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The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Author:Heavenly Overlord

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A decision can destroy the sun, moon and stars. A finger can kill the Heavenly Overlord. While chatting, the Heaven and ten worlds can be annihilated. A poor little kid walks out from a remote mountain area while holding the Nine Dragons and the Incredible Cauldron. With a control over the time and space eternally, he embarks on the Path to God where he defie...
《The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron》 Volume 1
1 The Silver Disciple
2 The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron
3 Space-Time Manipulation
4 Universal Stroke
5 Gold And Silver
6 The Fight That Made Him Famous
7 Hundred Feet Piercing
8 Benefitting From The Dispute Of Others
9 Saving People But Inviting Trouble
10 Duke Xianyu
11 The Silver Assessmen
12 The Silver King
13 The Fine Soldier
14 Full Streak
15 The Lovers' Battle
16 The Revenge
17 Fighting the Silver King
18 A Bar Above the Res
19 Planting Traps
20 Tempes
21 Mysterious Remnants
22 Knockout Blow
23 A Great Opportunity
24 Mystical Relic
25 Debt of Kindness Repaid
26 A Bully is Always a Coward
27 A New Man
28 The Great Contest Nears
29 King of the Gold Students
30 Unable to Withstand a Single Blow
31 The Undefeated Legend
32 An Era of Suppression
33 Slaying the Enemy with the Holy Decree
34 The Engagement Ceremony
35 The Arrival of the Princes
36 Fighting Back the Prince with His Fists
37 Saint Level Technique
38 Teaching the Holy Decree
39 An Unexpected Turn of Events
40 An Ungodly Deadly Inten
41 Kill To Be A Hero
42 Sorrow And Loss
43 The Holy Battle
44 Fleeing One Thousand Miles Away
45 Sacrificing Oneself To Save Someone Else
46 Holy Crown
47 I Am Stronger Than You
48 The Secret Treasure In The Royal Family
49 Dragon's Meeting
50 The Clash Of The Geniuses
51 The Pinnacle Battle
52 The Holy Mee
53 Three Mythological Moves
54 A Person of the Demon King's Caliber
55 That Fight Which Made Him Famous
56 Witnessing A Miracle
57 Consecutive Defeats and the Proud Martial Artis
58 The Final Match
59 Billowing Dark Clouds
60 Danger Zone Eruption
61 Killing With His Bare Hands
62 The Life and Death of the Duke
63 The Heavenly and Mortal Sanctuary
64 Ridding of a mortal shell
65 Lovers since young
66 A laugh resolves all hatred
67 Incomparable to a dog
68 The strongest enemy
69 The Sanctuary Startling Upheaval
70 The Evil Fores
71 Deity Level Cultivation Technique
72 The Obscure Fiendish Duo
73 The Mighty Entwined Dragon Silk
74 Holy Decree Transformation
75 The Nine Deadly Poison Devil
76 Ice and Thunder Feas
77 Thousand-Miles Butcher
78 Breakthrough to Level Seven
79 Brutal Reality
80 The Slayer King
81 Frightened Out Of One's Wits
82 Retaliation in a hopeless situation
83 Bloodline of the nine phoenixes
84 The Storm Competition
85 The Dragon's Reverse Scales
86 Return of Su Yu
87 Peerless strength
88 Two Moves To Defeat The Enemy
89 Fight Of The Century
90 Legendary Genius
《The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron》 Volume 2
91 The battle at the peak
92 Purple robed divine king
93 The strongest battle
94 Opening his eyes
95 Shenlong Continen
96 Test of Constitution
97 When one door shuts, another opens
98 The cruel truth
99 Death of the Holy King
100 Marrow cleansing elixir
101 Arrogant Till The End
102 Flower Of The Hundred Vassal Clans
103 Princess Yun Yan
104 Battle Of Holy Kings
105 The Ultimate Tes
106 Glazed Ice Flame
107 Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom
108 World Obliterating Black Ligh
109 Reconnecting Internal Blood Energy Channels
110 Dawn Of A Catastrophe
111 Forever buried in the sea
112 The Huge Reward
113 Break Through to Holy King
114 Expulsion from the Faction
115 A Bolt from The Blue
116 The Fallen Star Contes
117 The Three Heavenly Kings
118 Nine Dragons Seized the Pearl
119 Who's The Ant Now?
120 The Strongest Opponent Ye
121 Crowning the Stars
122 Eventually be back
123 Xianer’s forced marriage
124 Return of the king
125 The frost king
126 Fight to the Death
127 Perishing together
128 The arranged match
129 Four Rising Stars
130 Preying the weak and fearing the strong
131 Might of the Six Fingers of Destruction
132 Ice flames
133 Divine Punishment of Ice and Thunder
134 Phoenix of Death
135 Yinyang Wine Flask
136 Remorse
137 Apart in the world
138 The name of a sinner
139 Roar of the Angry Dragon
140 Scheming venomous snake
141 Urgent mission
142 Treasures of the Abyss of Wutong
143 Immortal Level Technique
144 Incredible Moon-lit Demon Eyes
145 Pursuit of life and death
146 Endlessly Till One Dies
147 Battle Of Life And Death
148 Breakthrough into Fourth Level
149 Reward According To Merits
150 Twist And Turn Of Events
151 The Abyss Assessmen
152 Eyesight Assessmen
153 The Final Assessmen
154 Flinging a Dead Dog
155 The Ultimate Clash
156 Divine Ice Battle Armor
157 Imminent Departure
158 Heaven’s Palm Prin
159 The Forbidden Ruin
160 The Ghost of the Ruin
161 The Old Imperial Palace
162 Earth Shaking Small Jade Box
163 Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom
164 The End Of The Ruins
165 Death Light Membrane
166 An Extremely Old Fragment Of A Soul
167 The Appearance Of The Empire Of Darkness
168 Chapter 168
169 Looking At Benefits But Overlooking Future Trouble
170 Dragon Realm Level Seven
171 Becoming Yun Ya's Disciple
172 The Toughest Training
173 Incredible Icy Raging Flame
174 The Rebirth Of Su Yu After Breaking Out Of His Cocoon
175 Xianyun Contes
176 Defeated By One Move
177 The Unmatched Holy Kings
178 A Tyrant's Unmatched Power
179 Yellow Dragon's Green Cloud Movemen
180 Who Is Undefeatable
181 Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings
182 Hundred Territories Alliance
183 Striving For A Decisive Victory
184 Charging into the top ten
185 The Summary Of The Continen
186 News of Jingyu
187 Soul Waves
188 Ordering the elites
189 Using A Sword To Castrate Oneself
190 Black Thunder White Tiger
191 Poisonous Black Queen Bee
192 Breaking into the Dragon Realm
193 The White Tiger's Attack
194 Breaking into the Dragon Realm
195 Estranged
196 An equal match
197 Working Together to Deal With An Enemy
198 The white tiger descends
199 Eternal Stairs
200 Undying Hear
201 The Final Assessmen
202 Legendary Level Technique
203 Legendary Manual's Remnan
204 A Grave Imminent Danger
205 Laughing at His Rivals
206 Killing geniuses with a finger
207 A Hundred Year Old Score
208 Washing off the injustice with blood
209 Ruolan's Dream
210 The hundred year truth
211 Killing His Enemy With His Own Hands
212 The Alliance Ambassador
213 Absorbing the Yin Elemen
214 Killing Everything
215 The Empire of Darkness’s Palace Master
216 Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air
217 Meteorite Bracele
218 Master Craftsman
219 Trying to Please the Public with Claptrap
220 Recruiting with a Pity for Talen
221 Three Great Ancient Regions
222 Lin Family Disciples
223 Unleashing His Fighting Abilities
224 Blue Spirit Flames
《The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron》 Volume 3
225 Legendary Genius
226 Paying the Price
227 Two Families’ Feud
228 Sending the Enemy Away with a Sentence
229 Gaining Both the Person and the Money
230 The Master of the Yunxiang Cabine
231 Despicable Person
232 Hitting People, Hitting Faces
233 Ghost-Faced Slave
234 Evil Hearts
235 Everyone Apologized
236 Prearranged Slo
237 Feelings of Remorse and Shame
238 A Chance at the Jade Spiritual Pool
239 The Alliance Master’s Son
240 Housemaster of the Shentian Manor
241 Yunxiang’s Marriage
242 Fighting for a Token
243 A Great Breakthrough
244 The Alliance Master Descends
245 Defeating His Enemy with One Move
246 The Alliance Mee
247 Crossed-Eyed and Yellow Teeth
248 Announcement of Defea
249 The Match with Feng Yue
250 Seven Mantras of Mountains and Rivers
251 The Shocking Change in the Hundred Territories
252 Killing with Every Step
253 A Great Kill in All Sides
254 Space Vortex
255 Snatching One from the Jaws of Death
256 Immense Improvemen
257 Returning the Debt of Blood
258 An Immortal Realm Genius
259 The Ten Great Bodyguards
260 Nameless’s True Identity
261 Sharp Words
262 Mo Wu’s Whereabouts
263 Earth Dragon’s Technique
264 A Looming Crisis
265 Palace Master Yin Yu
266 The Faction Master in Danger
267 Coming Back to the Faction
268 Clearing His Name
269 A Great Change in the Ocean
270 Mysterious powerhouse
271 Getting Justice
272 Heavenly palmprin
273 A Person Who Came From A Distant Place
274 Sub palace of the Empire
275 The Acting Palace Master
276 Helming the mansion
277 Feng Qing’s Orders
278 Determined to kill
279 The Historical Momen
280 Repaying benevolence with animosity
281 Educating Him In Front Of Everyone
282 Palace Master Xue Yao
283 Divine Tribulation of Ice and Thunder
284 Ancient Relic
285 Gloomy Stone Statue
286 Ghostly head
287 Coming Back To Life After An Eternity
288 Taking the treasure for himself
289 The Mysterious Strong Martial Artis
290 Sudden change
291 The Empire Of Darkness’ Headquarters
292 The path to godhood
293 Soul Leaving His Body
294 Attack of the pirates
295 Continuous Turns Of Events
296 Men of the Empire
297 Being Overly-Demanding
298 Invisible hand
299 Complete Extermination
300 A situation of life and death
301 Succumbing To Inner Demons
302 Breaking through to the Immortal Realm
303 A Debt Of Blood Must Be Paid In Blood
304 Merciless
305 The Eight Great Ancient Clans
306 Incredibly Overbearing
307 Training In Anyue City
308 Broken Divine Spear
309 The Twelve Divine Artifacts
310 Anyue City
311 Bully the Weak And Fear The Strong
312 Enemies Meeting
313 The Tu Clan’s Auction
314 Coveting a Treasure
315 The Auction Master
316 Treasure of an ancient clan
317 Mountain River Dragon
318 Taking all the advantages
319 The Empire’s Lurking Danger
320 A son returns
321 Meddling In Other People’s Business
322 Dropping the pretense
323 Heartless And Ungrateful
324 Unparalleled killing inten
325 Crisis
326 Fantasy Glazed Pond
327 Strengthening The Mind
328 The power of the silver bow
329 Refining The Silver Bow
330 In exchange for contribution
331 The Mastermind
332 Claiming the credi
333 Demonic Beast King
334 Confronting the city master
335 A Great Scheme
336 Destroying his cultivation level
337 The Assassin Appears Again
338 Appearance of a hidden enemy
339 Stripping Him of His Identity
340 Legendary demonic beast emperor
341 The Demonic Beast Emperor Destroys the City
342 Massacre
343 Golden Feather Demonic Beast Emperor
344 The Coming Out of the Wu Clan
345 Matchmaking Session
346 An Unexpected Defea
347 Defeating The Enemy with One Move
348 Gathering Powerful Fighters
349 Palace Master Liu Li
350 Extreme Arrogance
351 Evil Forest and the Poisonous Miasma
352 Repaying Kindness with Animosity
353 Testing Elixirs Using Human Guinea Pigs
354 Foolish Woman
355 Phoenix Woman Feng Xian
356 Busybody
357 Sword Demon Zhong Luan
358 Prepare the Coffin
359 Seeing Liu Li Again
360 Greatest Saint Lady
361 Concealing Abilities
362 Devouring Vortex
363 A Difficult Battle
364 Full Power at the Banque
365 Leads of the Divine Decree
366 News of Xianer
367 Phoenix Woman Yu Ling
368 The King Shen Kong
369 A Clash with Shen Kong
370 Taking on Two People Alone
371 Making Obeisances to Thousand Thunder
372 Defeating the Enemy with an Arrow
373 Being Defeated Again and Again
374 Heaven Breaking Nine Styles
375 Defeating His Opponent with Five Moves
376 Destroying the Legend
377 The Clash of the Legends
378 In Accordance with Their Fates
379 Eternal Mask
380 Pure Divine Decree
381 Xianer And Feng Xian
382 Heavenly Law Alliance
383 Divine Transparent Eyes
384 An Approaching Army
385 Deceiving One’s Master and Exterminating One’s Ancestors
386 Death
387 The Lord Arrives
388 Descent of the Demonic Beast Emperor
389 The Yue Clan Returns
390 Void World King
391 A Great Calamity Lasting through the Ages
392 Half God Realm
393 The Evil Ghost Energy
394 Feminine Energy
395 Paying Back a Debt of Blood
《The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron》 Volume 4
396 Fragment of a Legendary Level Technique
397 The Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds
398 Killing All Around Him
399 Making Things Difficult for Himself
400 Black Snow Devil King
401 Training in the Dragon Abyss
402 Reunion at the Dragon Abyss
403 Training His Body with Ice and Fire
404 Finally Meeting Xianer
405 Messy Rocks Ruins
406 Seeing Jingyu for the First Time
407 Strange Training
408 Banished Abyss
409 A Ferocious Ghost Appears
410 Battling the Rakshasa
411 White Faced Asura
412 Difference Between Life and Death
413 Fighting Against Human Kings
414 Cosmos Thunder Sword
415 The Origin of the Five Elements
416 Heavenly Ghost Sheng Ge
417 Heavenly Ghost Mind Planting
418 Ancient Dragon Sealing Well
419 Modifying His Body
420 Twists and Turns
421 Fighting Against a Half God with All His Migh
422 Hundred Ghosts Secret Scroll
423 Acquiring the Thunder Sword
424 Counterattack
425 The Passage Between Two Worlds
426 Heart Oath Scroll
427 Confiscating Treasures
428 Evil Destroying Silver Eyes
429 Undead Herb of the Netherworld
430 Hidden Threa
431 Going to the Dangerous Place
432 Breaking the Seals
433 The Sacrificial Altar and the Ferocious Ghos
434 Chapter 434
435 Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring
436 Elder in the Painting
437 Mysterious Heavenly Map
438 Hiding Treasures in a Strand of Hair
439 Walking Off With Something On The Sly
440 Striking a Deal with the Ghos
441 The Heavenly Disaster Descends
442 Blasting Away the Heavenly Disaster
443 Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion
444 Heavenly Mysterious Battles
445 Fighting Against Shen Ying
446 Killing Shen Ying
447 Fighting Against Bai Luo
448 Battling Bai Luo
449 Ice And Fire Origins
450 Physical Body of a Fairy Realm
451 Snatching the Golden Dragons
452 High-Grade Spiritual Artifac
453 A Hundred Times Slower Time Flow
454 Evil Ghost Valley
455 Master Tianxuan
456 Encountering a Fairy Realm
457 Secret Technique of the Flying Sword
458 The Power of the Sword Formation
459 Suppressing the Ghost with the Golden Ring
460 Exchange Festival
461 Soul Seizing Demon
462 Snatching the Floating Ship
463 High Grade Divine Artifac
464 Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella
465 Body of the Fairy Realm
466 Inside the Monster
467 Supreme Growing Soil
468 Mysterious Breakthrough
469 Thunder Divine Herb
470 Thunder Emperor Mountain
471 The Mysterious Secret Room
472 Five Element Divine Wood
473 Duplicating Abilities
474 Prototype Fairy Artifac
475 The Legacy Of The Thunder Emperor
476 The Legacy Of The Thunder Emperor
477 Battling Yang Yidao
478 Fusion Of The Origins
479 Horrifying Power
480 Disciple of the Demon Faction
481 Great Thunder Heart Technique
482 The Danger Spreads Secretly
483 Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate
484 Imprisoning Aoyue
485 Battle at the Stone Fores
486 Seizing Slots
487 Gathering of Powerful Fighters
488 Cruel Warfare
489 Half Her Powers
490 A Great Change Occurs Abruptly
491 Almighty Divine Master
492 Cosmos Transportation
493 Ten Thousand Mile Pursui
494 The Sea of Blood Attacks
495 The Greatest Divine Bamboo
496 Silver-Colored Puppe
497 Dream Spell
498 The Legacy of Craftsmanship
499 Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl
500 Underground Lava
501 Mysterious Half Fairy
502 Ferocious Beast King
503 White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog
504 Void Raging Flames
505 Fighting a Fairy Realm Alone
506 Fairy-Level Cultivation Technique
507 Realizing His Wishes
508 Yin-Yang Secret Technique
509 Combining Yin and Yang Energies
510 The Legacy of Elixirs
511 Fairy Elixir
512 The Mysterious Legacy
513 Milky Way Star Sand
514 Emperor-Based Saint Artifac
515 Encountering Poisonous Bees
516 Poisonous Crystal Bee
517 The Rebel of the Pas
518 A Small Misunderstanding
519 Waves of Shock
520 Reuniting After A Long Parting
521 Killing Bai Luo
522 The Legacy of Comprehension
523 Sheng Ge Appears Again
524 Destroying the Dragon With One Finger
525 Battling Sheng Ge
526 Making Her a Slave
527 Long Arduous Battle
528 Nowhere To Run
529 A Strange Tomb
530 The Mysterious Stone Statues
531 Gathering of Heroes
532 Changes in the Jade Pearl
533 A Hundred Year Old Divine Herb
534 Great Progress in the Legendary-Level Cultivation Technique
535 King of Killing
536 Ancient Bloodline
537 Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond
538 Passing Through the Stone Fores
539 Fighting for a Spo
540 A Shocking Carriage
541 Unprecedented
542 The Jade Green Spiritual Pond
543 The Mysterious Beas
544 The Wisest Milky Way
545 The Mysterious Puppe
546 Shifting the Blame
547 Rematch of the Half Fairy
548 Forceful Passage Through the Spell Formation
549 The True Legacy
550 Dragon Vein of the Real Spiri
551 The Pink Kylin
552 The Final Legacy
553 The Epic Battle
554 Red Lotus Incredible Umbrella
555 Xue Gui Gourd
556 Skyrocketing Cultivation
557 A Show of Migh
558 The Ghost King Strikes
559 Divine Master’s Demonic Soul
560 Appearance of the Kylin
561 A Solo Battle with Two Fairies
562 Killing Bai Zhe
563 The Arrival of a Puppe
564 Dangers Abound
565 Escaping Alive
566 Kylin’s Master
567 The Kylin Who Recognized Someone as Its Master
568 Ancient Spiritual Worms
569 The Chaos Butterfly
570 Underworld Refinery
571 Fighting Two Fairy Realm Experts
572 Birth of the Devil
573 Consecutive Plots
574 Bloodline of the Evil Ghos
575 The Awakening of a Demon Soul
576 The Unparalleled Might of a Demon
577 Great Sun Punishment Fairy
578 The Disastrous Thunder Annihilated the Demon
579 Repressive Punishmen
580 The Exchange Festival
581 Mister Nan Wu
582 The Fight for Bamboo Flutes
583 Barbaric Appearance
584 The Beginning of the Exchange Festival
585 Taixu’s Suspicions
586 Divine Master Realm Bones
587 Cheap Sales
588 The Arrival of a Fairy Realm Exper
589 Spider Puppe
590 The Blood of a Real Dragon
591 Fighting for Dragon Blood
592 Examining the Spirit Herbs
593 A Winding Path
594 The Dangers of the Inspection
595 Mysterious Material
596 A Bewildering Chase
597 Hong Luan Puppe
598 At the Brink of Life and Death
599 Willingness and Unwillingness
600 Fighting Gu Taixu
《The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron》 Volume 5
601 The Merging of Origins
602 The All Creation Realm Hong Luan
603 Bloodline of the Divine Lady
604 The Defying Will Appeared Once Again
605 Dark Su Yu
606 Subduing the Lightning Spiri
607 Hell Space
608 The Evil God Bloodline
609 Showing up for Revenge
610 Killing an All Creation Expert with a Wave of His Palm
611 Returning to Zhenlong
612 A Mysterious Palm Prin
613 Fallen Continen
614 Entering The Heavenly Law Alliance
615 Saving Elder Jiu
616 An Elder Stern Criticism
617 Odd Changes in the Alliance
618 Marriage Proposal
619 The Secret Execution
620 Uprising and Seizure of Position.
621 Annihilated Small Group
622 Su Yu Establishes Authority
623 Reentering the Battleship
624 A Bloody Path
625 Demon King
626 A Stupid and Stubborn Person
627 King of Darkness
628 New Alliance Master
629 Little Building on the Balcony
630 Ominous News
631 Huge Army Suppression
632 Unexpected Rescue from Danger
633 The Might of the Spell Formation
634 A Great Disaster
635 Mysterious Woman
636 The Warship Was Broken Open, and Its Residents Were Killed
637 First Void World Senior
638 The Return of Su Yu
639 Two Options
640 The Central Prefecture's King
641 Stone Shattering Heavenly Shock
642 Handling the Aftermath
643 A Delayed Execution
644 The Onset of a Campaign
645 Eight of Ten Regions Destroyed
646 Saint Master Xue Wu
647 Army of Steel Blood
648 Void Tearing Blood Cloud
649 Pearl Scales Blood Centipede
650 It's Just Death
651 Army of Vengeance
652 Dark Cloud on the Horizon
653 Borrowing an Army from a Thousand Miles
654 Finishing the Wedding
655 Pure Divine Decree
656 The Dragon Clan's Language
657 Heavenly Water Tower's Master
658 Advancing to the Three Crystals Realm
659 Proud Young Lady
660 Concocting a Plan for Entering the Summi
661 Exposed Identity
662 Trying to Enter the Summit Once Again
663 Revealing the Hidden
664 Scaring Powerful Enemies
665 Commander of the Forbidden Army
666 Chief Inspector Bai
667 Heavenly Water Tower's Master