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549 Happenings in the World XIX

Who was the instigator?

Whoever dared to stand up and admit it would be flogged a hundred times. Would one not become crippled?

Being crippled was fine. One might even die.

In an instant, the people kneeling had turned ghastly pale, except for the seven-year-old boy, who just looked confused. Everyone else was sweating and their buttocks were shaking. The old woman even fainted and collapsed on the ground. She looked as if she exhaled more air than she inhaled.

Feng Jin looked surprised. If the old woman was really scared to death, it would affect the lord's reputation.

The old woman's son, daughter, son-in-law and daughter-in-law looked deeply sorrowful and panic-stricken. The entire hall was noisy.

Leaning against the wall, Jiang Pengji looked at their passionate performance with indifference.

The viewers in the streaming room were filled with righteous indignation. However, after the old woman fainted, someone stood up and accused Jiang Pengji of being cold-blooded.

Luoli Wansui: "Oh my gosh. Someone's going to die. Although this family is extreme, what the streamer has done isn't right either, right? If she's really dead due to shock, I'll see how the streamer will wind this up. What a bunch of cold-blooded animals."

Sannian Xuezhuan: "The values of this streaming room are so twisted. There's even violence in it. Why hasn't the government banned it?"

Sanpai Shudaozha: "It can't be banned. It's streamed live on every platform on the Internet. It's as pervasive as virus. The streaming room may only be completely banned if all the streaming platforms are shut down and the Internet is cut off. Do you think that's even possible?"

Sixing Bukui: "Tsk, tsk. Why is this streaming room so bloody? The minors can't control themselves and commit crimes after watching it. She has twisted values, yet she wants to misguide children. One day, if someone really imitates what has been done in the streaming room and commits a crime, it'll be too late."

It was not the first time that Jiang Pengji and her ancestors had been criticized by the audience. She did not care. Those mouths belonged to others, so she had no control over what they said. If they could really meet her ancestors face to face, who would dare to speak?

She sneered and asked them rhetorically.

Host V: "I see that @Sixing Bukui has explained the ways to write a sweet, pornographic story. Why? Have you raped girls?"

She remembered clearly about what had been said by the users when she made obscene remarks in the streaming room.

Jiang Pengji dug up the viewer's unsavory past without mercy.

He tried to play double standards with her? He should first make sure that he was clean before talking.

There were viewers in the streaming room who denounced her, but most of the viewers supported Jiang Pengji. After all, they were viewers who had been watching the stream for years. They knew that Jiang Pengji would not shoot without taking aim, not to mention the fact that this matter was related to the dignity of the female battalion.

If it was not handled well and the rules of the female battalion were not implemented, everyone would drag their daughters away and marry them off as soon as their futures looked promising.

More importantly, was the marriage really for her daughter's good instead of selling her for a profit?

In short, Jiang Pengji had formed a female battalion, not a pre-marriage training class for women.

One should first see if his body could endure a hundred lashes if he wanted to take advantage of her.

The people rushed to the old woman's side, bawling their eyes out and crying piteously. The older female soldier was struck dumb. Her fear and worries of having her army status stripped off had also subsided. She was more worried about the old woman's safety. If something happened to her grandmother because of this, would her family not blame her?

As parents said, they were related to their children by blood. They would definitely do it for her own good. Why would they harm her?

Feng Jin looked at Jiang Pengji awkwardly. The younger female soldier was also very flustered at first, but she soon collected herself.

She was used to seeing her grandmother being unreasonable, making a scene and pretending to faint when she could not win. The word 'unfilial' could even break one's backbone.

She looked rosy and clean. She did not look pale and weak like how people who had fainted should look.

"Lord… This…"

Jiang Pengji snorted. "It seems like no one will stand up and admit that he or she is the instigator. I'll make a judgment then. The boy is just seven years old, so I think he can't control his eldest sister. He can be exempted from the flogging punishment. The old woman is really detestable. She isn't strict in teaching children, so she'll receive ten rounds of flogging. The others will share the remaining ninety rounds of flogging. Drag them away and flog them. The female soldier will have her army status stripped off and she'll never be rehired."

Had the old woman pretended to faint in front of Jiang Pengji, thinking that she was blind?

The old woman still had not woken up. Jiang Pengji said, "The old woman even tried to attack a soldier previously, so she should be flogged for three times more… Besides, she pretended to faint in front of me, so that's another sin. She should be flogged for ten times more… She'll receive a total of twenty-three rounds of flogging. Judge the situation and carry out the punishment. Don't decrease it."

Feng Jin responded, "Yes, Lord."

He called the guards outside to drag the people away and carry out the flogging punishment.

The older female soldier instinctively fought back. Fortunately, the guards were prepared and handled her first.

Even so, a guard was still injured in the arm.

Seeing the situation, Jiang Pengji sneered.

"What's the use of being strong? Your disposition is weak. It's no wonder that anyone could step on you."

The older daughter was quite strong and she could fight at least four or five burly men. However, when her family forced her to get married to a man who was old enough to be her father and become a stepmother of people who were even older than her, she had still agreed miserably.

Jiang Pengji was not that kind.

Jiang Pengji had given her a chance, but she did not appreciate it. Therefore, no matter what was to become of her, she should never blame Jiang Pengji.

The old woman was dragged out by the guards. She finally could not hold it in anymore and wailed while kicking her feet and thrashing.

The viewers who stood up for the old woman blushed. They were not being shy, but they were clearly smacked in the face.

The older daughter tried to kneel, plead for mercy and appease the old woman. Instead, she was slapped in the face. Five stripes of vivid red blood were left on her face.

As mentioned before, the old woman had thick, long nails. She worked on the farm all year long and was stronger than many young men. Even if her granddaughter the soldier had received harsh training, she was rolling on the ground after being slapped in the face. Her right cheek soon swelled up. Even her teeth were loose.

"You're such a hoodoo… God damn it. I'm about to die…"

"You're such a poser. Had I known that you're such a b***h, I should've made you fall to death when you were born… Ouch…"

"Husband, why did you leave this world so early and let these animals and loose women who have lost their conscience bully me…"

The older daughter widened her eyes in shock. She could not believe that her grandmother had said those words.

The old woman refused to get up and cursed. Everyone who listened felt like their ears were contaminated.

Jiang Pengji touched her forehead and said indifferently, "Drag her away and don't show mercy. Flog her as many times as she should be flogged."

The guards could sense the fury in Jiang Pengji's tone. They secretly cursed at the old woman for seeking trouble. Then, with a guard holding each side of her, they forcefully dragged her out. The old woman even tried to claw the guards' arms with her nails which soon left a few wounds oozing blood.

The guards ached so much that they grimaced in pain. They did not know that an old woman who was almost 50 years old could be that strong.

Lowering her eyelids, Jiang Pengji said with evil intentions, "Considering that this woman is old, her son, daughter, son-in-law and daughter-in-law can receive the 20 to 30 rounds of flogging on her behalf. Of course, this is only valid if they're willing to help her. If they don't want to, she'll still have to take the flogging herself."