The Employed Empress
178 This Crack Show
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The Employed Empress
Author :Xiao_yue
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178 This Crack Show

That morning, Wei Yi Yi witnessed the ability these old people to put on a show.

The horses galloped along the edge of the forest. As if parading, the pace was slow and steady. At front, Wei Yi Yi was riding a few step behind Jiang Yu, leading the rest of the consort. She ride in horseback properly while the rest of the ladies have the servants hold the horse rein and lead their horses.

An animalistic roar came from Jiang Yu, then, he took off. Da Xian's loyal citizens copied the pack's leader like some mental child. Roaring and roaring, they kicked their horses and the animal cried out as well.

Wei Yi Yi shifted her gaze with wide eyes. Hey! People! Did you just scared the prey away?! She heavily question their IQ. 

Before long, the males broke formation and race to the front, leaving all the ladies in dust. Seeing all the guys taking the stage, Wei Yi Yi blood boiled and gave chase.

She passed a few men. The wind picked up and blow on her face, clearing her view. The cold breeze hitting added to the adrenaline, her IQ was thrown in the air and replaced by the excitement brought by competing. Her expression turning wilder with each men she left behind.

Watch this bro beat you in your game! This bro!!!---

Jiang Yu entered her vision and killed her spirit.

---This lady shall behave…

Cold water dosed her back to reality.

The empress finally slowdown. For a moment, they thought that she will overtake the emperor.

Once her awareness returned, Wei Yi Yi felt all the pointed gaze shooting at her. It was now their turn to judge her.

Yes, yes, this empress know horseback and can beat you on horseback riding. So what? Want to fight, huh?

A horse approached her with Wei Lian riding at the back. In a low teasing tone, he said, "The empress was so handsome just now," full of humor before running away.

Which part of you is a scholar?! At least keep your image intact!

From the rear, a robust wild pig came out to join them in the run. It was squealing so much, all attention turned to the side. But no one shoot it. Even when it acted without fear and run pass the lead, it was left to make a scene.

Wait, why is there a pig in here? Excuse me, is this not a mountain?

Wei Yi Yi did not dwell her attention to the animal too much. Because Jiang Yu took his bow and without blinking, shot the pig dead with one arrow.

It signaled the official start of the Autumn Hunt.

The people cheered. Group by group, they started to enter the forest and farther dispersed.

That show just now scream set up. These people were greater actors than today's politicians. Although, that surely send their energy flying. Give it to Jiang Yu to hype up an event.

But that was not the most important point. Wei Yi Yi stood in place, her face paling. The figure of Jiang Yu and his bow burning into her memory. For that bow was the fully decorated bow that they accidentally 'stolen'!

Isn't that supposed to be buried six feet underground?!

Wei Yi Yi have no idea but Xiao Yuan Xi got someone to pose as the thief, run around the palace, and pretend to almost get caught before dropping the so called hot potato. The Tian Zhen bow was then thankfully 'retrieved' intact. This ended the whole issue. The empress' issue to be exact. As for the emperor, he spent a few days racking his brain who was capable enough to escape the palace. He lost an additional of a few more days solidifying the palace's security.

Many wanted him dead but those who can escape his watch are only few.

"I should have burn it into ashes," Wei Yi Yi swore under her breath. It should have not seen the light of the day.

Tang Mei, who finally caught up with the empress, jumped back. The words that she was supposed to say end up back into her throat.

Just who triggered the empress again?



Once the hunt started, the empress, the consorts, the furens together with the young ladies, returned to the villa.

The autumn hunt was for all, regardless of gender and status. But for the ladies, such gathering have no different to viewing banquets. Rather than joining the gentlemen, 'viewing' them is where the real fun is.

Wei Yi Yi want to run off to the wind like she did yesterday and join the hunt. Sadly, she needed to watch over this gossiping young brats that have nothing to do.

Rubbing her new darling, Wei Yi Yi reluctantly gave the horse rein to the steward. Out of all the horses that the palace raised for the empress, this one reacted the most obedient towards her. Almost instantly, Wei Yi Yi fall in love at this gorgeous chocolate being.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

On the way to the viewing pagoda, Wei Yi Yi saw Jiang Cheng. He was holding the reins of a horse. Riding this horse is his wife, Wen Yang.

Before Tang Mei could react, Wei Yi Yi dragged her away. It was in her good intention not to bother a couple. As for her ulterior intention, it was of course to peek at this couple!
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