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Chapter 230 Stamp · Formal Entrance

The four female servants who controlled the steel frame forced the Goddess of Martial Arts to pose.

This was the usual means used by the Musical House.

However, the auction started directly at a price of one million ingots of gold, and it was not less than 100,000 ingots of gold to increase the price.

Such a price was quite amazing.

The distinguished guest in room No.7, who bought all the female slaves from the grassland before, did not hesitate to bid one million in gold directly, breaking the silence around him.

However, this was only the beginning.

Because guests in other VIP rooms, including some who had not bid since the beginning, had joined the auction, in less than half an hour, the auction price of the Goddess of Martial Arts soared to two million.

Two million ingots of gold!

Such a figure stunned the rich people in the ordinary VIP seats.

They suddenly felt that they were actually poor compared with the real top tycoons.

Nevertheless, one thing was very strange.

The guest in room No.10 did not join in.

Nor did the guest in room No.18 bid again.

The room No.18 man in the silver smiley-ghost mask, who had always had compassion for womanhood and had bought a lot of beautiful and innocent girls, did not bid again just now, while some smart people carefully observed the situation. Then, they found that in the face of the Goddess of Martial Arts, as well as any of the other female grassland slaves before, the man in the silver smiley-ghost mask never intended to bid.

Wasn't the man in silver smiley-ghost mask interested in the alien women?

Shangguan Yuting and Xin'er generally did not quite understand the reason, but Zheng Cunjian understood it a bit. The grassland female slaves would be saved by someone.

Li Mu meant to do that.

Although having a beauty was good, buying too many of them was also troublesome.

He had bought the 17 beautiful girls before, including Xu Wan'er and Lu Shengnan, to comfort Shangguan Yuting, who was pure, and to protect the full soul of this Natural Taoist Figure of Light.

As for the whereabouts of these 17 girls, Li Mu vaguely had a plan.

Shangguan Yuting would definitely go to Taibai County with Li Mu, but in the county magistrate, there were many rough men and very few women. Hence, Shangguan Yuting might not feel relaxed there. If these 18 beautiful girls were taken back to the county magistrate, they could accompany Shangguan Yuting even for a long time. Li Mu once observed with his Third Eye that Xu Wan'er and Lu Shengnan were both talented people. Although the pubic region of the latter one was destroyed, it was not difficult for Li Mu, who possessed magical skills, to restore it.

These beautiful girls were saved after being in a desperate situation, so they would be grateful and could be easily constrained.

Although those female grassland Wolf Warriors had strength, it was difficult to tame them, nor did Li Mu have thoughts to tame these grassland wild horses.

Considering the help from his sworn brother, Guo Yuqing, Li Mu had some sympathy for these grassland women.

But since there were grassland forces sneaking into Chang'an City to rescue them, what Li Mu had to do was to take advantage of this favorable trend.

Moreover, the young master of the World Chamber of Commerce supported the grassland people, so it might not be difficult for them to redeem the Goddess of Martial Arts. Besides, Li Mu couldn't afford two million ingots of gold.

These days, Li Mu had shamelessly accepted great gifts from many wealthy businessmen and various parties in Chang'an City. Adding in the 1.5 million ingots of gold given to him by Zhou Dedao of the Dafeng Chamber of Commerce, his total assets were about three million ingots of gold. He could be regarded as a rich man.

This amount seemed large, but in fact, it was not so with regard to cultivation. If one bought some exquisite jade and so on, it would soon be used up.

After all, martial arts practice required wealth, companions, skills, and land.

Wealth is money. Whether on the Earth or in this world, people all think that the poor learn about the arts, while the wealthy study swordsmanship, since the poor can't practice martial arts due to the expense. Li Mu once cut off his relationship with his father, and without a penny, he ultimately could only seek fame through literature. On the other hand, a companion refers to a partner, such as a master, sect, etc.. Skill refers to a Cultivation Method; land the cultivation environment. For example, the cultivation improvement in the earthly paradise was greater than in the badlands.

Because Li Mu possessed the Cultivation Method of an immortal, he was much more fortunate than the average person, as he could shock people with his strength without much effort.

However, as his strength and cultivation were improved, Li Mu gradually felt that wealth played an important role in cultivation. Let alone other aspects, a great deal of jade was needed to cultivate Taoist techniques and to temper magic instruments and Taoist instruments, just like the primary school students needed exercise books and pencils when studying.

Li Mu needed to earn money now.

Tonight, he generously lent Wang Chen and His Highness behind him one million ingots of gold, and also spent a huge sum of money to buy Tang Tang to give to the guest in room No.10. It was not because Li Mu was so rich, but because Li Mu had already found a new way to earn money.

He would rob the rich to help the poor.

The price of the grassland Goddess of Martial Arts increased all the time, and finally, it was at three million in gold. But it was still climbing.

Li Mu frowned and suddenly realized another thing.

Now that they were both of the most important figures, if the price of the grassland Goddess of Martial Arts climbed to three million ingots of gold, might the price of Mrs. Tang as the last one be even higher?

If it was like this…

Eh. It wasn't easy for Wang Chen and others in room No.10 to rescue Mrs. Tang with the funds they had.

The situation might be a bit more serious than imagined.

Moreover, Li Mu vaguely felt that the price was a bit abnormally high.

He looked at the main stage.

The grassland Goddess of Martial Arts looked indifferent with her noble temperament. Although deeply stuck in the mud, she did not change her ambition.

This was indeed an admirable woman.

Li Mu thought about it.

Suddenly, he was stunned with his eyes fixed.

He noticed that on the front of this Martial Arts Goddess's shoulder was a clearly made tattoo. It was of a strange longbow that was pulled open like a full moon, full of tension, as if it would pierce the sky after being shot once. Her dark black tattoo and white skin formed a kind of dazzling beauty.

"That is…"

Li Mu suddenly stood up.

He had not seen this strange longbow-shaped tattoo because of the angle and because her clothes had covered it.

In the past, in the cave of Nine-dragons Fall, his sworn brother, Guo Yuqing, was excited after getting drunk, so Li Mu saw such a tattoo on his breast. At that time, Guo Yuqing was quite proud to claim that he came from the prairie, and his family crest was a longbow. All of his family members had one such tattoo symbol.

The tattoo of the strang longbow was exactly the same as that on the grassland Goddess of Martial Arts.

"Is it..."

A speculation flashed in Li Mu's mind. "Is this grassland Goddess of Martial Arts a member of brother Guo's family?"

Realizing this, he knew that he couldn't watch anymore.

"Ting'er, do you remember what I said to you before?" Li Mu stood up and said to Shangguan Yuting. As he looked around, in the entire room No.18, many breath-protecting and hidden tactical deployments had been laid out, so the outsiders could not pry into it. He decided to do something.

Shangguan Yuting nodded submissively.

"Well, tonight you can see the real Wulin. Trust your strength."

Li Mu smiled and put on the silver smiley-ghost mask. Then, he said, "According to our agreement, remember to believe in each other."

Then, he left room No.18.



"What?" Guo Zhihui stood up angrily and said, "Is the limit of gold blocked?"

His personal servant said with a bitter face, "Young Master, it is an expedited letter from the Qin City headquarters. You temporarily have no right."

"It must be that d*mn old man." Guo Zhihui smacked the table angrily.

The face of the prairie Army Advisor changed instantly.

He realized that trouble was coming.

The rights of the most powerful financial lord, Guo Zhihui, to obtain a sum of temporary funds was disallowed, which meant that they couldn't have enough money to participate in the auction again. Hence, it was almost impossible to peacefully rescue that Virgin Goddess, Qing Yan.

"Don't worry. I still have my private money. Hehe, the old man wants to use money to force me, but it is an illusion." Guo Zhihui turned his eyes, returned to his seat, and spoke proudly.

However, that personal servant said with a bitter face, "Young Master, the money saved in the chamber of commerce in your fake name is also frozen, and the Master's letter reads that whoever dares to lend you money in Chang'an City will directly have their legs broken."

As Guo Zhihui's smile froze immediately, he was like a rabbit whose tail was trampled. He said indignantly with red eyes, "D*mn old man, he is so timid... I am really mad. He really makes me seem to behave heartlessly and unkindly. I will sever the father-son relationship with him." Couldn't he be angry? He couldn't get an extremely beautiful woman who was just on the auction stage, and he would break his promise to his friend. How couldn't he be angry?

666 The Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe suddenly stood up and said, "In any case, be sure to rescue the Virgin Goddess, Qing Yan." He looked at the young Army Advisor.

The Army Advisor burst out a bitter smile.

At this time, on the main stage, the price was still soaring.

It was urgent.

It seemed that there had to still be a fight.

The young Army Advisor looked at Guo Zhihui and said, "Brother Guo, this time, without your help, I couldn't save the most outstanding daughter of the Grassland God, who possessed 46 kinds of cultivation from the demon's claws. Young Master Tie and I are quite grateful to you. About the following matters, we will handle them. You just leave with others quickly in order not to fight or get involved."

Guo Zhihui generously said, "What do you mean? Today, I have not fulfilled my promise and let you fall into danger. Brother, don't treat me as an outsider. I will fight you."

The Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe and the grassland tough men around him all looked surprised.

On the boundless prairie, the Grassland God's sons and daughters all respected heroes, whose strong fleshly bodies were tempered through hardships. On that green land, heroes would be worshiped. On the contrary, what was current was not particularly important to them. For example, Guo Zhihui once supported them with a huge sum of money, but the grassland men were not quite grateful to him. Anyway, the borrowed money would definitely be repaid in the end. Besides, they could also use their cattle and sheep to pay off the debts, so it was nothing. However, the words spoken by Guo Zhihui out of anger made him seem quite heroic, and all of a sudden, they became surprised. Finally, they really respected this Qin person.