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35 Chapter 35- House of Poseidon 2

They soon arrived in a big dome with an exquisitely designed signage of "Athena's Palace". The place is like a pyramid without sides. There are total of four levels in this building and everything is walled with glass. Only the flooring is decorated with greek patterns on the tiles. A grand chandelier hangs at the very center of the dome, reaching the second level.

"Butler Rong, you're here!" A white as snow lady in her late teens or maybe on her 20's came out of a glass-walled room upon spotting him. Her golden curly hair swayed left and right. She's like a living barbie. A doll came to life. Her lips are thin and free of any cosmetics. Her long lashes moved with her blinking eyes. Her eyes are ocean blue.

"I must be lucky to personally see Lady Thea, the Legendary Young Miss of House of Athena, today. What a coincidence. Good day Lady Thea." Butler Rong said while making a gentlemanly bow with a very big smile on his face.

How good could it be if Mo Zhaoshan got even just a pinch of Butler Rong's gentlemanliness?

If a certain god would know this thoughts of Xiaxia, Butler Rong will not live for any longer, for sure.

Lady Thea giggled and looked shyly at Butler Rong. Ahhhhh... A teenager's heart.

Butler Rong seems to be floating in clouds as well, letting butterflies flew over them.

"Eherm." Xiaxia, with her bitter nerves, cleared her throat to pop off a love bubble.

Butler Rong snapped into his senses hearing the Mistress signal.

"And who is this pretty auntie behind you?"




Xiaxia's veins popped out of her forehead. Are all the head of these houses posses a venomous tongue?!

"L-lady Thea..." Butler Rong awkwardly called her and respectfully handed the Golden Card with his two hands.

"Oooohhhhhh, I think.... I have an idea now..." she slyly said as a glint of amusement flashed on her face.

Damn brat! Calling me your auntie and now you're looking at me like that!?!

"This is Ms. Bai Xia, Master Mo's new executive secretary." Butler Rong formally introduced her .

Lady Thea smiled at Xiaxia and grabbed her hand.

"Ms. Bai, nice to meet you. I'm Althea Si, the young Miss of----House---of---Athena.", Xiaxia noticed the strange pace of Lady Thea's words at the end while looking at her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Lady Thea. My pleasure to personally see you. I've heard alot about you, the prodigy of fashion world since her young age." she complimented her based on what she read at her research.

Lady Thea seemed to be pleased with her words and the pureness in her eyes came back in an instant.

Glancing at her hands again, she called around 10 staffs of Athena's Palace.

"Since President Mo gave his card, I'll give access to the fourth level." She smiled at Butler Rong.

"Thank You, Lady Thea". Only the top of China's food chain can gain entrance there so far.

Lady Thea, she's spraying cold water in her burning exitement. Xiaxia said.

"I'll thank Lady Thea as well for your excellent hospitality. I can see how excited you are to assist us. Thank you."

Lady Thea was amazed how Bai Xia was able to tell this. Indeed, she's excited.