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Chapter 160 Natural Taoist Figure

This was one of the three poems in 'Qingping Poetry' made by a poet in the Tang Dynasty, Li Bai. It was said that on the banquet of Emperor Xuanzong and Lady Yang, Li Bai made poems. In the heat of passion, he let Gao Lishi, the first son of an official, take off his boots and Lady Yang ground inkstick. The three poems made smoothly by him were passed through ages, and this one was one of them, especially the first sentence—'One would think of her colorful clothing when seeing clouds, and her beautiful look when seeing flowers', incomparably fitted today, which exactly echoed the name of Master Hua.

When such a poem was made, Hua Xiangrong's eyes immediately lit up. When she looked at Li Mu again, a kind of indescribable emotion was in her eyes.

Maid Xin'er and several other female musicians were also extremely shocked.

Pairs of graceful eyes fell on Li Mu as if they were to see through Li Mu's body.

Was he really a poetry genius?

Even if the contemporary Young Master of Wen Zongfu, famous as the one—'with boundless poetry talent, he, when drunk, can use his poem to portray the national situation', was recognized as the first talented person in Western Qin Empire today, but he might be just like this teenager.

He could write a poem anytime, and it could be still passed down after hundreds of years.

In the world, was there really such a talented person?

Even if Xin'er was slightly dissatisfied with Li Mu, at this time, she could not help but think highly of him.

On the other hand, as for Hua Xiangrong who was related to the poem, she used her beautiful watery eyes to stare at Li Mu. It seemed that there was a brilliance overflowing appearing from the pupils. She also did not hide her expression that said this poem had struck her heart. As a person who loved poems and books, when hearing Li Mu read this poem, she found that she seemed... already... can't... resist... to fall for him.

The lethality of poetry was really so powerful.

She just played a trick casually, which was small revenge for Li Mu's distraction when she was dancing. There was no other way because women loved revenge so much.

But in fact, she did not expect too much of him, because the more books she read, the more she would know the preciousness of everlasting poems. Many scholars, who were able to create a poem that could be passed down for ages, were already proud enough, so even if Li Mu could not make this second poem, she would promise to dance again.

However, Li Mu made it.

One would think of her colorful clothing when seeing clouds, and her beautiful look when seeing flowers; the autumn wind blows the railing, and flowers become more attractive under the dew. If one doesn't see you, beauty, in Wensheng Chamber, he must go to Yaotai in heaven to appreciate such a look.

It fitted the situation, time, and people!

What was even more impressive was that this poem incorporated the meaning of her name.

This was simply a wonderful and vivid poem.

The power and influence weren't precious, but the talent was the most touching thing.

"Young Master, waited a moment," Hua Xiangrong, with a blush on her cheeks, stood up, saluted, and left to change clothes.

The musicians on one side were still discussing the matching background music and how to play for this poem. Wasn't it an honor for them to personally participate in playing this everlasting poem? This made them excited.

After a while, Hua Xiangrong wore a white royal exquisite gauzy dress.

This time, she, unlike the last time, had put on some makeup, and looked more beautiful.

A girl would doll herself up for somebody she cared.

When Xin'er saw this scene, she was shocked.

Only she knew that this white gauzy dress was made by the madam several days before Shanguan Family was convicted and confiscated. Since miss came to Musical House, a prostitution quarter, she had hadn't worn it.

She knew miss' thoughts.

The miss regarded this white gauzy dress as her only treasure. If she was lucky enough to find her Mr. Right one day while she still kept it, she could wear it at her wedding. But now, miss should put on it. Did she...

"Miss, don't be confused."

Xin'er was worried.

But at this moment, Hua Xiangrong stood in front of the window under the moonlight pleasantly and gracefully. Since there was moonlight shining in the back, a light appeared to abound her whole figure, as if she had been integrated with the bright moonlight. She was so beautiful, so pure and so holy like the goddess walking down from Heavenly Palace.

Li Mu opened his mouth but didn't speak.

He had a strange feeling that Hua Xiangrong specially fitted with the moonlight, who seemed to be the moonlight's incarnation.

"Such a beautiful woman should have reduced to live in the brothel. Does a beautiful girl have an unfortunate life or suffer many mishaps in life?"

When Li Mu signed with emotion, the music started and Hua Xiangrong began to dance again.

With graceful dance, she was like fairy Chang'e of the Moon Palace who came to the human worlds.

As she slightly moved her red lips, her voice was ethereal. She sang, "One would think of her colorful clothing when seeing clouds, and her beautiful look when seeing flowers; autumn breeze..." Naturally, she sang the new poem.

Li Mu watched her performance with fixed concentration.

Soon, it turned out that his previous guess was correct. When Hua Xiangrong danced like a fairy under the moon, the ethereal scene seemed to be the combination of nature and Taoism, which could emit an indescribable Taoist Sense.

Moreover, previously, the reason why Li Mu's spiritual force stirred up and change took place in his body was that this kind of Taoist Sense had aroused the resonance of his Xiantian Skill.

"It seems that there is nothing wrong with my previous guess. Hua Xiangrong is extremely rare Natural Taoist Figure that the old faker once said. As for to which kind of Taoist Figure she belongs, it is impossible to determine, but it should be related to the moonlight."

Li Mu had already confirmed.

In such an environment, he ran Xiantian Skill and really had a new experience.

Under the turbulence of the overflowing Taoist Sense from Hua Xiangrong's body, the effect of practicing Xiantian Skill would be better. The moonlight essence that other people couldn't see with the naked eyes were turned into trivial spirit aura and was merged into Li Mu's body. It was even better than the cultivation effect in Taibai County government organ, where Earth Evil Polaris Formation was deployed.

"According to the old faker's opinion, if I can cultivate together with Natural Taoist Figure, my cultivation will be improved faster and I can comprehend the heaven-and-earth Great Way faster."

A bold idea rose in Li Mu's heart.

However, it might be a bit too bold.

He was weighing it.

After a while, Hua Xiangrong finished dancing.

Li Mu stopped cultivating, feeling refreshed and comfortable as never before.

In less than half an hour, the cultivation effect of Xiantian Skill equaled that within ten days in the past, which was simply a miracle.

"Young Master, I have finished my performance. Do you like it?" Hua Xiangrong asked, a bit breathlessly.

It was a challenge to her physical power to dance to two songs consecutively, which rarely happened. On her bright and white forehead and temples appeared some sweat. With her dark hair a bit messy, she became more attractive.

Li Mu could even feel the sweet smell of Beauty Hua when she spoke.

She exhaled like an orchid.

"Master Hua is an unparalleled dancer and singer. I am intoxicated as if I were lingering on a fairyland," Li Mu praised sincerely.

Then, a smile appeared on Hua Xiangrong's face, which seemed to be the first daylight at dawn, bright and beautiful.

On one side, as Xin'er saw that the atmosphere seemed to turn into another terrible one, she quickly coughed and said, "Miss, the reception time is here today."

Li Mu was stunned but immediately understood.

She was ordering him to leave.

"This little girl, when I was in the hall, has defended me, but now, she suddenly seemed to dislike me."

A hint of puzzle emerged on Hua Xiangrong's face.

She didn't have the reception time.

Li Mu stood up, and he was still thinking about what to say. Hesitating for a moment, he tentatively asked, "I don't know if Master Hua had thought about leaving Wensheng Chamber and Musical House someday."

When the words came out, all the women in the room immediately misunderstood.

After all, they thought that Li Mu admired Hua Xiangrong and wanted to redeem her.

A hint of joy flashed on Hua Xiangrong's beautiful eyes. "Does this young man finally care about me?" But soon she thought of something, then her look became a little gloomy and her joy disappeared. As she lowered her head and fell silent for a while, she finally whispered, "Thanks for Young Master's kindness. But... I can't leave Wensheng Chamber now."

Oh. Did she reject?

After all, Li Mu was a little virgin. He had already had vanity, especially in front of such a beautiful girl. After hearing her words, of course, he was a bit disappointed. He even plagiarised Li Bai's poems and still failed to move her?

"Or is it because I'm too ugly?"

He worried about his gains and losses.

He thought about it again. Indeed, it was just the first time that two talents had met. He might be a bit anxious to take her away directly. Besides, Hua Xiangrong said that she couldn't leave now. Um, maybe she could leave some time later?

In Li Mu's mind, a lot of thoughts flashed, and he forced a smile, saying, "Such being the case, I will leave." Although Natural Taoist Figure was extremely wonderful, Li Mu couldn't force her. If she disgusted Li Mu, the consequences would be rather bad, which would lead to the rejection of Taoist Sense and twice the work with half the result.

After that, Li Mu turned and walked outside the room.

Hua Xiangrong felt that something in her heart was abruptly taken away when Li Mu turned around. She immediately felt sad.

She couldn't help but take a few steps forward, reaching out and trying to pull Li Mu, but maid Xin'er on the side immediately dragged her.

In her heart, she suddenly realized something, biting her teeth and asking, "Young Master, will... will you come again?"

Li Mu turned around amazedly and looked at Hua Xiangrong. Although he was a virgin who had not handled love affairs, at this time, he, even if a fool, could understand that such an inquiry was an implicit invitation.

It was possible.

Li Mu smiled and said, "Of course, if you don't mind."

In Hua Xiangrong's heart immediately appeared a burst of joy. She lowered her head, and said with a low and soft voice, "I'll be waiting for Young Master all the time..." In the end, she flushed, which was equaled to implicitly revealing her true thought.

As maid Xin'er saw this scene, she kept shaking her head.

"Our silly lady should fall in love with him so rapidly."

Li Mu smiled, turned around and left.

Hearing Li Mu's footsteps gradually die away and off the stairs, the blush on Hua Xiangrong's face gradually dissipated, but there was still a hint of sweetness in her eyes. She did not imagine that sometimes, she could fall in love with one man so simply, just at one encounter.