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Chapter 180 Disaster?

Of course, Li Mu went there not because he wanted to have fun with Hua Xiangrong after his victory.

He still had no such thoughts.

The reason why they didn't go back to Pig-Herding Alley, but went to the Musical House first was that Li Mu wanted to strike while the iron was hot, which meant that he urged to watch Hua Xiangrong dance in the Holy House before his inspiration of battle against Heaven-Sword Celestial Being dissipated. With the help of the nearly Taoist force of Natural Taoist Figure, he could improve the inspiration to a higher level.

He was almost becoming a real fanatic in martial arts.

This was also because that the more he understood the martial arts system and the realm, the more difficult Li Mu felt it to enter the Void-breaking Realm within 20 years, so he had to race against time.



"Hoho, are you still waiting for Li Mu to help you?"

An old man in a black robe with a malicious look sat in the tea room of Hua Xiangrong's boudoir, and he sipped alone with a hint of sarcasm on his face.

Behind him stood two warriors with red gilding masks, in red robes, boots, and with bent knives on their waists, like two quiet death gods, exuded a kind of breathtaking momentum.

Opposite them were Hua Xiangrong, maid Xin'er, and Mom Bai Xuan, all of them looking embarrassed and angry.

"Today in the fighting ring, Young Master Li took the upper hand and defeated Heaven-Sword Celestial Being easily. He will soon come here." Xin'er was like a little indignant hen, standing in front of Hua Xiangrong and speaking bravely.

Mom Bai Xuan also said, "Yes, we have received news that Young Master Li Mu won the battle fantastically. After defeating Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, so his reputation and stature will definitely be enhanced. Guardian of Rules Qian, you should be very clear that this young Great Master admires Huaer. If you forcibly take away Huaer, the young Great Master will be angry, and the Bloody-moon Faction might get into trouble, right?"

"Hahahahaha," The old man in the black robe with a malicious look burst into laughter. "The news you received might be a little lagging. In the beginning, Li Mu really gained the upper hand. However, the latest news I obtain is that Heaven-Sword Celestial Being made a temporary breakthrough and has already entered the Natrual Realm."

"What? No, it's impossible." Hua Xiangrong screamed and her face suddenly became pale.

Although she did not understand martial arts, she did know the meaning of the Natrual Realm.

Mom Bai Xuan was also stunned.

"Heaven-Sword Celestial Being entered the Natural Realm?

"As the Natural Realm means boundless space, if Heaven-Sword Celestial Being really entered the Natural Realm, does that mean that Li Mu has no chance to win at all?"

Bai Xuan looked hesitantly at the door.

After all, Wensheng Chamber was not a specialized news agency. Therefore, it took a certain amount of time to transmit and receive news, and the information lagged. News was spread that Li Mu completely suppressed Heaven-Sword Celestial Being in the ring, but news about Heaven-Sword Celestial Being entering the Natural Realm hadn't reached yet.

"Li Mu. He will definitely die," the old man in the black robe, Guardian of Rules Qian, sneered. "Our Bloody-moon Faction head is a genius with unparalleled aptitude, whom the contemporary Holy Clan favors and imparts the supreme magic skills. Hence, our rise is already inevitable. Even the young Great Master, in front of our Grand Master, will still be as weak as a clay chicken or a pottery dog. In fact, the battle on Jifeng Mountain is the time when Li Mu dies, but beyond expectation, he has no luck to battle against our Grand Master, and is directly killed by Heaven Sword. Hehe, Hua Xiangrong, you are just a whore of a brothel, but you dare to go against our Grand Master's intention. Do you know, now in Chang'an City, that even the honorable magistrate of the prefecture does not dare to counter against our Grand Master?"

When Mom Bai Xuan heard this, her expression changed again.

That was because she knew that this arrogant and malicious man, Guardian of Rules Qian, told the truth.

In the recent period of time, the Bloody-moon Faction had wildly and unbelievably expanded its influence. It suddenly rose from a little-known faction, then later on, many people who intentionally or unintentionally provoked the Bloody-moon Faction, no matter who they were, disappeared mysteriously. Even the government never investigated them, since those investigators relating to this matter had all vanished.

This time, the head of the Bloody-moon Faction wanted to forcibly harass Hua Xiangrong. Although Mom Bai Xuan had secretly found a lot of ways to solve this problem, they all had no effect. Some of the high-ranking kind customers in Chang'an City all intentionally or unintentionally reminded Mom Bai Xuan not to trouble the Bloody-moon Faction, since behind the Bloody-moon Faction, there was a kind of force that others couldn't provoke.

Even such malicious people like Cai Zhijie, a security official of a subsidiary government organ in the western district, dared not intervene in this matter. Generally, this problem was really serious.

If Li Mu really died in the fighting ring, wouldn't it...?

Mom Bai Xuan looked helplessly at Hua Xiangrong. "Alas, this child lives a hard life."

"How about it, hehe, Master Hua, I advise you not to expect that Li Mu can come to save you, but to honestly serve our head..." the old malicious man, Guardian of Rules Qian, said coldly.

However, at this time, Hua Xiangrong's mind was blank.

That was to say, she didn't hear what others had said at all.

That was because she only cared about Li Mu.

"If Young Master Li Mu really... I will accompany him to die."

On the face of Hua Xiangrong, there was the will of death.

"It is absolutely impossible for me to go to the Bloody-moon Faction," she said firmly and calmly, and the previous fear vanished completely. "If Young Master Li has been unfortunately killed, I would like to go with him to the netherworld. Also, no pleasure to live; no fear to die. I just... have to face the ultimate death."

"Miss, no. You..." Xin'er was anxious.

Guardian of Rules Qian was furious and suddenly stood up, saying, "Hmph, under this circumstance, you even don't know what is good. Do you want to die? It is impossible. Under my control, you can't die even if you want to..."

As he was speaking, he directly took action. An internal-qi handprint, directly out of his palm, moved to catch Hua Xiangrong.

Guardian of Rules Qian was a master.



A light sound was heard.

On the body of Hua Xiangrong, a brilliance suddenly appeared and the internal qi palm was shattered directly.

"Eh?" Guardian of Rules Qian swayed and became flushed. Then, he said with shock, "You... you should know martial arts. Are you... are you a powerhouse of the Great Master Realm?"

Hua Xiangrong was confused.

Meanwhile, Mom Bai Xuan and Xin'er were even more surprised than Guardian of Rules Qian.



Li Mu's face suddenly changed.

"Someone is attacking Hua Xiangrong?"

He was able to feel that the tactical deployment that he left to Hua Xiangrong was activated.


His figure was turned into lightning, flying toward the Holy House. He, like a jumping star, kept jumping on the buildings on both sides of the street rapidly, and vanished soon after from Zheng Cunjian's vision.

"What happened?"

Zheng Cunjian was shocked and immediately realized what it was.


He rode a brown horse, with his chrysanthemum leopard, and rushed toward Wensheng Chamber.

Li Mu rode extremely fast, like lightning.

The wind blew past his ears.

However, after just over 20 breaths, he arrived at the Holy House.


Li Mu directly flew down to the balcony of the third floor, then pushed open the outer door and walked straight in.

Inside was the tea room in Hua Xiangrong's boudoir.

Glancing around, he saw Hua Xiangrong, Xin'er, and Mom Bai Xuan, all with sorrowful and sad looks, and then noticed an old man in a black robe and two warriors with red gilding masks.

"Young Master Li?" Hua Xiangrong cheered in surprise.

She never dreamed that Li Mu, whom Guardian of Rules Qian believed dead, had actually opened the door and appeared in front of her.

Under the great excitement and joy, she could not help directly rushing into the arms of Li Mu, and hugging Li Mu tightly.

"Eh?" Hugged by a tender girl and engulfed by her fragrance, Li Mu was also suddenly shocked.

"So active?

"So enthusiastic?

"I remember the last time, this girl was quite reserved."

Li Mu also couldn't figure out the situation immediately. He had to open his arms and didn't dare to hug Hua Xiangrong for the sake of gaining some extra advantage... Although he also wanted to do that, there was no emotional foundation after all.

"What?" Guardian Qian was also amazed.

"Li Mu?

"Is this young man Li Mu?

"No. Wasn't he supposed to have been killed in the fighting ring by Heaven Sword, who entered the Natural Realm?

"How can he come back alive?

"Was Heaven-Sword Celestial Being too merciful to kill him?"

However, Guardian of Rules Qian quickly calmed down.

"Huh, what can they do even if Li Mu comes here?"

He sneered, and said, "Hoho, such a touching scene. You are like intimate lovers... Hua Xiangrong, if you don't want Li Mu to be killed cruelly, you must go to see our Grand Master with me obediently. If you serve Grand Master well, on the day of battle, our Grand Master might let him live, otherwise, hehe..."

Upon hearing this, Hua Xiangrong trembled.

Li Mu frowned, looking at Mom Bai Xuan, and asked, "Who is this bastard?"

At this time, Mom Bai Xuan slightly came to her senses, and quickly told him the cause and effect briefly.

"The Bloody-moon Faction?" Li Mu was amazed because he didn't expect that the Bloody-moon Faction had such energy in Chang'an City. According to the information surveyed before, wasn't the Bloody-moon Faction so small that it was not qualified to be ranked?

"Hehe, yes, I am Left Guardian of Rules in the Bloody-moon Faction, named Qian Duo," the black-robe old man, Guardian of Rules Qian, arrogantly sneered and said. "Li Mu, you've actually even survived. Hoho, I'll give you a piece of advice. If you don't want to die, let go of the women in your arms. You are not qualified to touch her."

"I'll also give you a piece of advice. If you commit suicide by cutting your throat, I will leave you your whole body. Otherwise, you will die in a cruel manner," Li Mu replied with a cold look.

"Shi*t. Although Hua Xiangrong is not completely my woman, anyone in the Holy House knows that I have already claimed to protect her. You, a nameless peasant, pretend to a big-tailed wolf, daring to bother her and even to be conceited in front of me. You deserve death."

"Haha, hahaha." Guardian of Rules Qian laughed and said, "That's the funniest joke I've heard today. Li Mu, don't be arrogant. The title of young Great Master doesn't have any meaning for me. Our Bloody-moon Faction doesn't lack Great Masters..."

Before the voice died away—

A hasty footstep came.

"Guardian of Rules, Guardian of Rules Qian... disaster." A Bloody-moon Faction spy rushed in with confusion.

Guardian of Rules Qian replied coldly, "So impolite in such a furry... What is it?"

As soon as the spy spoke, he noticed Li Mu and became shocked suddenly. He was stunned as if he had seen a ghost, daring not to say a word, then he began to tremble.