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Chapter 172 Fight Ended Too Suddenly

Li Mu still didn't use any weapons but fought with a pair of flesh palms against his enemy.

Wind-Cloud Six Moves was his uniquely-created martial move, but he only grasped two moves, Dao-Drawing Chopping, and Lightning Chopping. With his forceful flesh strength, the explosive power could compete with Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles, while the other four unfinished moves were just rudiments, which were not mature enough to defeat Heaven-Sword Celestial Being.

Therefore, he still used the two moves of Dao-using methods in battle. If he didn't react, he could punch. Rocking-sky Hammer, the first move in Zhenwu Boxing, was most forceful, and under one punch of it, any moves of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, no matter how strange or fierce, would disappear.

As the battle was fierce, both of them were confronting each other with toughness, which was a battle of pure power. They were fighting like Mars hitting the earth.

On the ground around the fighting ring rose the screams continuously, up here and down there, like ebb and flow.

All swordsmen were shocked a lot and widened their eyes for fear of missing any wonderful parts, since for them, the battle of this level was simply one between a demon and god, which was the same as the fight of supernatural beings. As it overturned many people's perception into martial arts, they, for the first time, realized that martial arts, if reaching the Great Master Realm, should be so terrific.

On the viewing platform, those famous figures showed different expressions.

"Heaven-breaking Legend Sword" Zhang Chengfeng also showed relaxation but couldn't hide his surprised look.

But magistrate Li Gang recalled what Li Mu had said before. "What are the red scarf, Young Pioneers, and three-stripe badge? I have never heard of them. Are they some large sects that have been recluse since ancient times? Does this bastard, who disappeared for eight years, obtain a great lucky chance?"

Ning Rushan was really clam, without joy or sorrow.

But Ning Jing and Dong Xue, behind him, were extremely anxious, fearing Li Mu had an accident.

Gradually, Heaven-Sword Celestial Being's Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles had been performed once completely, and even the most powerful Sword-commanding Style was used, leaving some scars on Li Mu's body. But they were only skin injuries. The bones were not injured, let alone the internal organs.

What made Heaven-Sword Celestial Being more shocked was that Li Mu's physical resilience was too horrible, since between a few breaths, his injuries could be healed, and the faint marks on his skin surface would disappear rapidly. He was just like a monster that couldn't be hit to death.

Another half an hour passed by.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being performed Sword-commanding Style the third time.

"Wait a minute," Li Mu suddenly retreated and left the battlefield, waving his hand on the edge of the ring.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being stopped performing his move suddenly.

However, this was not because he intended to give Li Mu breathing space, nor did he have a sharp sense of integrity, but because... Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles were continued to be motivated, which would require a great deal of internal qi. Consequently, he also needed a little time to recover.

Everyone looked at Li Mu.

"What's the matter?"

"Will he give up?"

"Or... is he going to use his unique skill?"

Li Mu untied the upper-garment buttons and took off his robe and upper clothes, revealing his strong muscles which were like jade cut by a knife or chopped by an axe. He then smiled and said, "Warming up ends... I will fight with my bare arms, otherwise, the clothes will be ruined by you, old boy, and have to be changed."

As he was saying, he threw those clothes off the fighting ring, which exactly fell into the arms of his confused and crazy fan, Lei Yinyin.

"Take care of them for me."

Li Mu said.

Lei Yinyin just felt a kind of strange smell with male sweat drifting toward her face, then as if her warm blood was surging, she suddenly shouted with exhilaration, "Don't worry. Brother Li Mu. Even if my chastity is lost, your clothes won't be missing..."

"God," the companions beside her all covered their faces with their hands, and all coincidentally kept some distance from Lei Yinyin.

"Don't look at us. We don't know this crazy girl."

"That's embarrassing."

Li Mu laughed on the fighting ring, but then turned around towards Heaven-Sword Celestial Being.

"For Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles, you have already played them three times, and I have completely seen through your moves. If there is no new change, today, you will lose."

As he did exercise, cracking sounds rose from his bones, and his jade-like and distinctive muscles ran under his skin. Besides, when he shrugged, it seemed that there was a huge dragon inside his body, which was extremely weird.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being said with a serious look, "Little boy. You are shamelessly boastful."

"Ho ho ho ho..." Li Mu laughed sinisterly like a villain and replied, "Do believe. Just now, I only used half of my power, otherwise, you would have fallen down."

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being abruptly narrowed his pupils and said, "Swashbuckling."

Before the voice died away.

A marmite-sized fist in his sight had already been becoming bigger and bigger.

"Lay the sword, and move qi."

"Sword-sealing Style!"

It had the strongest defensive power in Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles and had resisted Li Mu's numerous attacks before.

However, at this time, it was different.

As soon as the sword style of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being was performed, the punch fell on the sword, thus, a kind of undefendable force destroyed all in a flash. Then, Heaven-Sword Celestial Being roared and struck back, but it was no use. The horrible power made the sword style collapse and invade in his arms along the long rectangular sword...

Crack, crack!

The sounds of bones breaking rose.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being's arms, which were holding the sword, were fractured in a shocking angle, like broken dead trees.


"Gosh, this..."


Incredibly loud shouts appeared all around.

For the battle in which their force was similar before, its victory balance suddenly inclined to Li Mu. This change came so abruptly and unreasonably that it was difficult for all to believe what they had witnessed.

Why did the shirtless young Great Master, as if his seal had been unlocked, become so terrible?

"This punch represents 70% of my power."

Li Mu, standing in the original place, waved his fist.

"Give you some breathing space to run your qi and to cure your injuries. Next punch will have 80% of my power."

His smile, in the eyes of all the disciples of Heaven Sword Martial Club, was like a demon's sneer.

The audience screamed once again.

"Is he really so strong?"

"Isn't it said that Li Mu just enters the Great Master Realm?"

"Is it his real strength?"

"Might it... be innate?"

The tide-like discussions appeared.

"Good. Quite proud. Quite imposing... hah hah hah hah. Brother Li Mu is really unique. I admire you so much," Lei Yinyin screamed below the ring.

On the fighting ring, Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, with flames-like thick eyebrows, ran his internal qi to treat his injured arms. The strength of Li Mu was purely physical, so there would be no residual force in the broken arms. As for the cultivation level of Great Master Realm, although his ability to cure and recover was not as exaggerated as that of Li Mu, the recovery speed was extremely fast.

"Youth, you are too arrogant," for a moment, Heaven-Sword Celestial Being's broken arms roughly recovered, and he was able to hold the sword. He sneered, "When you are fighting against the enemy, you are so arrogant, and you will pay for your actions."

Li Mu laughed and said, "Using one punch to take your life away is so boring. Now that you are ready, let's..."

He moved and performed body-lighting skill perfectly. And like a ghost, he came in front of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being in a flash, then undoubtedly broke through his defensive field of internal qi and punched.

"Let's continue our battle. This punch represents 80% of my power."

In the eyes of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, his anger burned like fire.

How long hadn't he been faced with this kind of disparaging and sportive feeling?



"Sword-unloading Style!" the long rectangular and special-shaped sword, with flame-like light, was sealed on Li Mu's fist. Then, after pulled, the sword pointed downward and thrust at the ground.


The fighting ring made of bluestones under the feet shook fiercely, then the cracks appeared. Besides, some magical power ripples on the fighting ring rapidly flashed and fractured.

The so-called Sword-unloading Style, such as borrowing force to resist attacks or unloading force, which was similar to Buddhist initial approach, meant transmitting the enemy's power into the earth, but this temporarily-constructed ring, even if it was supported by warlocks in the city, couldn't block Li Mu's punch. Thus, the deployment ripples under support were instantly destroyed, and the fighting ring of more than ten meters high had already been crumbling.

Even so, Sword-unloading Style could not completely remove the punching power of Li Mu.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being struggled to support himself for a moment and flushed. As a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out from his mouth, he was hit to fly out, and the long rectangular and special-shaped sword, which was made of universe aerolite iron, had been bend in right angle. Besides, the sword was filled with cracks...

However, Li Mu didn't chase him.

On Li Mu's face appeared some disappointment, then he said, "Is this the strength that you have cultivated in the last 20 years? Too weak... You really disappoint me a lot. You can just accompany me to warm up."

He didn't exaggerate.

Because Li Mu did not really fight to his heart's content.

It seemed that the strength of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being was not powerful enough to become the ruler for Li Mu to measure the limit of his battle strength.

Although Heaven-Sword Celestial Being was beaten out of the fighting ring, he, after a strange rotation in the air, abruptly returned and fell on the fighting ring.

His face was red, and his angulus oris bled, with bloodstains on his chest. In addition, his hands had become fleshy palms, and the flesh on his ten fingers had been shaken into muddy shape, exposing the joints that were engulfed by failure atmosphere, as if he had become a decayed human skeleton.

The long rectangular and special-shaped sword, which was made of universe aerolite iron, was bent like an arrow. It had been useless.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being gasped. His lungs, like broken bellows, were in a bad state.

Li Mu shook his head and said, "You make me really disappointed... Give me Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles." In fact, most of the profound meaning of Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles had been perceived and grasped by him from the battle against Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, but if he obtained the cheats, he should be able to figure out more profound secrets relating to the martial art.

Around them, in the square, there was only silence.

The battle ended too suddenly.