The Employed Empress
179 Passing Days
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The Employed Empress
Author :Xiao_yue
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179 Passing Days

mirth flashed from the corner of the empress' eyes. they almost turning into slits while anticipating some scraps of dog food. tang mei reprimanded, "empress, this servant is against picking up bad habits from the concubines."

to wei yi yi's disappointment, the much anticipated pda didn't happen. jiang cheng dismounted the horse before carrying his wife down. how sweet. if only he hadn't left his wife without as much as a word.

no dog food. no dog blood drama. no one takes pity on a single dog! 

"suddenly, my heart moves for the wives and concubines. i strongly feel their boredom and now understand why they won't stop making a ruckus even for the sake of their lives."

tang mei sweats. the empress was already making big waves on her own amusing ways. if she learns the way of the concubines, can they still kept the emperor in the dark?

when wei yi yi popped out next to wen yang, they were all taken unguarded. even tang mei reacted too late, not noticing wei yi yi running off while she was still emerged on the blink future.

 "why not accompany brother-in-law? does cheng wangfei dislike riding?" wei yi yi blurred out, hitting wen yang in the face with her warm breath. 

wen yang took a big step back and stumbled. a maid came forward to stabilize her. coughing, she straightened herself and force a poker face. in order to not let wei yi yi comment on her reaction, wen yang immediately replied, staying on the topic.  "dislike is a strong word, your majesty. this consort only preferred to do other activities."

"well… i understand. it must hurt." wei yi yi cast her sight downwards. "bouncing heavily…" without a proper bra.

with others misfortune, wei yi yi suddenly felt proud of her small hills. at least she could go around without an extra weight. 

"…" wen yang was yet again hit of the realization of how high she held wei yi yi. acting like a scoundrel for the past two days, she has a hard time recognizing this woman that seem so human for her.



when there is nothing to do but repetitive tasks, one would feel that the world revolves so slowly. days spent working diligently were lifeless enough to disdain talking about them.

wei yi yi, with all the professionalism left in her, accompany the women to eat and pass their day in the viewing pagoda. being so high, they could see a large expanse of the forest but except from some rustling, the situation on the ground were not clear. 

because of the lazy housewives, wei yi yi was stuck accompanying them. not once did she not felt like losing her cool. this is a hunt but i'm stuck babysitting you while you gossip! she inhaled deeply and convinced herself that there's only a few days left. after behaving all these weeks, she could go back to being a small tyrant.

alas, why is xiao ling xi not a woman? if he is, then let the secretary handle the wives.

wei yi yi sighed. "the days are long but another hobby and my wallet will commit harakiri. why hobbies are so expensive here? my internet bill cannot even hold a candle against a few books."  

"...your majesty?" tang mei tearfully eyed the empress. she started talking randomly again! she's reaching her limits! people are now looking!find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click for visiting.

wei yi yi jolted back. smiling, she said, "it was nothing. do not mind bengong." after saying so, she mumbled under her breath, "i want a hobby that doesn't cost anything."

how glad she is that her face is deceiving enough after years of customer service! her plastic smile is convincing even her.

just like the three days went like smoke in the wind. 

this really opened her eyes. no wonder the ministry of rites goes out of their way to exaggerate things. going outside, there must be a procession. shooting the first arrow, a great show off must be performed! without these, what will people talk about? without all of these, might as well just stare at the sky! 

director! producer! this one will be a loyal follower of your events, please upgrade your skills faster.

the consorts went busy running around the place, receiving visitors and visiting others. tang mei urged her to go as well but the empress was calm while the servant panics. wei yi yi was more concerned about jiang liu. after seeing him once playing a game of chase with wei lian, he hasn't shown himself since.

finally, it was her newly found brother that seek the withering her first.

wei lian passed a bowl to her which tang mei received. "after hearing that liu wang was bullied, this lowly one made this."

"this is?" wei yi yi questioned.

"water," wei lian said offhandedly as if disdaining her for being not smart enough. "mixed with sugar."

"..." wei yi yi eventually lighten up and beamed. "i like how i don't even need to doubt for a second that you're my 'brother'."

how childish. as expected of ah lian, he'll never fail to deliver, ah! 

and so, wei yi yi have someone to drag wen yang from the courtyard next door and have a nice lunch. as the sister-in-law, she expressed a deep concern towards wen yang whom she hasn't seen for 'years'. 

"there's a lot of dirty things deep in the mountains. wash your hands a few more, there's no harm in taking caution."

wei yi yi coaxed well until wen yang is covered with goosebumps.

later that very day, wen yang end up being assaulted by mosquitoes. her hands turned red after slapping them in frustration. wen yang scratched herself till she broke the skin. long, vibrant, and bloody scratch covered her previously white and tender hands.

in the next gathering, wen yang acted as usual. still aloof with her chin up in the air.

the people who walked past her smelled a strong scent. they wrinkled their nose but declined to comment as the other is a wangfei. wen yang walked around not knowing anything wrong.

"is that sandalwood scent? it smelled good on cheng wangfei." an old matriarch finally open the topic.

wei yi yi turn to whisper to tang mei. "she mean that wen yang smells like mosquito repellant."

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