The Divine Martial Stars
Chapter 231 Great Change · Massacre Nigh
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The Divine Martial Stars
Author :Luan Shi Kuang Dao Mad Blade During Troubled Times Warrying Blade
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Chapter 231 Great Change · Massacre Nigh

"Good brother, I, Tie Muzhen, trust you like a brother today." The Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe patted Guo Zhihui's shoulder and shouted.

Guo Zhihui was stunned, then he immediately became overjoyed.

The sworn brothers on the prairie were like Damon and Pythias.

He was born in a rich family, so he didn't care about money and squandered it wantonly. The auction price was just a number to him. He had long been eager to be recognized by others. Although he liked to linger in beauty, it was the greatest joy for him to be recognized by those legendary heroes.

"Hahaha, is that true, brother Tie?" Guo Zhihui said with great joy, "Given your words, today I will definitely fight. Although I am inflexible and ignorant, my father really fears my death, since I am his only successor. Hence, there are a few big masters secretly protecting me, and you needn't care about me. You can just leave me in the most dangerous place, since I won't die, and I can also attract some of your enemies."

The young Army Advisor rubbed the area between his eyebrows.

He was really a buffoon.

As they talked, the auction had already ended.

"Congratulations to the VIP in room No.1 who got this grassland Virgin Goddess of the Wolf Temple at the price of 3.5 million ingots of gold. Haha, this extremely beautiful woman, with her cultivation at the peak Great Master realm and with her cultivation and power constrained, will be the most perfect woman in the world." The auctioneer trembled excitedly.

After all, considering the fact that such a high price was achieved by him, whatever the reason was, it was enough for him to be famous in Chang'an City and even to be heard of in the vast territory of the Western Qin Empire because this was a record.

"Hehe, send her to the room. I can't wait to taste this grassland Virgin Goddess." An extremely wretched voice, with an undisguised obscene meaning, spread from the first room, and the meaning was conveyed fully and vividly.

Hearing these words, all the men on Liufang Street could not help lusting for her, and a kind of indescribable envy arose in their hearts.

The four guards in the Great Master realm, who were from the Musical House, moved the steel frame and carried the grassland Virgin Goddess, Qing Yan, to room No. 1.

The Virgin Goddess, Qing Yan, like a female wolf on the grassland, looked calm and serious, and she even did not struggle.

At this time—


"Leave her."

Several figures, like sharp swords, suddenly flew out of room No.7.

The bowstrings trembled like thunder. The four lines of black, lightning-shape light soared into the night sky, and targeted straight at the four Great Masters in the Musical House. The unparalleled sharp swords, like the wolf god's tusk which were to devour the heaven and the earth, were extremely terrible.


The looks on the faces of the four Great Masters of the Musical House changed dramatically.

They rushed to pull out swords to counterattack.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

As they fought against these figures, the broken swords and blade swirled in the air. As the bloody fog and white bones spread in the sky, two of the four great masters were dead, who were directly attacked to pieces, while the remaining two were also seriously injured, who were shot by arrows to dozens of meters away and crashed into the distant buildings, causing dust to rise up.

The bloody smell spread in an instant.

On Liufang Street, after the crowd was temporarily shocked, they immediately screamed and flurried.

The five figures arrived on the main stage, and four of them were grassland strongmen with tower-like figures. The last one was the young grassland Army Advisor, in whose hands was a dagger. After he pointed at the frame, as if there was some starlight, in the crisp metal sound, the steel frame that fettered the Virgin Goddess, Qing Yan, collapsed like decayed wood.

The Virgin Goddess, Qing Yan, slightly trembled, then stood firm.


As the young Army Advisor used his dagger to break the frame, the shackles on the Virgin Goddess, Qing Yan, was directly cut off.

Green sacred light instantly surged around the grassland Virgin Goddess.

A kind of wild instigation that seemed to be from the infinite prairie, which was centered on the grassland Virgin Goddess, spread out in all directions. In the night sky, it seemed that there were howls.

In the VIP room No. 7, the Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe, Tie Muzhen, whose figure was in the shape of an iron tower, came out of the broken walls. Then he shouted, "Protect Qing Yan, and leave here first."

The four arrows from before had been shot by the Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe.

His strength was extremely powerful and he was apparently a matchless master of the Natural Realm.

At this moment on Liufang Street was chaos. There were bidders who were screaming and escaping, as well as the spectators. As if a sparrow's nest had been poked, people all frantically fled outside Liufang Street, so the original orderly place was instantly turned into a battlefield.

The army that had been waiting outside the Musical House and Liufang Street was immediately separated by the crowd escaping in a hurry, so the soldiers couldn't rush in at all to offer help immediately.

However, there were still a lot of authentic masters ambushing around the main stage.


"Don't let go of one person."

"The grassland barbarians dare to commit crimes in our Qin Empire. Kill all of them."

"Kill the barbarians."

Shouts came from all directions.

The figures flickered, and the powerhouses at the Zongshi Master realm from the Musical House and the official Great Masters appeared from all sides. Aside from them, some figures rose from the crowd to surround the main stage. They all brought sharp swords and were the sect masters invited by the Musical House.

Obviously, the Musical House counterattacked adequately and responsively.

"Break out of the encirclement from the west." Tie Muzhen pulled the longbow and shot four arrows, which were like a poisonous dragon, into the sky. Then, the four masters of the Musical House who tried to get close to the main area were directly killed in the air.

The power of the holy arrows was shocking.

For a time, all the masters did not dare to go forward.

Tie Muzhen roared and, along with dozens of grassland strongmen in room No. 7, rushed to the stage to meet with Qing Yan.


The Virgin Goddess, Qing Yan, raised her hand.

Behind Tie Muzhen, a grassland tough man took out a large gold bow that was 1.5 meters long from his bulging backpack and handed it to Qing Yan, the Virgin Goddess.

This grassland female war god, with a bow in her hands, immediately became strong.

She simply pulled the large gold bow, which was like a full moon, and moonlight condensed above it. The bow turned into a giant gold-light arrow. After she targeted room No. 1, she directly shot it.

One-third of the golden giant arrow was shot into the ground and it directly made the void blast. The turbulent air around its tip was like pieces of debris. For the area that it passed by, a huge scratch that seemed to be made by an invisible giant plow would appear on the ground. Any blockage for this arrow would be broken into pieces, including two super-class masters at the Zongshi Master realm. They had no time to react before they were torn into bloody mist by the airflow.

The power of the arrow was so terrible.

Women could really bear grudges.

Before, someone in room No. 1 had deliberately claimed that he would like to taste the Virgin Goddess, Qing Yan, but now, what he faced was disastrous arrows.


"Something happens."

In room No.10, when "Wind Gentleman" Wang Chen saw this sudden change, he was shocked.

"What are these grassland barbarians doing?

"It is chaotic, and the next auction can't be held. What about Mrs. Tang?"

He turned back and looked at Princess Qin Zhen. But he saw Qin Zhen instantly disappear in the room.

"I am going to save Mrs. Tang. Mr. Wang, according to the original plan, I will take Tang Mi and Tang Tang to leave the Musical House soon..."

The sound of Princess Qin Zhen lingered in the room.

Apparently, this princess was quite more decisive than her think tank.

Wang Chen was stunned, but did not dare to neglect her words. He immediately had Tang Tang and Tang Mi, who been disguised, put on cloak hoodies and mask their faces, and laid out the magic wind skill that could completely hide breath and could be used to pry on the two people. Then, he pulled out the jade bidding card inserted in the instrument, and left room No.10 with the two girls.

Everything was in order.

Before the auction started tonight, he had already prepared an alternative plan. Once he failed to buy Mrs. Tang and the two daughters, they could only be stolen. Thus, the various follow-up support and transfer routes had been arranged. If all went well, he could transfer them out of Chang'an City in the shortest time.

However, now, because of the fight stirred up by the grassland people, this alternative plan had to be activated in advance.



"Eh? Terrible... Where are they?"

A white figure came into the iron-made flower-decorated cart that was used to imprison Mrs. Tang. In a flash, she was shocked. The door of the steel-made flower-decorated cart was opened, so Mrs. Tang, who should have been here, was gone.

"How could she have been transferred so fast?"

Her figure moved near, then she looked around, and saw a guardian of the Musical House who was running away shivering. She directly caught him and used her sword to point at him. Then, she shouted, "Where is Mrs. Tang? Where has she been transferred to?"

"She is... taken away..." The guard was so frightened that he replied as he trembled.

"Where was she taken?" The white figure coldly asked, "Who took her away?"

"By... the VIP in room No. 15 who took Director Liu's sign and claimed that it was ordered in advance. Hence, we dared not stop him..." The guard revealed everything.



The white figure became indignant.

Through the previous part of the auction, it could be confirmed that the person in room No. 15 was General Tang's enemy, so Mrs. Tang's suffering would... be horrible if in the hands of these people.

"And why are these people reacting so fast?

"Considering the time, Mrs. Tang was taken away in advance, even before the grassland barbarians started the fight, that is to say, before this, the Musical House already knew that the auction could not be held, so they sold Mrs. Tang directly to the guest in room No.15... Something is wrong. There is a conspiracy!"

The white figure was shocked.

At this time—

"Hoho, little guy, what are you looking for?"

The sound that was made by two pieces of rubbing rusty iron arose from the back, and a zombie-like old man in a black robe appeared, whose pale face seemed to be covered by a thick layer of white powder. In his bubble eyes was a trace of cruelty, and with a chill around him, he slowly came toward the white figure.

"Hahaha, those idiots are fighting hard, but they don't imagine that this beautiful woman has already been obtained by us in advance. Hahaha, hehehe, she is really beautiful. Tang Chong has such a beautiful wife, no wonder Tang Chong died young, hahaha..." Liang Yifei laughed proudly.
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