chapter 213: A Good Marriage
Chapter 214: Shen Jinglin’s Leg Injury
Chapter 215: Tian Yi Men’s Leng Qingwan
Chapter 216: Unreasonable
Chapter 217: Who would go back, I still haven’t acquired a wife!
Chapter 218: Future Sister-in-Law
Chapter 219: Coerce
Chapter 220: Silly Thing
Chapter 221: The Same Illness
Chapter 222: Silencing through Murder
Chapter 223: Invite to watch a good show
Chapter 224: Marriage Contrac
Chapter 225: Wake Up
Chapter 226: The Truth
Chapter 227: Gra-Gran… Grandfather
Chapter 228: Lu Family is Completely Destroyed
Chapter 229: Waste Him
Chapter 230: Not an Acciden
Chapter 231: Almost Falling Apar
Chapter 232: Deranged Shen Xiaoru
Chapter 233: Tit for Ta
Chapter 234: Divorce You, Poisonous Woman
Chapter 235: Comply with the Marriage Contrac
Chapter 236: Doesn’t Want Niangqin Sad
Chapter 237: Magical Rabbi
Chapter 238: Blood Relative
Chapter 239: What kind of Breed
Chapter 240: Go and take the examination
Chapter 241: The one who forgets favors and violates justice*
Chapter 242: Inhumane
Chapter 243: Senior Doctor? Wrote it wrong!
Chapter 244: Randomly Scribbling?
Chapter 245: It’s possible that a miracle would happen
Chapter 246: Whole Body Examination?
Chapter 247: What about 10
Chapter 248: An Impossible Task
Chapter 249: Failed?
Chapter 250: Not even a blade of grass grows
Chapter 251: Envy, Bitter Resentmen
Chapter 252: So-called ED
Chapter 253: Doesn’t want Xiao Bao with Uncle around
Chapter 254: Godfather
Chapter 255: Sabotage
Chapter 256: Unable to Break Through a Bottleneck
Chapter 257: Take off your clothes
Chapter 258: Woman Without Conscience
Chapter 259: Holding in his arms
Chapter 260: Had a Dream Last Night?
Chapter 261: Don’t miss it when you’re passing by
Chapter 262: No payment if you’re not cured
Chapter 263: Heavens, Cured!
Chapter 264: The crowd, like a pot boiling over
Chapter 265: The Enchantress of Medicine, Jun Muyan
Chapter 266: Ruining Hongfu Medical Center
Chapter 267: Public auction for this female slave
Chapter 268: Abuse
Chapter 269: Finally here
Chapter 270: Denouncement through tears of blood
Chapter 271: Not a waste?
Chapter 272: This is retribution
Chapter 273: Who is the one that follows the path to doom
Chapter 274: In the end, who mustn’t be offended
Chapter 275: Niangqin, let’s go home
Chapter 276: Implore
Chapter 277: A decade of dedicating one’s life
Chapter 278: Deng Hongfeng’s Plo
Chapter 279: A treatment that kills
Chapter 280: Set-up
Chapter 281: In the end, dead or no
Chapter 282: This Group of Straw Bags
Chapter 283: Alive
Chapter 284: The Dangerous Enforcer Li
Chapter 285: Seven steps back
Chapter 286: Ball breaking
Chapter 287: Xiao Bao healing Niangqin
Chapter 288: Who are you calling a bastard
Chapter 289: Not worthy of death
Chapter 290: Not Mee
Chapter 291: It’s my Master!
Chapter 292: Master, Senior Brother, Save me!
Chapter 293: In the end, what ARE you studying?
Chapter 294: Wearing too much
Chapter 295
Chapter 296: Snatched Away
Chapter 297: Calm, Calm Down
Chapter 298: Want to record me
Chapter 299: Have me warm your bed?
Chapter 300: What the hell?!
Chapter 301: Xiao Bao is naturally Ben Jun’s son
Chapter 302: Xiao Bao’s Birth Father
Chapter 303: I don’t deserve you
Chapter 304: Give Niangqin back to me
Chapter 305: Absolutely! Absolutely will not let you
Chapter 306: Can’t Leave
Chapter 307: Miss Jun, please have some sense of propriety
Chapter 308: What are you two doing
Chapter 309: Who has a son with you
Chapter 310: If not me, who would teach him
Chapter 311: Isn’t Ben Jun the most attractive
Chapter 312: Cover half the face with a lute*
Chapter 313: Want Xiao Bao~
Chapter 314: Sprou
Chapter 315: Too grea
Chapter 316: Bound for such a long time, not good… for your body
Chapter 317: Stay Pu
Chapter 318: Might… not be able to keep i
Chapter 319: Secre
Chapter 320: Un… Undress
Chapter 321: A man and a woman, together in the depth of the nigh
Chapter 322: The most reliable method
Chapter 323: Ghost City’s Shi Xianzi
Chapter 324: Personal guidance
Chapter 325: Receive paymen
Chapter 326: Ben Jun only lacks you
Chapter 327: A living treasure*
Chapter 328: Happily rolling abou
Chapter 329: Jun Shang’s gues
Chapter 330: Important Reason
Chapter 331: The Lord won’t let you off
Chapter 332: ‘Be good’- your sister!!
Chapter 333: Fetch a good price
Chapter 333: Fetch a good price
Chapter 334: The Flower of Vengeance
Chapter 335: Business completion
Chapter 336: To reap the consequences of one’s word*
Chapter 337: No need to make exemptions
Chapter 338: Jun Shang will not see outsiders
Chapter 339: Ben Jun wants to bathe
Chapter 340: Is… is this alright? Jun Shang!
Chapter 341: Scrub your back, then scrub i
Chapter 342: Marrying into your family is also fine
Chapter 343: Won’t let go
Chapter 344: Conceal you
Chapter 345: Actually wearing women’s clothes
Chapter 346: Irresistible
Chapter 347: No one else can~
Chapter 348: The man’s blessing
Chapter 349: No eyes to see
Chapter 350: Special Gues
Chapter 351: Certainly be… very happy
Chapter 352: Subordinate has been wronged
Chapter 353: Please stand a little farther
Chapter 354: Not allowed to ea
Chapter 355: Mistress
Chapter 356: How Jun Muyan Measures Up
Chapter 357: Acting like a rogue
Chapter 358: What ‘moved’, it all flies up in the clouds
Chapter 359: Bah! It’s definitely not a rabbit!
Chapter 360: A-a-a…Aun
Chapter 361: Make trouble again, and I’ll turn you into stir-fried rabbi
Chapter 362: Want to fight then let’s fight, why so long-winded
Chapter 363: Mother and Child are reunited
Chapter 364: A Harmonious and Beautiful Family
Chapter 365: Little Master
Chapter 366: Ben Jun’s Son
Chapter 367: Disgus
Chapter 368: Jun Shang learning how to carry Xiao Bao
Chapter 369: Chain of Slaps
Chapter 370: Alright, Return
Chapter 371: Brazen
Chapter 372: Couldn’t Retor
Chapter 373: Prodded by a pig
Chapter 374: Just thoroughly waste him
Chapter 375: Stupid Apprentice is missing
Chapter 376: A too-caring mother will spoil the son
Chapter 377: You’re trying to do something bad
Chapter 378: Admirer
Chapter 379: A Blessing or a Curse
Chapter 380: Jin Wangfu
Chapter 381: Wangfei
Chapter 382: Damaged Brain
Chapter 383: Threats
Chapter 384: Eliminate her son
Chapter 385: Who else, if not that idio
Chapter 386: Who are you calling a bastard?
Chapter 387: Starting to Fix the Tian Mo Qin
Chapter 388: Pain
Chapter 389: Countless Cracks
Chapter 390: What Xiao Bao Longs For
Chapter 391: Let’s go and pick your mother up to come home
Chapter 392: Ambush
Chapter 393: Xiao Bao’s Rage
Chapter 394: A familiar embrace
Chapter 395: Dad will protect you
Chapter 396: An honor that’s as big as the sky
Chapter 397: Heavenly Vision
Chapter 398: Niangqin is in danger
Chapter 399: Like a Goddess that Descended to Earth
Chapter 400: That immortal soul from back then
Chapter 401: That woman and the Immortal Child, they are still alive
Chapter 402: The Surviving Evil of the Shen Musicians
Chapter 403: Don’t touch my Master
Chapter 404: A big wedding tomorrow
Chapter 405: Wangfei, rejoice
Chapter 406: Not allowed to touch my Master
Chapter 407: Secondary preparations
Chapter 408: I’ll put it on for her
Chapter 409: Warning
Chapter 110: Shouldn’t be mentally disabled
Chapter 411: One-man ac
Chapter 412: To not move a single jo
Chapter 413: Sinister thing
Chapter 414: Betrayal?
Chapter 415: The Dustless Swordsman
Chapter 416: Precelestial–
Chapter 417: Xiao Bao and… dad have arrived
Chapter 418: Indeed, cut their bodies into ten thousand pieces
Chapter 419: Misunderstanding
Chapter 420: Due Retribution
Chapter 421: So Similar
Chapter 422: They are not allowed to die
Chapter 423: Idio
Chapter 424: Miss’ hate
Chapter 425: Xiao Bao as hostage
Chapter 426: Niangqin, it hurts
Chapter 427: Puppe
Chapter 428: The Master and the Servant are Reversed
Chapter 429: Xiao Bao knows his mistake
Chapter 430: Is there any room for a choice?
Chapter 431: Imbecile
Chapter 432: Arrangements
Chapter 433: To Involve Others
Chapter 434: Vague Premonition
Chapter 435: Softhearted
Chapter 436: Just who did he provoke?
Chapter 437: A debt of blood must be paid in blood
Chapter 438: It can’t be him
Chapter 439: I’m not dead! I’m not dead!
Chapter 440: Shenshu-daren
Chapter 441: Want to eat, really want to ea
Chapter 442: Going back on a deal
Chapter 443: Xu Fu’s Choice
Chapter 444: I trust that you have been well since we last me
Chapter 445: Can’t do Alchemy
Chapter 446: Follow whatever Yanyan says
Chapter 447: What pair of father and son
Chapter 448: Ghost City’s Interests is the most importan
Chapter 449: Two faction as divided as the rivers of Jing and Wei
Chapter 450: Ancestor, I will kneel down to you
Chapter 451: She wants to respect the aged! Tend to the young!
Chapter 452: The most embarrassing thing
Chapter 453: She can’t reject their feelings
Chapter 454: The grace of bestowing the medicine
Chapter 455: Really wan
Chapter 456: Future Gu Ye Son-in-law
Chapter 457: Because of Jealousy
Chapter 458: What if Xiao Bao wakes up
Chapter 459: Rabbit just wants to die
Chapter 460: Unlocking new skills
Chapter 461: These belong to Niangqin and Xiao Bao
Chapter 462: Eating like jelly beans
Chapter 463: Feel free to divide it among yourselves
Chapter 464: If you want a baby sister, be good and do as you’re told
Chapter 465: Really want to eat mea
Chapter 466: Ying Mei is missing
Chapter 467: Ghost King Xuan Ji
Chapter 468: Deal
Chapter 469: Specially Prepared for You
Chapter 470: Disgus
Chapter 471: I’ll have you die without a burial site
Chapter 472: Peel off your skin
Chapter 473: I didn’t do it on purpose
Chapter 474: Dimwi
Chapter 475: Won’t let go even in death
Chapter 476: Just a small child
Chapter 477: It’s up to you, Bunny
Chapter 478: Foolish is he who refuses
Chapter 479: You look really good like this
Chapter 480: Extremely frightening
Chapter 481: Henpecked Man
Chapter 482: Best Friend
Chapter 483
Chapter 484
Chapter 485
Chapter 486
Chapter 487
Chapter 488
Chapter 489 - Impersonate
Chapter 490: A demonstration for you
Chapter 491: Pig Teammate
Chapter 492: Another Misunderstanding
Chapter 493: She has Di Ming Jue
Chapter 494: Separate
Chapter 495: Why unhappy
Chapter 496: What are you planning
Chapter 497: Devotion
Chapter 498: Kicked out naked
Chapter 499: You’re angry
Chapter 500: Extinguish
Chapter 501: The Play Begins
Chapter 502: True Colors
Chapter 503: Scam