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428 Rebuilding Xiangyang District XII

Liyun's words lifted Jiang Pengji's mood, and, as if by coincidence, she read the contents on the livestreaming bullet screen.

Streamer V: "To have an outstanding workers and free labour, why not make use of him?"

She honestly admitted her scheme.

If she didn't entice Liyun to work for her, then was it for his face?

Tumi Dalao: "Streamer, with regards to your frankness, I'll give you 82 points. The remaining will be awarded to you in 6666 formats."

Renshen Weiku: "I will award 101 points to The Streamer for being honest, any additional one point will make you proud."

Yin Yuejia Zhuge Qinmo: "I've never seen such a thick-skinned and shameless Streamer. Comparing all the people with thick skins, I only acknowledge her."

Shanzhatiao: "I feel that when pitted against the streamer, even Zhou Bapi has become benevolent and gracious."

Sanxiaoji Jiaben: "Since all of you badmouth The Streamer, then I'll show concern for the handsome young Liyun. His attractiveness index is worth raving over. He is good looking, able to fight and has his charms. A young handsome man like him who's innocent is special, there aren't many left in society. He deserves to be idolized and appreciated."

Liyun remained completely ignorant of how much his appearance was worth in the eyes of the audience in another world.

He single-handedly danced with his spear, that the blood stain on the spear was thrown off. His actions are decisive and sharp.

Such an alluring move, it hit some of the fans' sweet spot.

Jiang Pengji ignored the excitable bullet screen, and leapt up to White's back.

After a night's work, the count of troops had been organized.

She consolidated the number of people she has: the total prisoners from the Tsing Yi army amounted to 1500, the troops who fought with their lives to rescue the people from Fengyi county had 2300 men. Jiang Pengji gave them a choice if they're willing to go with her to Xxiangyang district.

If they are unwilling, it is fine. They are given a day's worth of rations and henceforth their life is dependent on heaven's will, they will have no relations with each other.

All of them witnessed Tsing Yi army's violence and recklessness. Presently, they don't even dare return to their ancestral home, let alone wander outside.

Thus, except for the minority who return to their loved ones, most of the people decided to follow Jiang Pengji to Xiangyang district.

No matter what, it will not be as bad as the situation presently.

The distance from here to Xiangyang district isn't far, even if they travelled by foot it'll not take 12 hours.

Despite the Tsing Yi army prisoners and the people who slowed them down, based on a rough estimate they should be able to reach in 2 to 3 days.

As for the food they needed for the journey, if everyone rationed carefully, they could last till they entered the Xiangyang district.

It was fine so long as they don't die of hunger.

Jiang Pengji devised in her heart, she glanced sideways and observed the troops' who's face became thinner and her heart softened.

"Eat something light, we will continue our journey after you are full."

The troops have the most rations allocated to them; the average people have only half.

With regards to the distribution of rations, even if the people are displeased, they didn't dare speak up.

If they don't starve and could hang on until they reach Xiangyang district, all their problems will be solved. 

Jiang Pengji gave the troops time to eat, almost all of them guarded their rations, gulped them down and ate voraciously.

Some of them teared up as they ate, their salty tears made their food wet.

"Shushu, are you crying because you're starving?"

A young girl with red hair, wearing a tiny coat, open wide her round eyes and used her little hands to help him wipe the tears on his face.

She thought it through, lowered her head then felt within her bosom for half a steam bun the troops gave her last night. She passed it to him, "Please eat this."

The dry steam bun already turned sour. That troop stretched his hand to pat the little girl's head.

"This is more delicious, seeing it makes uncle's eyes crave for it, so I cried... I will exchange it with you to eat."

The troop exchanged for the dry steam bun that turned sour the ration in his hands and gave it to the small child.

"Let's eat together."

It's not just him: all his brothers thought they wouldn't survive till the second day. They never imagined, their lord, Langjun, would personally bring men to carry out rescue efforts. Calculating the distance in between, it wasn't hard for them to estimate how fast Jiang Pengji and the rest rode over, it must have been a tumultuous journey.

In this state, his heart is incomparably touched, he desperately wished he could die for his lord.

"Alright," the small girl answered crisply; her face full of innocence.

"My lord, something is wrong." 

Meng Hun quickened the horse's pace and rushed up to Jiang Pengji. His face solemnly reported, "After checking with some brothers, they saw the Tsing Yi army split into two groups, one group has been hunting them down along the way, another is headed straight for a surprise attack on the Xiangyang district. Estimating from the rate they are moving forward, I am afraid that since midnight yesterday, they've reached Xiangyang district. Should we rush back to support them in battle..."

Closing her eyelids, she replied plainly, "There's no need, we can return back at our usual pace."

Meng Hun's heart was anxious: he didn't understand why Jiang Pengji was neither worried nor nervous.

The lord's foundations were still too shallow, she has only governed Xiangyang district.

Unexpectedly, the Xiangyang district went through an earthquake and the torment from Tsing Yi army...work is currently underway, and they are awaiting the rebuilding of infrastructures, but, to put it simply, it's a blackhole.

If the Xiangyang district is occupied by the Tsing Yi army again, it was the equivalent to surrendering all of Jiang Pengji's family property to the Tsing Yi army… additionally, Qiguan Rang and the others were doomed to die.

As for Meng Hun's worries, Jiang Pengji understood them in her heart.

 "You should have more faith in Wenzheng, he was born at the borders of Dongqing and is used to such events," she responded. "The Tsing Yi army are essentially just an unruly mob, they have innumerable men yet the strength they can exert is even less than a locust's strength. Without numerous attacking machineries, how are they going to snatch back Xiangyang district from Wenzheng's hands? If they truly succeed in their endeavour, Wenzheng will not wait for Tsing Yi army to act, he will kill himself out of shame."

Meng Hun was stunned, he never thought of this.

Jiang Pengji laughed mockingly, both her eyes lit with hints of evil intention. "Compared to Xiangyang district, I am more worried for the Tsing Yi army. Wenzheng's strength lies in his devilish killer strategies, innately he sends people to their deaths, he cares not whether the means are upright or not. For him to guard the city, I am also unsure how many men from the Tsing Yi army can survive at the end. The Xiangyang army is lacking in manpower, hopefully there won't be too many deaths."

When Meng Hun heard this, he was speechless.

Qiguan Rang and him have interacted for years, why is it that his understanding of him is half as much compared to the lord?

"Do you know why the Tsing Yi army was defeated so easily?"

Jiang Pengji replied with despise, "They're but a group of unarmoured average men, how are they able to resist the swords, spears, batons of their enemies? To attack a city requires no less than that, if the offenive party has insufficient machinery to attack yet wants to climb over their enemy's wall, then they have to use lives to push this forward."

Of course, Jiang Pengji who pounced a secret night attack into Xiangyang district, was a unique example.

"After you return, bear in mind this area of advancement. I wonder which famous Mojia scholars are out there in Dongqing," Jiang Pengji nibbled on her dry snacks and mumbled to herself.

If there were any she wishes to poach them over.

In ancient times, people felt this is a weird and unethical method, but Jiang Pengji knows that technology can influence the fate of a country.

Disregarding unrealistic ideas, just speaking of the most basic machinery to attack cities, ladders, humongous stone throwing machines, carriages to attack, towers for besieging a city, equipment to climb up city walls, crossbows, ballistic war machines... these can all be exploited to engage in battles to attack cities.

The weaker side wishes to make up for this disadvantage at the expense of countless lives.