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Chapter 184 Sudden Change in the Moonligh

"Now that Young Master Li Mu, who is both skilled at poetry and martial art, favors you, you will be able to leave here sooner or later. I am happy for you, and will not stop you. But my sister, these years, I have spent much time, money, and energy training you, originally hoping that sister could stabilize the title of oiran in Chang'an City to reverse the degenerating situation of our Holy House in the past two years. After a dozen days, the annual Oirand Contest of Chang'an City will be held. I plead with you to participate in this oiran contest to win some fame for your sister's Holy House, which can be also regarded as a favor returned to me. How about it?"

Mom Bai Xuan did not conceal anything, but directly spoke it out.

"This..." Upon hearing the words, Hua Xiangrong hesitated a bit.

She was certainly willing to return Mom Bai Xuan's help, since in the Holy House, thanks to the care of Mom Bai, she was not really plunged into an abyss of misery. But the problem was that although she now fell in love with Li Mu and could be partly regarded as Li Mu's girlfriend, she was afraid that Li Mu did not want her to compete for the title of oiran. After all, she had to show up.

She was a bit embarrassed.

However, Mom Bai Xuan was quite experienced. At one sight, she understood the thoughts of Hua Xiangrong, then she said with a smile, "Sister, don't worry. For this thing, I will not embarrass you. Since I think that Young Master Li is not a rigid and pedantic scholar and is also willing to accommodate you, you can try to ask him. If Young Master Li Mu doesn't agree, I will not force you, since I won't take my sister's lifelong happiness as a joke."



As soon as Li Mu arrived at the first-floor hall of the Holy House, many people gathered around with flattering smiles.

As the saying goes, no one cares about he who studies hard for 10 years, but all would know him when he becomes famous suddenly.

This sentence was quite appropriate for Li Mu's current situation.

Previously, his three poems and strength as a Great Master had already caused a sensation in Chang'an City. But today, he had defeated Heaven-Sword Celestial Being of the Natural Realm with one punch in the battle, and it could be said that the people in all of Chang'an City had gone crazy about him.

After Heaven-Sword Celestial Being became a Natural Expert, the long-standing power pattern and the original balance in Chang'an City would be broken, so would the fact that Li Mu showed his Natural Expert combat power.

But for the famous figures, they were more willing to see Li Mu enter the Natural Realm.

That was because he didn't belong to any faction in Chang'an City.

Hence, this meant that he was a person that could be drawn to any side. Once one could get such a young Natural Expert with boundless potential, it almost meant that one could firmly become a feudal prince in Chang'an City.

Therefore, even if they flattered the indifferent Li Mu or were faced with Li Mu's refusal of acceptance, many people still wanted to have a relationship with Li Mu.

Fortunately, Zheng Cunjian had long waited in the hall, so when Li Mu came out, he immediately separated the crowd to lead Li Mu out of the Holy House.

Li Mu rode his chrysanthemum leopard, which was quite eye-catching along the way.

They went to Pig-Herding Alley after one hour.

"Why do you come back so late?" With a smile, Li Mu's mother blamed him a bit, as she had already prepared the dishes and liquor, and after heating it up several times, finally waited until Li Mu came back.

Since Li Mu felt it awkward to explain that a Natural Taoist Figure, Hua Xiangrong, could help him with the breakthrough in his cultivation, he had to say that he wanted to hear songs in the Musical House to relax himself after the battle.

When they were at the dinner table, Li Mu's mother, after drinking several cups of liquor, couldn't help but euphemistically blame Li Mu.

According to the thoughts of Li Mu's mother, young people still needed to restrain themselves. For such places as brothels, it was fine to go there occasionally, but they shouldn't be greedy for beauty for fear that they would get indulged in it, lose their minds, and become infamous. Besides, it was harmful to their physical health. After all, a beauty could do harm to a male's health.

In fact, Li Mu wanted to explain that he went to the Musical House twice only for alcohol and mainly for practice, so he was still a virgin. But he also thought that there was no point in explaining it. Hence, he had to smile to deal with the situation.

Parents love their kids dearly.

On one side, Chun Cao and Xia Ju laughed behind their hands.

In the afternoon, the couple, Dong Xue and Ning Jing, also came here to congratulate Li Mu on beating Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, with special gifts from the Ning Mansion. However, Li Mu was not there. After the two people stayed for a while, they both went back.

When they were eating, the soul of Qiu Yi also appeared for a while.

Nourished by the Taoist instrument, Ghost Coffin, especially the benefits from Yinshan Mountain Ghost-cultivating Drawing, the soul of Qiu Yi became stronger, and it was able to talk to living people despite the fact that it couldn't pick up slightly heavy objects. Although there were still a lot of inconveniences, Li Mu's mother and the other two people had already been very happy.

Li Mu was also concerned about the resurrection of Qiu Yi.

However, it was too complicated, and he was afraid that it wouldn't be expected until he found the real fairy Taoist cultivation methods after getting off of the planet and entering interstellar space, or he asked the old faker for help.

After the meal, Li Mu's mother went back to the room to rest.

Chun Cao and Xia Ju took out the gift list and reported to Li Mu on the background of those givers.

Li Mu said as he waved his hands, "Just receive the gifts. As for the givers, there is no need to know."

The two maids laughed behind their hands, who were amused by the "shameless" words of their Young Master.

Nevertheless, the important figures whom they had only heard of but never seen usually appeared with flattering smiles at the door in the afternoon, and called them sisters. This feeling was really comfortable.

"Young Master, Zhou Dedao, president of the Dafeng Chamber of Commerce also came this afternoon, and sent the gold receipts of the World Chamber of Commerce, a total of 1.2 million. He said that within three days, he would raise another 300,000 gold, and pleads with you for another three days." Chun Cao took out a large pile of golden receipts.

This girl looked dizzy.

After all, she had never seen such a huge sum before.

Li Mu nodded, received the gold receipts, and put it away without counting them. He then gave Chun Cao one, saying, "For daily use of the family."

It was not until Li Mu returned to the practice room did Chun Cao look at the amount of 100,000 on the gold receipt and then become dizzy.

"It is really a good feeling to be rich."



In the long night—

The bustling Chang'an City in the moonlight became gradually quiet in the second half of the night.

A figure came out from Pig-Herding Alley, like blue smoke under the moonlight. With a fast speed, it jumped between different buildings, and leaped a few kilometers. It soon vanished into the long night.

About an hour later—

At the gate of the manor of the head of the Bloody-moon Faction—

The blue smoke-like figure directly stood on the 10-meter-high lofty gate. Under the moonlight, the figure was slender, with short hair and a handsome face. It was Li Mu.

"The time has come."

As he overlooked the entire manor, his spiritual force spread out. Suddenly, he was amazed.


"In the entire manor, there is no one?"

Li Mu thought that there was some trouble with his sensation.

Then, he ran his spiritual force to directly open his Third Eye, and looked over the whole manor. But what he observed were only the life-energy bodies of small animals like mosquitoes, snakes, and mice, instead of traces of any humans. The vast manor was completely empty.

"Did Bloody-moon Evil Master really run away?"

Li Mu felt it both really funny and annoying.

He never thought that this malicious figure, intimidated once by his Taoist magic arts, would even flee with his subordinates.

"So timid?"

Then, Li Mu flashed into the manor and searched around under the moonlight.

It was unlikely for such a large manor, which had been painstakingly managed for a long time by the Bloody-moon Faction, to be completely empty without any trace left in less than the time of half an afternoon. There had to be some clues. After all, Li Mu was actually a bit curious about the Bloody-moon Faction.

However, after more than one hour, Li Mu searched the entire manor, and even discovered some extremely hidden basements and secret chambers, but he found no one.

"Bloody-moon Evil Master does things really meticulously. As the Bloody-moon Faction moves secretively, it shouldn't be overlooked."

Li Mu sighed with emotion.

From the layout and architecture of the entire manor, the Bloody-moon Faction really spent a lot of energy on the manor.

The head, who had been managing it in difficulty for so long, could give it up decisively, and left without any trace, which couldn't be done by ordinary people. But on the contrary, Li Mu became a bit vigilant due to this.

In the end, he left the manor of the Bloody-moon Faction.

Chang'an City in the moonlight was quiet and peaceful, with a different kind of beauty.

As Li Mu shuttled between the high-rise buildings, he did not hurry back. After all, it was rare for him to experience the scenery in the darkness. In the end, he unconsciously even followed the lights to the neighborhood of Liufang Street. In this large city, only in this area, singing connected day and night, and the fairy pleasure could be found. Even at midnight, it was still very bustling.

Li Mu stood at the top of a lofty tower hundreds of meters away from Liufang Street, overlooking the earth.

In the brightly-lit Musical House with vigorous people and charming wine, the smell of rouge spread across a large part of the sky.

Li Mu looked in the direction of the Holy House. In Hua Xiangrong's room, the lights had already been extinguished, so the girl might be asleep. After all, she had danced several times consecutively during the day and should be quite tired.

Unexpectedly, a smile appeared, and Li Mu was preparing to turn to leave.

Suddenly, he heard several figures move out from the deep Liufang Street.

Under the moonlight, several figures moving as fast as lightning were chasing one after another, heading toward the stone tower where Li Mu was located.

"Huh? Are masters in a fight?" Li Mu immediately saw them coming.

He planned to observe secretly.

Soon after, he recognized that the figure that ran at the front was actually his acquaintance—the white-dressed woman whom he had seen in Peace County.

After all, the woman's figure and temperament were really amazing, especially at that time, her unparalleled noble face, exposed when she was eating noodles, impressed Li Mu deeply. At this time, even if she was covered with a mask and distant from him, Li Mu with his current sharp eyes could naturally recognize her in one glance.

But at this time, the white-dressed woman was being chased.

On the other hand, the dozen people following her, except for the three leading people in black robes, were wearing dark-armored uniforms, who were obviously affiliated with a certain force, and their strength was not weak in that every one was not inferior to Wang Chen of the Master Realm. Especially the three black-robed leaders, they should actually possess the cultivation of the Great Master Realm.